Create fragrant crafts from coffee beans with your own hands / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Create fragrant crafts from coffee beans with your own hands / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Many needlewomen use differentNatural materials for creating beautiful masterpieces by your own hands. For example, not only a delicious and aromatic drink, but also original, interesting and unusual items, decorations or decor elements for any interior can turn out from coffee beans. The master classes that describe how to make artifacts from coffee beans are fairly simple and will be available even for beginners.

A variety of ideas for creating beautiful coffee products

With the use of grain coffee, you can come up with a lot of original things. You can make all kinds of decorative details to decorate the home environment. It:

  • and various coffee topiary (in the form of heart, money tree, ball, flowers - sunflowers and poppies are very beautiful);
  • and souvenirs for happiness (horseshoes, mills);
  • and magnets-valentines;
  • and fragrant coffee saucers (with or without a cup of spillway, and without it);
  • and whole pictures lined with coffee beans;
  • and wonderful coffee animal toys - cute cats or cats, rabbits, etc.

Crafts from coffee All these and many other crafts from coffee beans will also be excellent gifts for your friends or loved ones, and certainly will please every lover and connoisseur of coffee.

Make coffee topiary

Topiary is the name of the tree of happiness. It can look like anything, because happiness for everyone is completely individual: if you make a topiary in the form of a heart, then such a tree will be a suitable gift for Valentine's Day, if in the form of a monetary sign (dollar or euro), then it will play the role of a talisman to attract money prosperity, etc. The manufacturing technique will be practically the same, therefore, by creating an ordinary tree (with a ball), you can safely start making a tree with a heart or any other symbol you need. Crafts from coffee Here is an approximate list of materials and tools that you might need:

  • coffee beans (as a rule, not less than one pack leaves for one product, but everything depends on the desired size);
  • a blank to create a trunk (it can be a stick, a branch of a tree);
  • pot or other container that will be used as a basis for the tree;
  • Glue gun;
  • cardboard or newspaper sheets;
  • wire;
  • building gypsum;
  • decorations - ribbons, beads, flowers, other decor if desired.

To make the topiary, you first need to make a foundation.

  • Take a flower pot or that container thatyou have prepared for the base (choose so that its diameter does not exceed the diameter of the tree crown, otherwise you will give the composition unnecessary heaviness or make it disproportionate). Dilute the building gypsum with water, so that it resembles thick sour cream in consistency. Fill it with a pot.
  • In the center you need to insert the future trunk of yourtree. You can use a thick wire, painted it with silver or gold paint, or wrap a beautiful ribbon tree branch. Hold the trunk until the gypsum starts to solidify.
  • Then you can go do the crown. If you want an ordinary topiary in the form of a ball, then you can make it out of newspapers like papier-mache, then wrap it with threads or yarn and pasted with coffee beans. Do not forget to make a hole for the trunk and glue the ball to it with an adhesive gun. Grain paste very tightly to each other. If the tree should be with the heart, then first make a cardboard blank in the form of this shape, and then also attach the coffee beans to it.
  • Grain can be decorated and the foundation, ordecorate it at your own discretion: paint, paint, tie a tape, glue beads, flowers or glitter. In the pot itself around the tree trunk, place the cut colored paper, thread or tinsel to disguise the plaster.
  • Figurine-crown can also be decorated, for example,the golden key, the toy pigeon, and the money-bank icon-a souvenir bill-will fit organically in the heart. Bright and beautiful flowers-poppies or sunflowers-can bloom and blossom in the pots. The petals of flowers can easily be made from multi-colored ribbons, and the leaves are made of green corrugated paper, it can also wrap the stem, and zadekoriru gypsum in the pot.

    Make pictures of coffee

    Fragrant paintings - another wonderful crafts made of coffee beans. They are also very easy to do. To create coffee pictures you will need:

    • thick cardboard;
    • frame;
    • glue gun and glue;
    • coffee beans;
    • a piece of burlap or other natural cloth;
    • decorating items, ornaments.

    Crafts from coffee By the way, such ecological pictures can be made from any other natural materials - beans, seeds, cereals. If you want, you can combine the same grains or beans with coffee beans.

  • Cut a piece of cardboard that matches the size of your frame.
  • Do the same workpiece from the fabric (do not forget about the allowances - at least 1-2 cm on each side).
  • Glue the fabric to the cardboard and place the workpiece under some kind of press. Tolerance tuck to the back and also properly glue.
  • When the workpiece dries, it can be applied to itpattern. To do this, either use some drawing you like from the numerous master classes, or create it yourself. The outlines can be transferred to the fabric using a carbon paper, but try to do it carefully so as not to spoil or stain the fabric.
  • Then start working with the grains. First it is necessary to glue the grains along the contour (it is better to fasten them to the background with a flat sidewall), and then fill them with the rest of the pattern, moving to the middle of the edge.
  • Supplement the picture with any decor at will: with original vintage buttons, badien stars, etc.
  • We make talismans and souvenirs from coffee

    There are many master classes that show how to make original souvenirs and talismans - and this, too, will be crafts made from coffee beans. Crafts from coffee For example, an excellent talisman, bringinghappiness and well-being in the house, and, therefore, a magnificent gift, will be the figure of the mill. For completeness, the picture will be fine if you add to it an image of a horseshoe symbolizing wealth and prosperity.

  • Take a rounded jar or a box (you can use it from children's dry tea, which is sold in pharmacies). Well spread it with glue and tightly seal with twine.
  • To make a roof, cut out a circle from the cardboard, and in it a slot, then fold it, giving it the shape of a cone. Paint the workpiece with acrylic paint (it is better to choose a brown color).
  • Glue coffee beans to the roof of the mill. But leave a small area empty.
  • For blades it is necessary to cut out a propeller from cardboard. On the sides of the blades, glue the wooden skewers and wind them with twine. In the center of the propeller glue the coffee beans in the form of a flower.
  • Attach the blades to the mill and zadekoriruyte left area of ​​the grains.
  • The horseshoe can be made of plasticine orpolymer clay. Glue it over a door made of, glued together, toothpicks (pre-fold them together and cut off the point). In the same way make the windows and decorate them and the doors with twine.
  • Base make of a dense cardboard - cut out a circle and cover it with burlap. On the edges of the base, you can lay out grains, like a fence.
  • Supplement the mill with a small broom and several bags.
  • Separately, the horseshoe can be made in the usual technique of creating topiary.

    We make toys and other figures of coffee

    Crafts from coffee beans can be the mostvarious, as you have already seen. You can easily create even toys or interesting figurines from them. For example, by gluing a jute twine saucer and a cup, and adding a little imagination, coffee beans and ornaments, you make a saucepan, from which, like a magic horn of plenty, , to pour coffee. And with the help of a wire you can make even a cup of coffee, "floating in the air." As for toys, they can simply be sewn from the fabric, and then paint it with coffee or use coffee beans for natural stuffing. Such eco-friendly cats and hares perfectly suit both the role of interior toys and can also be pendants or magnets. Another method of manufacturing involves the design of coffee beans with special patterns, so that the same cat can be made by the type of heart making for topiary. Create your own unique masterpieces from coffee beans!