We create new fashionable images on short hairstyles with the use of bangs.

We create new fashionable images on short hairstyles with the use of bangs.

Trend variants of short haircuts with buns inwinter season 2016 Many women cut their hair short. This is convenient, because you do not have to spend too much time laying, and it is much easier to follow such hair. But when the question arises, what kind of haircut to make, for example, to a party or to go to a theater performance, many ladies have a question, how to create an original image? Actually, this is not a problem. It is only necessary to widen your horizons by reading our publications. In this article we have collected some simple options for creating beautiful modern original hairstyles on short hair for those women who wear haircuts with buns. Styling on short hair with billet. Photo №1 Hairstyles for short hair with bangs is a trendthe upcoming winter season. So if you still wear long strands, maybe you should think about dramatic changes in your image? The case is yours. In the meantime, we present to your attention several variations of the actual haircuts and stitches for short haircuts with buns. Variant № 1 One of the variants of fashionable styling on short hair with bangs is the last flight back with a slight disorder on the head. Pinch a bang with a hair clip, and spread the rest of the hair with mousse and vzberoshte. This type of laying will be relevant in different situations. At the same time negligence on the head will give you some playfulness and sexuality. Styling on short hair with billet. Photo # 2 Option number 2 Fluff out your hair and comb it back. For the time being leave the tree untouched. On both sides of the bangs, separate the same strands and make small curls on them. Naturally, this option is suitable for girls who have their hair cut straight. And the thicker it is, the better. As for the shape of the face, there is no particular importance here. Most often, this style is suitable for everyone. It will be much more effective if coloring or highlighting is present throughout the hair. Styling on short hair with billet. Picture №3 Option number 3 If you have a short hairstyle and do nottoo short a bang, it can be combed on one side. Use to create laying foam. Apply the entire hair length and shake the strands. In the end, you get a spectacular mess. This variation of the styling looks ideal on girls with an oval face type. Styling on short hair with billet. Photo №4 Option number 4 And now try to apply the curling iron. Conceal strands of iron, and then choose them simply with the help of hands. Of course, after giving the necessary form, the hair must be fixed with a varnish. But the bang, on the contrary, straighten, using the same ironing. This style can be decorated with an original accessory. It can be a large hairpin with a flower or a real living flower. Styling on short hair with billet. Photo №5 Option number 5 If you wear a haircut of a bean or square,you can make an original styling by making a zigzag parting. It is better to perform it, starting at one end of the head. Depending on where the parting will be created, put the bang on one of the sides, you can by the ear. Please fix the style with hair spray. Styling on short hair with billet. Photo №6 Option number 6 When shearing a bean, you can make anothersuch packing. Dry hair with a hair dryer. Use the hair dryer so that the ends of the strands are wrapped inwards. Next, make parting on one side of the head. In this case, bang the comb also on one side. Using a gel, you can select some strands of the total mass of hair. And on each side, brush your hair behind your ears. Styling on short hair with billet. Photo №7

Hairstyle for short hair using tape

Do not forget that hair accessories are relevantthis season not only on long hair. Hairstyles on short hair with buns can also be decorated with a variety of hairpins, rims, ribbons, mesh and so on. Next, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the option of styling on a short haircut with bangs using ribbon. It can be used for exits to "light", for parties, graduation balls and even for your wedding day. First, sprinkle the hair with a dry shampoo. This will help to lay the necessary texture. Do then not too much nosing in the back of the head. Using a comb, lightly brush the hair on top. Strands near the face gather and fasten back, using invisible. If there are hair near the neck, also zakolite them to the hair by invisible. Do not be afraid that it will take a lot of invisible. Take a beautiful silk ribbon or scarf. Wrap it around your head and secure it in the back of your head. Hide the ends of the scarf or tape. Thus, you will close the invisible. The chalk is laid out on one side, and its end will be under the ribbon. Styling on short hair with billet. Photo №8

Short hairstyle with curled tips

Stems and short haircutsThe original look, if the ends of the strands curl and slightly dishevel. In this case, such a styling will look equally good, both with an absolutely short bodice, and with an elongated one. Look at several options for doing this styling. Styling on short hair with billet. Photo Number 9

Square with long locks

Fashionable hairstyles on short hair withThe bangs can be made if you are cut under the square. Under such a hair, the bangs look profitable, and just exactly hanging, and pinned back. Dry the hair with a hair dryer, turning the tips of the hair inwards a little. On the one hand, you can put your hair behind your ear. It is also acceptable to use fashion accessories. In this case, please note that in this fashionable season, there will be actual leather decorations or jewelry for metallic. Styling on short hair with billet. Picture №10

Fashion cascade with bangs

The undoubted hit of this season will be the hairdresscascade. This haircut is very versatile, because the strands are cut by layers, evenly distributed over the head in the form of a ladder. The calico in this case can smoothly move back into the total mass of the hair. A styling on such a haircut can be done, using foam and ruffling the entire mop of hair. We have already mentioned that negligence in hairstyles is welcomed in the new season of winter 2016. Styling on short hair with billet. Photo Number 11

Choose a bang for a short haircut

We examined some options for layingshort haircuts with bangs. Now I would like to draw your attention to how to choose the right version of the bang. According to most stylists, competently selected bangs make up almost half of your daily makeup. Therefore, refer to the choice of haircuts with bangs with due attention. First, remember that too short a bang is hardly suitable for women with round forms of the face. In the presence of heavy superciliary arches, it is also worthwhile to refrain from short bangs. Secondly, do not make a long bang if your eyebrows are too thin or upbeat. Also, do not wear an elongated bang that girls who have a hump on their nose, or the nose itself is a little too long. Such a combination would be extremely inharmonious. Actually, following these very simple recommendations, you can pick up any bangs that you just like. For girls who do not want to cut hair for bangs, you can use the options for fake bangs. So, everything is in your hands!