How to create a striking beauty dolls from kapron own hands

How to create a striking beauty dolls from kapron own hands

Children always want new interesting toys. Girls require a new doll more often than parents can buy them. And why buy? You can make a doll yourself! Dolls made of nylon stuffed with sintepon are made not hard and fun, but also very economically. If my mother decided to make such a doll for her daughter, she will certainly like the process of her making. Nylon doll with your own hands. Photo №1 These dolls are very funny and cute. Their main feature - they are with character and each of them - is unique. Like all handmade work, such dolls are always in a single copy, it is almost impossible to make two identical dolls, they are like people. Their second feature - kapron dolls have expressive facial expressions. Therefore, such dolls perfectly play the role of any fairy-tale character, amulet or folk, folklore characters. Such dolls can be made not only for childrengames, but for personal pleasure and collection. Many collect dozens of nylon dolls and rejoice at them, like children, cherish them as relatives. You can make dolls and toys. Nylon dolls are divided into two types: frame and printed. Skeleton nylon dolls are made from a nylon, stretched on a wooden, cardboard or plastic frame (usually a flat doll), then painted on it with facial features and clothing attached. Stuffed nylon dolls are made from a capron stuffed with a sintepon, sometimes cotton wool. Synthesis is better for such cases, since it is stronger and does not get lost. And this is very important if the puppets are played by children. To make a stuffed capron doll, you needtake a good quality sintepon, white, without stains. When preparing the sintepon for work, tear it with your hands into small pieces so that it fits into the details of the doll uniformly. The sintepon cut by scissors will form an uneven mass and the slices will be visible. For the tightening of the toy itself is used the old nylon, pantyhose, socks, etc. Finally, this can be used worthy of use! Capron must be without flaws, besides it's thin. Thick nylon (over 40 den) will look bad on the finished product, in addition, it is very bad stretches. The color is white or solid. What is needed to create a kapron doll To create a kapron stuffed doll you will need:

  • sintepon
  • capron
  • sewing accessories (threads in tone, needles, pins, scissors)
  • glue
  • cloth for clothes dolls
  • elements of the face (nose, eyes, cilia)
  • wire
  • yarn or artificial hair

How to create a kapron doll 1. The first thing you need to decide what exactly you will create (a doll, a small animal). Then think over the image. The image of the finished doll must first be formed before your eyes, so as not to do everything on the move (although it will still have to be improvised). Now you need to make a head. Capron should be filled with sintepon and fixed. Next, the creation of facial features. Sewing pins need to outline the main features of the face and fix them. Then fix it with a needle and thread. Stick out the nose, cheeks and place a place for the eyes. Everything is fixed by a needle and thread with hidden seams. 2. Then the trunk of the doll is done in the same way. Sometimes for a trunk of a doll the plastic bottle which serves as a frame is taken, on it is reeled up sintepon and it is tightened kapron. You can make a rag torso. 3. Hands and feet are made separately, and then sewn into the trunk. Palms with fingers can be made as follows: from a strong and flexible wire to make a frame with fingers, tightly wound on them a thin sintepon and put on sewn gloves. You can also pull a nylon and sew a finger for a finger individually. To correct the use of a thin long stick, which you can straighten the sintepon inside small parts. 4. Then you need to collect all the details and sew. 5. For the design of the face used plastic eyes, which can be bought in the store for needlework, if you want, you can make a plastic spout. The hair is attached to the head from yarn or other material. Then the face is painted with paints, which must be moisture and heat resistant. 6.The final stage will be the creation of a dress for a doll. It's best to sew the outfit yourself, because your doll will be of a non-standard size. Remove the necessary measurements and cut out the clothes. Sew an outfit for your doll. Clothes can also be tied up. Then you can add accessories. Your doll is ready! How to create, and to design toys forchild, it is desirable to introduce the child himself. The child will certainly enjoy the very process of creating a doll, its birth. A child will love such a doll much more than one that can be bought in a store, because it was made by oneself! Mom's creativity and love, embodied in the toy, will be the most expensive and best gift for the child! And my mother will become addicted to such handicrafts.