How to create interesting handmade crafts from your pumpkin

How to create interesting handmade crafts from your pumpkin

Everyone is used to think that a pumpkin is justvegetable. However, it can be an excellent material that can be used to create interior decorations. Decorative and small ordinary pumpkins are used. How to make handmade crafts from a pumpkin. Photo №1 To make a hand-made pumpkin with your own hands, you will need the following tools:

  • A knife with a serrated blade;
  • Spoon to remove unwanted pulp;
  • Paper for drying the fruit;
  • Felt-tip pen or tracing paper;
  • Devices, which will create patterns: cutter, pastel;
  • An awl for holes;
  • Glue.

How to dry a pumpkinrotted and did not start unpleasant to smell, pumpkin first thing dried. Wash the vegetable well and dry it. Cut off the vertex and remove all the flesh from inside. Next, you need to tightly fill the inside with paper. Change the paper after complete impregnation with pumpkin juice. This process can last up to three weeks. Afterwards, the dried pumpkin will be usable. Variants of decorations and interior items from a pumpkin From it you can make a lot of useful things. One of the most popular handicrafts made of pumpkins is the box itself. It is better for her to use a pumpkin with a stem that will perform the function of the handle of the lid. If it is not, then it is easily replaced with improvised means. Cut off the tip. Peel the fruit from the pulp and dry it. After, apply a pattern or pattern to the surface and cut it with a cutter, or paint with paint. There is already a matter of taste. Another option for decorating such a box is the applique. And that it was stable, glue to the bottom a circle of wood. Due to its varied shape and color, decorative forks are an excellent material for creating sculptures. For example, from stretched fruits of different sizes, you can make a cactus. To do this, all vegetables are cleaned from the pulp and dried. Then a cactus is formed, fastening the fruits together with an adhesive. To make needles, pierce the holes with an awl and insert needles into them. A pot for such a cactus can servean ordinary tin can, which can be zadekorirovat, obvalyav in the croup or wrapped in jute. That the vase does not fall, on a bottom it is necessary to enclose in it some small pebbles. The cactus is put in a pot on the glue. For the next craft, or rather - a pumpkin vase, you need to take a rounded fruit. The tip is cut by one third. Remove the pulp and carefully dry the pumpkin. We place the stability of the vase with a wooden mug glued to the bottom. Zadekoriruyte dried fruit with the help of patterns,ribbons, lacing. Such a vessel is perfect for bouquets of dried flowers. In the case of the living, it will be necessary to put in an additional container with water. A very practical handicraft made from pumpkin issalt shaker or pepper shaker. First of all, cut out of the cork stoppers circles two centimeters thick. After we cut out the same holes in the tops of pumpkins. However, it should be noted that when the fruit fades, the hole will increase, so it should initially be slightly smaller than the desired size. Remove the pulp and dry the pumpkin. In the opposite part of the holes made with a screw, puncture holes for salt and pepper. Finished vessels decorate with the help of ornament or applique. Do not forget to sign them too, in order not to be confused in the future. And, perhaps, the most simple hand-made craft of a pumpkin is the candlestick. To do this, cut off the tip and completely scrape off all the flesh. The top is decorated with a carving, which you previously draw with a marker and cut with a cutter. You can make a hole around the whole circle with a drill or a circular knife, or you can show fantasy and cut out fairy-tale plots or flower ornaments. After you can enjoy the finished work.