How to create interesting handicrafts on a marine theme with your own hands, your children will be happy

How to create interesting handicrafts on a marine theme with your own hands, your children will be happy

Crafts excellently expand the creativepotential and motility of school children. In this article we will give an overview of the crafts that even a first-grader can do (of course, we will describe in detail the methods of making such handicrafts and for what they can be used). «Picture from plasticine and seashells» Interesting crafts on the sea theme. Photo №1

  • Take a sheet of thick paper (ideal -a sheet of white cardboard) and put on it plasticine of various colors - green, blue, turquoise, etc. When applying, do not worry about clear demarcation of colors - the hand-made will look more beautiful if you get the impression of blurring of colors.
  • Take seashells, small pebbles - in general, everything that you have at home and has something to do with marine issues.
  • Take the child's form in the form of a starfish and make with it a fingerprint on the clay.
  • Over the entire area of ​​the figure formed in the picture, lay out the seashells and pebbles that have been stored, as if pushing them into plasticine so that they do not fall off.
  • Put the remaining jewelry in the picture in a chaotic order. Remember: be free from the accepted frames, and your picture will be beautiful and memorable.
  • Such crafts can be done quite a lot, and among the students you can arrange even an exhibition of hand-made articles on the theme of the sea. "Miracle fish from salted dough"

  • Make a basis for crafts - take flour andfine salt. Mix them in equal proportions, add half a cup of cool water from the tap and mix the resulting mixture. After 30-40 minutes of dough - the material for the craft will be ready. In principle, you can mold anything from salty dough to everything from fish to game chips. Today we will consider the process of making fish.
  • Cut out the white cardboard stencil, which will make a fish, apply it on the dough and cut off unnecessary pieces of material.
  • Make a small piece of the remaining fish eye test and attach it to the front of the fish, brushing the place under the eye with a brush soaked in water.
  • Decorate the trunk of the fish with colorful elements made from the same test.
  • For the safety of the fish, cover it with blue acrylic paint and a colorless varnish (wait for the dough to dry before applying acrylic paint).
  • Such handmade fish will be very popular with children, colorful, unusual and original, they will not be repeated among students. Everyone will have their own miracle fish.