How to create an original ring of felt with your own hands? Lesson on the manufacture of imitation jewelry with detailed recommendations and photos

How to create an original ring of felt with your own hands? Lesson on the manufacture of imitation jewelry with detailed recommendations and photos

Already for several years in fashionvarious kinds of handmade ornaments. They are used to create their own stylish images often used by women of different ages, status and taste preferences. And it's not accidental, because all the earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, hairpins, etc. made with their own hands, as a rule, the only one of its kind, which can not be said about costume jewelry-stamping. Today, such decorations can be purchased in special creative shops or art salons, and they can also be made independently, without the need for some special knowledge and skills, simply include all your imagination and try to implement it. But if it is still difficult for you to do it yourself, we suggest using our detailed master class and making with us an original and very beautiful felt ring, which we called "Pansies".

Necessary tools and materials

So, to make a ring of felt we will need:

  • leaf felt crimson, light pink and green;
  • colored yarn floss;
  • sewing needle;
  • paper;
  • A simple pencil;
  • scissors;
  • glue thermo gun;
  • blank for the ring.

Description of work

1.To begin with, on a piece of paper with a simple pencil, draw a sketch of the "pansy" flower. It will consist of two approximately identical parts of different sizes. You can draw your own version, or use the proposed by us. Both paper patterns are carefully cut out along the contour. Photo of ring design 2.Further, a large flower detail is applied to the crimson felt, and the smaller one to the felt is a light pink shade. Both patterns are neatly outlined with a simple pencil and we cut them out of the fabric. Please note, we used pink shades in our work, but pansies can be in purple, orange and white colors, you can experiment and select your color options. Photo of ring design 3.Also, we need to cut one green felt leaf to make it easier, we can draw a contour with a simple pencil straight on the fabric or, like we did in the case of a flower, pre-fabricate a paper template. Photo of ring design 4.We collect all the details of the decoration, namely, the smaller detail of the flower of light pink color is superimposed exactly in the center of the larger one, and the leaf is applied from the bottom of the flower. Then we insert a yellow thread in the needle into the needle in two pieces and starting from the center of the upper flower we make dense stitches of different heights according to the principle of embroidery by the surface. Thus, we will decorate the middle of the pansies and at the same time fasten all the details of the flower together. Photo of ring design 5.Weat yellow threads around the circle of the whole flower. That's how it should turn out. Photo of ring design 6. Next, we take the thread of the orange mulina in one addition, and we put several orange stitches between the yellow stitches, unlike the first ones, they should not be so thick, and only shade the middle.Photo of ring design 7.Following the orange threads, we take black ones, we also construct a few not very dense stitches along the circle, using a needle with a thread in one addition. Pay attention, all stitches should be laid from the center of the flower to the edge of the petals, like the rays, then the middle should be completely filled with embroidery. Photo of ring design 8. Here we have turned out such a flower of pansies. Photo of ring design 9. Next, take the thread of a dark green mulina and embroider it on the leaf veins, we use for this decorative stitch "stalk". Photo of ring design 10. The work on the flower is completely finished, if desired, for the decor of the leaf, you can also use threads of a few green shades, so the decoration will look even brighter and more original. Photo of ring design eleven.We can only fix the flower on the jewelery basis for the ring, we will do it with the help of hot glue. We determine in advance how exactly we want the flower on the ring to be located, and only then we glue it. Photo of ring design 12.This is stylish and unusual ornamentation of felt by own hands - a ring, we have made in a fairly short time. In the kit to it you can also make earrings, a brooch or a hairpin. Photo of ring design Photo of ring design