How to create a poppy flower from a waxed cloth with your own hands

How to create a poppy flower from a waxed cloth with your own hands

Creating flowers from the fabric is very interesting andfascinating occupation. Flowers can be made in different ways, using a variety of tools, but in any case the result is always amazing. Flowers look as alive and their beauty is complemented by any outfit or interior.How to create a lush and bright flower of cloth with your own hands. Photo №1Today I want to offer you a master class onthe creation of an original poppy flower from nascent tissue by the method of cold corrugation of petals. For the creation of flowers by cold corrugation, any fabric can be used, but it is better to give preference to light and natural fabrics, for example, silk, cotton, chiffon, satin, etc. To create a flower, we need:

  • a segment of red chiffon measuring approximately 30 by 30 cm
  • small strip of organza
  • a tablespoon of instant gelatin
  • black thread
  • PVA glue
  • semolina
  • a small piece of green tape
  • paper
  • pen or pencil
  • glue gun.

Before we start making a flower for usit is necessary to wool the fabric. To do this, you first need to prepare a gelatin solution. To do this, we take a tablespoon of gelatin, fill it with a glass of cold water and leave for about forty minutes. After that, take the swollen gelatin and heat it until it dissolves completely. It is very important that the mixture does not boil, otherwise all the properties of gelatin will disappear. When the solution is slightly cool, we immerse a piece of tissue into it and soak it well. We take the fabric out of gelatin and squeeze it lightly, but do not twist it. A piece of cloth should be hung on one side to dry out. The hanging cloth can be straightened again. To remove excess gelatin. After a while, the fabric will dry and become stiffer, resembling paper. Let's cut a piece of paper and paint on it stencils for petals. For the poppy we need three different petals.We lay the fabric on a piece of paper, loop around the stencil outline and cut it out.To make the poppy turn out to be voluminous, you need to cut it outthree petals of each size. When all the petals are ready, proceed to their corrugation. To do this, take the petal, fold it in half, and then put inside the piece of organza. It is very important that the fold of the petal and organza coincide.Now with your left hand, press the organza with the petal to the table, and the other end of the fabric is tightened with the right hand and, not releasing the pressure of the left hand, we twist the organza clockwise. We have a beautiful petal made by the method of cold corrugation. Thus, we corrugate all the petals. In order for the poppy to look organic, he needsmake a middle, which consists of a poppy box and stamens. First we will make stamens. To do this, take the black thread and wind around a hundred times on your fingers.Now we remove the thread from the fingers, and the resulting ring is bandaged with one more thread.Cut the edges of the threads and get a blank for the stamens. The more threads you use, the more splendid the stamens will be.Now take this workpiece and gently start dipping the edge of the thread first in the PVA glue, and then into the mango. We have such beautiful stamens. We debug them for glue drying.While the stamens will dry up, we will start creating a poppy box. To do this, take the green ribbon and cut out of it a small circle.Now we sew it all over the edge, tying the thread only on one side.Take a little filler, put inside the circle and tighten the thread.After that, fix the thread with a knot and sew our blank from all sides to make a poppy box.Take a box, put a little glue on it and stick stamens to it. After our middle of the poppy is ready you canproceed with the assembly of the flower. With the help of an adhesive gun, we collect poppy seeds, beginning with the smallest petals. In order for the flower to turn out to be beautiful and voluminous, one should try to glue the petals evenly, overlapping the intervals with the next row of petals.Here we have such a voluminous, lush and bright flower. Such a flower can be used as a brooch,gum or rim on the hair. In addition, they can decorate a hat or a woman's handbag. Very original, it will look like a holder for curtains. In general, the scope of such colors depends only on your imagination. The most important thing is not to wet such flowers, otherwise gelatin will lose its properties, the petals will be straightened, having lost its volume.