We create with our own hands of mother of pearl beads a stylish and original necklace that will fit any female

We create with our own hands of mother of pearl beads a stylish and original necklace that will fit any female

If girls ask a question about who is wearinga large number of chains, then, most likely, in response you can hear that rockers and bikers. But actually it is not. The last few seasons, the most famous catwalks of the world are literally full of various chains. And these chains can be both very miniature, and quite large. As a chain and mother of pearl beads create your own stylish and original necklace, which will suit any one along. Photo №1 Wear a variety of jewelry chains can bewith almost any outfit. It can be dresses, including evening dresses, various T-shirts and T-shirts and even simple sweaters. Very popular and stylish in this season is the wearing of elegant ornaments from chains over a swimsuit. So even on the beach you can be very stylish wearing a neat ornament of intertwined chains. By the way, many world stars have already managed to appreciate the originality of jewelry from chains. And in order to keep up with fashion legislators and at the same time save enough money, I offer a simple master class on creating a stylish necklace with my own hands. To make this decoration we will need:

  • large pearl beads
  • chain with large enough links
  • pins with rings
  • small round pliers.

Let's start creating our decoration for thiswe take one bead, we will put into it pins with the help of round-ears, bend the ring on the other side. Further, let's take another bead and we'll put a pin into it, and we'll form a ringlet with round-bends. But this time we will not bend the ring to the end, but pick it up with a ring of finished beads and only then we'll bend it. Thus, we will assemble a chain of beads. When a bunch of beads will be of suitable size, take a large chain and with the help of rings on the last beads are more connected. That's all our jewelry is ready. This necklace can be safely worn with T-shirts or blouses, as pearl beads make it especially gentle. In addition, the chain can be put a lock and use this necklace as a stylish bracelet.