Create your model of a swimsuit crocheted, charts and descriptions will simplify the task.

Create your model of a swimsuit crocheted, charts and descriptions will simplify the task.

Crochet knit crochet, simple patterns anddescriptions will make the work easy, requires care and certain skills. Remuneration for the patience of the master will be an exclusive thing, so it is necessary in the summer season. Not waiting for the height of the swimming season, every woman seeks to acquire a stylish and fashionable swimsuit beforehand. As a rule, buying in a store does not take much time. However, you always want to have an exclusive thing. Today, at the peak of popularity are crocheted swimsuits. There are two popular opinions about this direction:

  • One group of women of fashion argues that bikinis crocheted can serve their wearer for a long time, while stylishly emphasizing all the charms of the figure.
  • Another group is inclined to believe that knitted swimsuits are not practical enough, they quickly lose shape when wet.

It should be noted that the opinion of the first and secondgroup has the right to exist. However, the practicality, longevity, beauty of a knitted swimsuit depends on the technology of knitting. The basic principles of knitting a bikini crochet The main point on which the knitting of a swimsuit is based is the choice of yarn. Immediately it is worth noting that you need a yarn, which includes elastane. Experienced knitters who make swimsuit models not only for themselves, but also to order, use yarn of foreign manufacture "El-cotton". This kind of thread for knitting a swimsuit found in free sale is quite difficult. Therefore, beginners knitters can replace it with "cotton-stretch", produced in skeins of 50g (160m), in a one-color color solution and melange with glitter. This is quite a thin yarn, suitable for crocheting. She keeps the shape when wet, does not stretch during the washing process. Often, problems with wearing a knitted swimsuit arise with harnesses supporting the bodice. Rapid stretching of the straps occurs due to a violation of the binding technique. Often, not experienced needlewomen primitive knit lace, using various types of loops:

  • air;
  • a column with a crochet;
  • a column without a crochet.

To prevent stretching, use inknitting of clothes or hats. It is necessary to take an elastic band of the necessary length and thickness and tie it with a suitable type of loops, which were successfully used when knitting a traditional lace.Crochet knit crochet, patterns and descriptions. Photo №1The strap with the elastic looks neat, supports the bust. As a result, the breast in a knitted swimsuit looks elevated. A hatter gum is also used when knitting the cups according to the following scheme.Crochet knit crochet, patterns and descriptions. Photo # 2It is laid on the sides to prevent stretching of the upper part of the leotard. For this purpose, various materials are used:

  • silicone veins;
  • bobbin gum (spandex);
  • Gum-threads (used in the technique of beadwork).

For knitting of swimming trunks it is possible to apply the various schemes offered by knitters on various forums.Crochet knit crochet, patterns and descriptions. Picture №3However, not always the proposed scheme canemphasize the dignity or hide the flaws of the buttocks. Among all the descriptions, there is one most effective way. You just need to take your favorite trunks and, based on their size and style, tie the product.Crochet knit crochet, patterns and descriptions. Photo №4Often, the upper and lower part of the swimsuit is knitted with a floral pattern, or for the bottom line use ordinary posts without a crochet.