Crochet: boots with knitted buttons (master class with photos)

Crochet: boots with knitted buttons (master class with photos)

Crochet: boots In winter, most of the cold pulls it from the floor. It does not matter if you have an apartment or a private house: if you are not the happy owner of a warm floor, ordinary room slippers, so comfortable in the warm season, do not save in the winter from the drafts that come from. Especially popular are warm socks and knee-highs, and the offseason is the hardest of all when heating has either been turned off or not turned on. My feet are cold ... But you can make your stay at home warm and beautiful at the same time, if you crochet your boots for the house. And today the theme of our master class has become crocheted boots for the house, soft and cozy.

Tools and materials for crocheting boots for home

Yarn "Pehorka Competitive"; yarn "Pekhorka Children's novelty"; felt insoles; thick kapron thread; needle with a large eye; hook number 1.25; matches or lighter. Crochet yarn for knitting boots Felt sole for knitted boots At our disposal Pehorka "Competitive"purple (50/50 acrylic / wool, 100 g, 200m) for the boots themselves, Pekhorka “Children's novelty” of lilac color (50 g, 200m) for finishes and finished felt insoles for the sole (they are warmer, they will live longer, and wear, they can always be replaced by new ones). You will also need a thick kapron thread (I bought it at a fishing and hunting store), a needle with a large eye and a hook No. 1.25. Getting started.

Conventional notation

  • VP - air loop;
  • runway - air lift loop;
  • SBN - single crochet;
  • sn - double crochet;
  • psn - crib with double crochet;
  • ps - lush column;
  • ss - connecting stub.

Crochet boots: master class with photos and scheme

Felt insole preparation To get startedknitting, you first need to prepare the insole. I want to sheathe it with a nylon thread, so that I can start crocheting it. First of all, you need to melt the ends of the thread so that it does not dissolve. The beginning of the sheathing, and then knitting, will be the middle of the heel. How to crochet the sole for boots The thread is tied with a knot so that after the knotremained impressive tail. I do not cut it off: when I go full circle, I will connect the end of the thread with this tip. But in the process of work, you will probably have to change the thread, and here you should do this: when the thread ends, you must tie it to the start of the new thread for the remaining tip and fuse the tails with a lighter or match. Then they will definitely not go away with time. How to tie a sole for slippers Start crocheting boots 1 row. Under the nylon thread I pull the loop of the working thread. How to tie a crocheted felt sole From above, hook the working thread again and make a loop in the previously formed loop. How to tie a sole crochet I insert the hook under the next stitch of the kapron thread and again pull the loop from the working thread under it; I make a column without nakida (further - sbn). We tie a sole So I continue to tie the whole row. In this case, I got 138 conf. (size of the insole is 40), but you can easily understand how to knit boots further, to any size and any number of posts in the first row. Crochet, homemade boots: where to start 2 - 5 rows. I knit with single crochets without increments and additions; 138 sbn in each row. Crochet, slippers, boots: a master class with photos Sewn "tongue" of crocheted boots 1 row. 20 runway (air loop), 1 runway (air lift loop). On shoes of a different size, proportionally decrease or increase the starting number of loops. Crochet home slippers 2 row. 19 sat, at last I make 5 sat (turn on the other side of the row), Crochet pattern for women's boots 19 sat, 1 runway 3 row. 20 UBN, 2 poles in one, 1 UBN, 2 to 1 UBN (turn), 20 UBN, 1 runway. 4 row. 21 Ubn, 2 to 1 Ubn, 3 to 1 Ubn, 2 to 1 Ubn (turn), 21 Ubn, 1 runway. Crochet: slippers, boots with a description 5 row. 22 sbn, 2 in 1 sbn, 1 sbn, 3 in 1 sbn, 1 sbn, 2 in 1 sbn (turn), 22 sbn, 1 runway Crochet socks knitting patterns 6 row. 23 sbn, 2 in 1 sbn, 2 sbn, 3 in 1 sbn, 2 sbn, 2 in 1 sbn (turn), 23 sbn, 3 runway. 7 row. 7 ch (double crochet), Crochet homemade boots: master class 7 semi-caps with double crochet (psn), Crochet: boots with patterns 7 UFN, 2 to 1 UBN, 1 UBN, 2 to 1 Ubn, 3 UBN, 3 to 1 Ubn, 3 UBN, 2 to 1 Ubn, 1 Ubn, 2 to 1 Ubn, 7 Ubn, 7 psn, 7 un, 1 runway Crochet schemes and description: slippers, boots 8 row. 61 Sat 9 row. 22 sbn, 2 in 1 sbn, 3 sbn, 2 in 1 sbn, 5 sbn, 2 in 1 sbn, 3 sbn, 2 in 1 sbn, 22 sbn, 1 vpp. 10 row.23 sbn, 2 in 1 sbn, 3 sbn, 2 in 1 sbn, 5 sbn, 2 in 1 sbn, 3 sbn, 2 in 1 sbn, 23 sbn, 3 vpp. 11 row. 8 ch, 8 ps, 8 sbn, 2 in 1 sbn, 4 sbn, 2 in 1 sbn, 5 sbn, 2 in 1 sbn, 4 sbn, 2 in 1 sbn, 8 sbn, 8 psn, 8 ch, 1 vpp. 12 row. 69 Sat, 3 runway Crochet: boots on the insole 13 row. 69 sn, 3 runway. 14 row. 35 ps I make a magnificent column of three loops in the first loop of the lower row, fix it with an air loop and make the next magnificent column in the loop of the lower row, passing one, i.e. in the third from the beginning. Step Crochet Boots And so the whole series, I do ps (lush columns) in every odd loop of the previous row. Crochet Women's Boots The connection of the tongue and sole So that the product does notdistorted, it is necessary to clearly define where the middle of the sock is on the upper part and on the sole, and make a marking in the center. After aligning the centers, they should be connected by connecting columns (ss) or loops between each other. Crochet: slippers, boots with felt soles Crochet boots: knitting pattern Crochet boots for beginners Another option is to sew both parts with a knit stitch.with a plastic needle for knitwear. Hole 1 row. Immediately after stitching, I continue to knit 68 knits along the heel part, at the end of 3 runway. (i.e. a row of non-single crochet columns along the heel part, without a sewn-in tongue). Crochet lessons for beginners: boots 2 row. Turning around, knitted a row of 34 lush columns along the heel. Crochet for beginners: boots, master class I got to the junction with the upper part and made 1 ss, which connected a row of ps to the top. Crochet boots knitting patterns: master class And she continued the row, tying up the edge of the top with single crochets — I got them 27. Crochet boots for beginners 3 row. 93 Sat I make a row around the circle, starting at the top, and continuing in the heel. Made a decrease in the corners, 1 sbn. 4 row. On the back of the product do a number of 66 dn. Crochet crochet house boots When she reached the top, she continued the row with single crochets, only counted from the edge of the third knob and inserted a hook into it to knit the 1st column in this row. MK: crochet boots Not reaching two UBN to the end of the top, turned onheel. It turned out 23 sbn. 5 row. 66 sn. on the heel part. I made a decrease in the bend and continued along the upper part of 21 bed. In the second corner is also a decrease. 6 row. 43 ps around the perimeter. Crochet: boots for home 7 row. 66, 3 rdr. On the back, reaching the corner, making 3 runway, turned back. In this place we will have an overlap-overlap on the boot on the outside of each boot. 8 - 12 rows. 88 sn, 3 runway. 13 row. 1 SN, 1 VP, 1 CH, 1 VP, so the whole row, at the end of 3 VPP. Only 44 sn. Double crochets made through one. Crochet boots with felt soles 14 row. 44 ps, 3 runway Crochet: Laced Boots 15 - 18 rows. 44 ch, 44 vp, 3 vpc. Knitted like 13 row. 19 row. 44 ps, 3 runway 20-23 rows. Repeated 15 - 18 rows. Crochet pattern slippers boots 24 row 44 ps, 3 runway 25 - 28 rows. Repeat 15 to 18 rows. 29 row 44 ps Crochet boots with a description and schemes 30 row. Now I went down the tops of the tops and tied the end of ZapAha with single crochets. Crochet homemade boots Downstairs, she crossed over to the other side of her bootleg and tied him up, moving up. So passed the entire perimeter of the tops of the tops. Crochet: boots on the sole 31 row. 3 rnr, row sn on top of shank to the corner, turned down there; reaching the bottom of the cut - 3 runway. Crochet for beginners: boots 32 row. She rose, making a row of sn, to the top of the tibia, turned, having tied 4 nr into the corner loop, and also knitted the whole top to another angle. Here is the 3rd runway and went down next to you. 3 runway, unfolded, tied a number of C to the top, 3 runway. Knitted buttons 1 row. 30 points Start knitting buttons Connected to the ring. Knitted button for the decoration of boots 2 row. 30 Sat. Master class on knitting buttons 3 row. 30 - 6 = 24 sbn. Missed 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 loops. 4 row. 24 - 6 = 18 sbn. Missed 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 loops. 5 row. 18 - 6 = 12sbn. Missed every second column. 6 - 7 rows. 12 Sat How to tie a button 8 row. 12 + 6 = 18 sbn. Every second made a double. Knitted buttons do it yourself 9 row. 18 + 6 = 24 Conf. Every third is double. 10 row. 24 + 6 = 30 sbn. Every fourth is doubled. 11 row. 30 Sat Wrenched, connected the edges and made a row of 30 sbn, along the way filled with padding polyester. Knitted buttons with diagrams and descriptions How to make a knitted button Now we need to make the middle button. For her, Pekhorka took the children's novelty. In amikoltso 6 sbn. Crochet knit buttons Then the second layer 10 sbn in the same ring. Tied the second middle. I made a decorative lilac row on the edge of the button and sewed a lilac core. Knitted buttons are ready. Knitted buttons It remains to decorate the mesh part of the tops with lilac thread. Lesson: crochet boots Sewed a button and made crocheted loops in the size of a button with air loops. Crochet boots complete, the boots themselves are ready, warm evenings to you. Crochet slipper boots master class Description of crochet boots Crochet boots: master class Crochet boots knitting pattern You may also be interested in a master class,. 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