Crochet food: scrambled eggs

Crochet food: scrambled eggs

Children love to imitate adults, and manygirls and boys favorite utensils for a long time. But what to put in it? I have to dream. Plastic vegetables and fruits, as well as imitation of dishes are not always made with high quality, it is worth - not cheap, and it breaks even with neat children. A way out can be knitted food. And not only the actual fruits and vegetables, but also ready-made dishes of varying degrees of complexity of execution. An example of an appetizing looking knit meal is scrambled eggs. And knitting it is more than easy - you see this now.

In order to make a knitted scrambled eggs, you will need:

low-knit knitting threads - white and bright yellow or orange; crochet hook of suitable size; a filler - silicone, a synthetic winterizer or a hollofayber; some free time.

Crochet Food: Scrambled Eggs - Job Description

We start to knit eggs from the yolk, i.e. yellow or orange thread. The yolk will consist of two parts - a convex top and a flat bottom; accordingly, parts No. 1 and 2. Part No. 1 is knitted in the following way: 1) 4 air. loop loop into the ring; 2) to tie the obtained ring with single crochet columns - 6 columns; 3) to fasten 2 columns to each loop of the previous row. without nakida - 12 loops; 4) to tie this row with columns without nakida, without adding or subtracting; 5) knit on 2 tbsp. without nak. in every third loop of the series; so on 12 loops we will tie 16 pillar. without nak .; 6) 2 column. without nak. in every second loop of the previous row - i.e. on 16 loops of the previous row, we will link 24 single crochets; 7) a number of columns without nakida, not adding and not reducing. Thread cut off. It turns out this element: Knit item number 2: 1-3 row - as in part number 1; 4) knit on 2 pillar. without nakida in every third loop of the previous row: total on 12 loops of the previous row will turn out 16 pillar. without nakida; 5) 2 pillar. without nak. in every second loop of the previous row: this will add 8 loops: 16 + 8 = 24 columns; 6) a number of columns without nakida. Thread cut off. Fold 2 pieces of knitted egg yolk; to tie them over the edge with white strings without a single crochet. Leave a 1-2 cm hole for stuffing the yolk of scrambled eggs filler. Knit white thread, randomly adding loops forextensions so that the protein lies flat on a plate or skillet. Periodically change the direction of knitting (in a small segment) or knit pieces with double crochets - this way we will have an uneven protein, very much like a real scrambled egg. As you may have guessed, it is possible to bind eggs and 2, and 3 yolks! Enjoy your creativity. Eva Casio specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: