Crochet rug from pampushes. Detailed diagram with photo and description for beginners

Crochet rug from pampushes. Detailed diagram with photo and description for beginners

Everyone wants after a hard daycome to a warm and cozy home. Every day they come up with more and more ways to give the interior an individuality and make it more comfortable for everyday life. One of these methods is to make a mat of pampushkas. This, following the instructions below, will be able to create and beginner needlewoman. Having put on such a nice rug, you will not only decorate your house, but also add a little heat to it. crocheted mat of pampushes. Photo №1 So, let's get to work. Our rug is 33 by 34 cm in size. You will need:

  • Hook
  • Yarn, about 300 g
  • Threads.

crocheted mat of pampushes. Photo # 2 Think about what kind of rug you want to get inresult: if there are several colors in the idea, then divide the specified quantity of yarn into the required number of colors. Picking the color, pay attention to their brightness and the way they harmonize with each other. Where will the rug lie? Perhaps, it is worthwhile to dwell on a less-than-branded color scheme. crocheted mat of pampushes. Picture №3 You probably already guessed that the rug will beconsist of many small pampushek, which are fastened together. You can choose the most convenient way for you to fasten: you can bind the components or sew. Which, at the rug, will the form also depend only on your imagination. Circle, square, rectangle, polygon - no restrictions. crocheted mat of pampushes. Photo №4 To link the pampushku itself, start from the chain of three air loops closed in a circle. To raise, add three more loops. Then we make five capes on the hook. crocheted mat of pampushes. Photo №5 Then, the tip of the hook is inserted into the middle of the madeat the previous stage of the ring, and at the same time we bind all five of the nakids, like a column with a crochet. Should be a spiral. We need to make several such spiral. The exact amount depends on the thickness of the yarn. In addition, do not forget to monitor the density of the pumpkin, it should be rather tight. You will get about ten spirals. crocheted mat of pampushes. Photo №6 Now we tie a pampushka on the edge, we need only ten polustolbikov. So we attach a pampushku. It remains only to fix and cut the thread, ready. crocheted mat of pampushes. Photo №6 It will be necessary to make another 90-92 such pampushekfor our rug. It is better to immediately lay out the necessary shape and size, so as not to get confused in the required number of components of different colors. After preparing all the blanks, we simply sew or knit them. crocheted mat of pampushes. Photo №8 We have a wonderful, incrediblebeautiful, thick enough and a thick mat. In addition, pleasant to the touch and soft. Wherever you place it, it will serve for a long time and will not allow the legs to freeze even in cold weather.