Crochet sweater for the girl (3 months): master class

Crochet sweater for the girl (3 months): master class

Blouse for girl 3 months Gentle blouse for a girl of 3 months, knittedcrochet, make baby real princess. As a needlewoman, you will certainly get a lot of pleasure from work, and for this there is every reason: a delicate pink color, simplicity of execution, an interesting pattern - everything contributes to a pleasant and exciting pastime with a hook and a ball in hands.

To crochet a blouse for a girl of 3 months, it will take:

200-300 g of yarn (100% acrylic or 50% acrylic / 50% wool), hook No. 3; buttons; yarn-like threads; needle; scissors. Knitting density: 10 cm = 20 loops.

How to tie a blouse for a girl crochet: job description

Shelves and back knit in one piece, focusing on the following calculations on the pattern. We start knitting from below: 45 cm = 90 loops. Pattern crocheted blouse for a girl (for 3 months)

Knitted blouse for girls - work order:

Dial a chain of 91 air loops (90 loops + 1 per lift) and knit the pattern according to the pattern. Blouse pattern for girls The pattern repeats from the second to the eleventh rows. 1 row. A row of columns without nakida. 2 row. 1 vp lifting, 2 tbsp. without nakida, * 3 tbsp. with a double crochet from one loop, knitted together, a column without a nakida * - repeat from * to * the end of a row, at the end of a row there is not one, but two columns without a nakida. 3 row. 1 vp lifting, a number of posts without nakida. 4, 6 row. Like the second. 5.7 row. Like the third. 8-10 rows. 3 vp lift, a number of double crochets. 11 row. Like the third. Deciphering the legend, we think, is familiar to everyone, but just in case we apply them: Symbols for reading crochet patterns Pattern knit up the canvas height of 14 cm, afterwhich, according to the pattern, we divide the web into shelves, back and armholes. Select 21 loops for each shelf and pick up 2 eyelets for armholes. Thus, 44 loops remain on the back. The upper part of the blouse (yoke) can be knit with the same pattern, but you can also change it. In our case, we continued knitting with another pattern: this is the alternation of a column without a nakida and air loops. We look at the pattern and respect the proportions. We knit a shelf with a cloth upwards of 5 cm, after which we begin to reduce the shelf: to cut the neckline, we knit 6 rows upwards, cutting 2 and 1 loops alternately in each row. Those. we will have 9 loops on 6 rows, 12 loops on the shoulder. The height of the shelf from the bottom to the shoulder seam was 22 cm. Symmetrically, we knit the right shelf and the left shelf, and then knit the back, observing the pattern chosen for the coquette. The turn of the sleeves. Along the perimeter of the armhole do crochet on 31 loop Knit the sleeves in a circle with the main pattern. After knitting 10 cm sleeves, we continue knitting with crochets; in this row we reduce 4 loops. As a result, the width of the sleeve is 27 loops. We continue to knit another 3 cm, after which we close the row and cut the thread. Pattern sleeves for knitted crochet blouse for girls 3 months We sew the shoulder seams, after which we tieBlouse on the perimeter with two rows of single crochets. Do not forget in the second row of columns to make loops for buttons. In each corner loop at the same time doing 3 tbsp. nakida to keep the shape of the product. Idea, photo, implementation - Nymph, text - Eva Casio specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: