Crocheted cosmetic bag with scheme and description

Crocheted cosmetic bag with scheme and description

Crochet cosmetic bag Crochet cosmetic bag is comfortable, soft,beautiful. If you choose a good pattern, you get a beautiful copy, even without additional decoration. I got such a “marshmallow” cosmetic bag for a young princess of seven years. Since the child categorically did not want to be content with one pattern, it was required “at least a rose”, it was necessary to satisfy this requirement. Knitting yarn - acrylic. For children’s (and not only children’s), handbags, cosmetic bags, it’s good because, firstly, it is not covered with pellets, secondly, it tolerates even numerous washes, and thirdly, it does not overwrite like cotton threads that are not adapted for active use, which means that it will maintain a presentable appearance for a relatively long time. Our crocheted cosmetic bag is in the shape of a parallelepiped, but thanks to the soft knitting and a special, like a round, pattern, the lines are softened. Due to the volume, the cosmetic bag is convenient: you can place quite voluminous objects in it, even though a set of 48 markers, although a variety of rezinochki-bows-rings-beads. And if we are talking about an adult lady, then cosmetics in such a store will probably be convenient too.

For crocheted cosmetic bags I needed:

acrylic yarn of two colors - pink andmilky, preferably of the same quality and thickness; crochet hook; zip fastener; a piece of light-colored knitwear or (better) any inelastic cotton fabric — calico or chintz will fit perfectly; sewing threads to match one of the colors of the yarn; sewing needle; scissors cutting and small; contrasting thread for basting; pins; marker or pencil for cutting the lining; if there is a sewing machine.

Crochet cosmetic bag: description and layout

Determine the size of the future cosmetics. We will knit a double rectangle, open at the top, without seams. To calculate the size of the base rectangle:

  • for the long side: add the width to the desired length of the cosmetic bag;
  • for the short side: we also add the width to the desired height of the cosmetic bag.

For example: you want to get a finished cosmetic bag with a length of 20 cm, a height of 7 cm and a width of 5 cm. So, you will need to associate a rectangle with the open part on the upper (long) side with sides of 25 cm (ie 20 + 5) and 12 cm (t .e. 7 + 5). Scheme to beautician Crochet the outer part of the beautician Pattern scheme: Crochet Cosmetic Pattern I knitted according to the above scheme, slightly improving it: if you make the pattern two-color, I recommend between the lush rows to do not one, but two rows of columns without a single crochet. Beautiful crochet cosmetic bag Crochet Cosmetic Bag 1. Knit a chain of air loops. In our case, start knitting from pink yarn. The length of the chain in a slightly stretched form should be the length of the long part of the rectangle. Since one repeat of the pattern is a multiple of 4 loops, I advise you to make an initial chain of air loops in a multiple of four. 2. Next, knit a series of columns without nakida, capturing only one side of each air loop. Having reached the edge, we further knit a series of columns without a single crochet, capturing the rest of each loop from the initial chain, i.e. knit in a circle. Having finished a circular row, close it with a deaf loop. Do the same with each subsequent row - close it with a deaf eyelet. 3. Change the color of the yarn. We knit two circles of columns without nakida with milky-colored yarn. 4. Change the color of the yarn to pink. We knit a series like this: 3 v.p. lift, * double crochet with an offset to the left by one loop, another 2 double crochet. We knit the last column with 1 crochet with the base into the first, previously passed loop of the previous row (see diagram) *. Repeat from * to * until the end of the row. It looks like the bottom in the expanded form: Beginner Crochet Beginner 5. Repeat step 3-4 to the desired height of the rectangle. Crochet cosmetic bag: master class Lining and zipper stitching; knitted assemblycosmetic bags From a fabric folded in half, we cut out a straight-faced dummy of the same size as a knitted cosmetic bag on the outside. The fold on the fabric should coincide with the bottom of the knitted rectangle. Seam allowances are not needed. We lay the side seams (on the sewing machine or by hand - how convenient) - we get the lining of the right size, slightly smaller than the knitted part. We turn the knitted part inside out, and the lining on the front part. We knit the knitted part in the lining and smooth it well. Crochet Lined Cosmetic Lining The corners on both sides of the rectangle are straightened and cut with a pin, as shown in the photo below. How to calculate the volume of cosmetic bags Remember the school course of mathematics andwe calculate at what distance from the corner a seam should be laid along the b line in order to get a crocheted cosmetic bag of the planned width. The formula looks like this: 2a² = b² How to calculate the volume of cosmetic bags Option is easier - put a rulerperpendicular to the bend in the lining of the cosmetic bag and shift it down until the length b is equal to the width of the cosmetic bag. In our case, b equals the width of the cosmetic bag. The second option, a little more difficult, is to calculate the length a, in order to put it on either side of the corner and connect the resulting points. If b = 5 cm, then a² = b²: 2 = 5x5: 2 = 12.5 The square root of 12.5 cm is approximately 3.53 cm. This is the side a. Line b can be put in pencil, and then a line can be laid along it, through all four layers of the lining and the knitted part, manually or on a sewing machine. Pave such lines for both lower corners of the cosmetic bag, and then for the upper ones, aligning the upper sections of the cosmetic bag as if they were sewn up. The sewn corners are turned on the end of the cosmetic bag inside it and fastened with several stitches. Giving volume to cosmetic bag We sew a lightning. We insert it between the upper cut of the lining and the edge of the knitted part of the cosmetic bag and wrap both parts of the zipper in a contrasting color. Swipe the lock back and forth several times to check if the displacement has occurred; Does the product buckle when the zipper is in the closed state, does the lock not run over the yarn or fabric? If everything is in order, sew a zipper on a typewriter or by hand. Crochet crochet cosmetic bag Sewing a zipper into a knitted cosmetic bag (view from the wrong side) For the decor, I used (see the master class at the link provided), attaching it to a chain of air loops, passed through the ear of the thumb. Crochet cosmetic bag: diagrams and description Crochet cosmetic bag: description How to crochet a cosmetic bag We take out the thread of basting - and the crocheted cosmetic bag is ready for use! Crochet Cosmetic Bag Crochet Cosmetic Cases Crochet crochet cosmetic bag Crochet Cosmetic Bags Crochet Cosmetic Bag Eva Casio specifically for the site Previous article: Next article: