Crocheted pencil case minion: master class

Crocheted pencil case minion: master class

Mignon crochet In today's master class I will tell you howI knitted a minion crocheted pencil case for one wonderful girl who is going to 1 class. She especially likes this funny character, so she didn’t have to think or guess anything. We knit a minion. Pencil I made in the form of a cylinder. Firstly, it turned out to be quite roomy - our first-graders have to carry a lot of little things with them, the place of which is exactly in the pencil case (a set of colored pencils, a fan of numbers, a pack of cards for parsing words, etc.), and such a minion will take all of the above. Secondly, even being half empty, it will not take up much space in a backpack, unlike rigid-design canisters. And thirdly, it is not just a pencil case, but also a toy. Crocheting such a minion is very simple; even beginning needlewomen will cope with it. At your service - a detailed master class. And fans of these characters will also like a knitting knitting workshop.

Crochet Minion: Materials and Tools

lining fabric (mine is chintz) of lightcolors; one-piece zipper; acrylic yarn (300 m = 100 g) yellow, blue, black, white, gray; hook 2 mm; some filler (sintapon or silicone); plastic eyes; sewing thread to match the yarn; sewing needle; scissors.

Crochet Minion: Scheme and Job Description

Lining To begin, we sew the lining. To do this, we cut out 2 calico circles with a diameter of 9 cm (plus seam allowances) and a rectangle 28.3x22 cm (plus seam allowances). Connect between those parts of the rectangle that are 22 cm long and louse a lightning between them. Lightning is shorter than 22 cm, so it is located in the center of the seam. Next, we sew the circles at the ends of the resulting cylinder. We got a lining. Pay attention: the front part of the lining goes inward, the seams outwards, and the zipper on the same side as the seams, i.e. out. Lining the pencil case I turned the lining inside out to show the inside of the case "in all its glory." Notice that the back side of the zipper is here. Lining Crochet Minion: scheme of the base (knit pants) We start to knit from the bottom of the case. At the base of the pencil case is a circle. 1 row. Around amigurumi ring - 6 tbsp. without nakida 2 row. 2 tbsp. without nakida - in each column of the previous row. Total - 12 tbsp. without nakida 3 row. Alternate - column without nakida, 2 tbsp. nakida in one loop of the previous row. Total 12 + 6 = 18 Art. without nakida 4 row. 2 tbsp. without nakida in every third column of the previous row. Total - 18 + 6 = 24 tbsp. without nakida 5 row. 2 tbsp. without crochet in every fourth column of the previous row. Total - 24 + 6 = 30 Art. without nakida 6 row. Shift by 2 loops, total knit: 2 tbsp. without nakida, then - 2 tbsp. without crochet in every fifth column of the previous row. Total - 30 + 6 = 36 columns. 7 row. 2 tbsp. without nakida in every sixth column of the previous row. 36 + 6 = 42 columns. 8 row. 2 tbsp. without nakida in every seventh column of the previous row. 42 + 6 = 48 columns. 9 row. Shift 3 loops. Total knit: 3 tbsp. without nakida, then - 2 tbsp. without nakida in every eighth column of the previous row. 48 + 6 = 54 tbsp. without nakida 10 row. 2 tbsp. without nakida in every ninth column of the previous row. 54 + 6 = 60 tbsp. 11 row. 2 tbsp. without nakida in every tenth column of the previous row. 60 + 6 = 66 tbsp. Crochet toy minion We got a circle of sufficient diameter tocover the diameter of the butt-cup at the lining (8.5 cm at the lining, 9 cm - at the knitted circle). We knit the next row with single crochets, capturing only the back wall of the columns of the previous row. Big Minion Crochet Next, knit up the columns without nakida severalrows until we get to the zipper. I got 6 rows (ie 12-17 rows). We try on - how many columns should be skipped so that the lightning can easily fit there? Approximately 2 columns plus two columns, which we leave on the strapping of the zipper seam. Crochet Minions Knitted Toys 18 row. Knitting unfold, 1 ce lifting, a number of columns in the opposite direction, we knit the columns in a single crochet, without reaching the end of the row 4 tbsp. without nakida Next, we knit all the rows with single crochets, until we reach the “waist” of our minion. This is roughly the bottom quarter of a cylinder. How to tie a crochet minion toy So I connected 9 rows: 19-27 rows. Next, knit bib and back of the minion overalls. 66-4 (loops that we subtracted to lightning) = 62 loops. We can break them like this: 16 loops on the bib, back - 6 loops on either side of the zipper, 17 loops - into two armholes. Next, knit so. Half back. 6 tbsp. without nakida 1 vp lifting, knitting expand, 6 tbsp. without nakida Further - 1 ce, 5 tbsp. without nakida, 1 ce lifting, knitting deployed, 5 tbsp. without nakida Then - 1 V. p. lifting, 4 tbsp. without nakida, 1 ce lifting, knitting expand, 4 tbsp. without nakida Now 1 vp lifting, 3 tbsp. without nakida, 1 ce lifting, knitting expand, 3 tbsp. without nakida Thread trimmed. How to crochet minion for beginners Symmetrically knit soulmate. Thread trimmed. Then we retreat 17 loops from the back and knit a bib. 2 rows - 16 tbsp. without nakida, 2 rows - 14 st. without nakida, 2 rows - 12 tbsp. without nakida, 3 rows - 10 tbsp. without nakida We do not cut the thread, but we still put off the pants of the minion and knit the minion itself in the same way. How to tie a minion crochet step by step Crochet Minion: knit the body Take the yellow yarn and knit a circle according to the scheme described above. Then, in the same way as with the "pants", go to the body of the cylinder. I tied 11 rows through the body, after which I had to make a hole for sewing in the zipper. Crochet Minion: MK This was the right moment to change the thread.on black: "gum" for minion glasses. Knitted in rows here and there, leaving, as in the case with pants, 4 loops for sewing in zippers. Black yarn - 5 rows. How to tie a minion crochet (description) Then again go to the yellow yarn and knit toas long as the body does not meet with the waist trousers. I have the length of the yellow part of the cylinder - 17 cm, trousers (up to the waist) - 5 cm. In total, we get our canister length 22 cm (17 + 5 = 22). Crochet Minion Toy Scheme Pens. I decided to knit my hands in front of me. Therefore, from the yellow yarn I gained 10 vp, I closed them into a ring, and then I knitted in a circle with columns without a nakid, until I received the desired length of the handles. I have 47 rows. Crochet Minion Hands Next - gloves. Of black yarn scored 12 vp, locked them into a ring and tied 10 circles in a circle with crochets; the last row closed a deaf loop. This tube is put on the yellow tube. Crochet Minion Hands Crochet Minion Hands Next in line are the eyes and eyeglasses. Eyes (white yarn): 1) 6 tbsp. without nakida around ka; 2) 2 tbsp. without nakida in each column of the previous row; 3) 2 tbsp. without nakida in every second column of the previous row; 4) 2 tbsp. without nakida in every third column of the previous row; 5) 2 tbsp. without nakida in every fourth column of the previous row; 6-7) a row of single crochets. Finish the last row of deaf loop, cut the thread. Crochet Minion Eye Squirrels Rim points: 28 VP close the ring; then up in a circle - 4 rows of columns without single crochet. Crochet Minion Rim After that, the resulting pipe should be folded in half, inside out, and tie both edges in blind loops. Get a ring-frame. They will need two. Crochet Minion Rim Try on. Crochet minion eye Plastic eyes-cloves attach in the center of the eye proteins. Crochet minion: description Sew on eyes: apply them to the body of the minion, then pin the protein of one eye with pins. Sew it around the perimeter, putting a little filler inside. Then - turn frame to the same eye. We do the same with the second eye. Crochet Minion: Master Class Crochet Minion: assembly and additional registration We return to the pants. We apply them to the body and determine approximately where the top points of the straps should be. Then we knit a chain of air loops of the appropriate length. I have each strap consists of 28 vp Next - we tie the armhole with columns without nakida. Do the same with the second strap. Crochet minion toy We decorate the pants. For this, I took a white cotton thread for knitting and sewed the needle back with an stitching of denim stitching with a stitch. Embroidered crocheted minion chest pocket in the same way. Crochet Knitted Minions: Schemes Sewing blue stitching sewing pants tobody of the minion, while pants should be found on the body of the cartoon character, because they are worn on top. On the straps, I also walked with a needle and reliably sewed them to the body: this is a pencil case, and the child in the process of playing unreliable tacks will eventually tear off and be upset. Do not let this happen. Minion: crochet scheme We return to the handles. With a black sewing thread, we pass along the edge of each side of the gloves with a “forward needle” seam and fasten it on the thread. Get a relief. Minion pens Handles sew in the right places with yellow sewing thread. Crochet minion: scheme Embroider the mouth. To do this, you need a segment of black thread. We refill her tails inside out, on the front of the case, lay out the desired smile and make a series of tacks with black sewing thread. Crochet: Minion I did not like my mouth, so I made another option. How to tie a minion hook The front part of the crocheted minion is ready. Let us turn to the wrong side. A place for sewing in a zipper will be tied around the contour with a single crochet. Crochet Minion: scheme, description We put the lining inside the knitted part of the case,we fix the zipper with pins in several places so that there is no displacement, and carefully sew the fabric parts of the zipper and knitted pencil case, trying not to go out on the lining. Lightning in the case-mignon Crochet zipper in minion The crocheted case in the form of a minion is ready, and our master class is over. Crochet Knitted Minion Crochet Minion: Description Crocheted Minions Minion case crochet Crochet minion knit Minion crochet (scheme) Eva Casio specifically for the site Workshops on needlework Previous article: Next article: