Crocuses beads with your hands in the training lessons (video)

Crocuses beads with your hands in the training lessons (video)


In the season of spring bloom their beauty weplease crocuses. Small charming flowers attract their delicate color. We invite you to consider two options weaving their own hands crocuses beaded French techniques and parallel weaving.

Crocuses bead technique of French braiding

Required equipment:

  • White beads;
  • Green beads;
  • Yellow beads;
  • The wire for the bead 0.3 mm in diameter;
  • The filaments of green.

For the manufacture of beads crocus, we need to weave the six petals of different sizes, serdtsevinku three stamens and two green leaf bead.
To create a small petals, you mustto prepare a wire fifty centimeters in length interval. Next, you need to retreat from the tip of the wire ten centimeters and twist the wire five centimeters. The tip of the wire, the one that is longer, remove the side, as in the photo. In the center of the wire strung five white beads. Now, on the edge to turn away the wires strung about seven beads (all depends on the size of the beads that you picked up), and commit to a wire coil axis, fixing the wire on top. Next, the newly strung Oklo seven beads and make the next round, fixing the wire at the bottom. So we got the first couple of arcs. In total, four such couples do. Petals must be spread and weave these two blanks.

In a similar fashion weave big petals. To do this, take the wire length of seventy centimeters and Dean, at a distance of fifteen centimeters from the tip of the wire. We twist it into seven centimeters. The central axis is composed of eight white beads. The second tip of the wire put on the white beads and commit spiral around the axis, twisting the wire at the base. All we form five pairs of arcs.

For crocus Bead weave three parts in the form of petals large and small sizes.
Creating stamens begins with the preparation of the segmentwires fifteen centimeters, that needs to be strung eight beads green and form a loop in the center. The tips of the wires are twisted together.
Total billet do three stamens. The resulting wire rod, you must wrap the threads of green, ranging from a distance of two centimeters from the ground loops.

Go to the formation of the flower. To do this, we take the small petals and begin to connect them in a circle around a serdtsevinki stamens using threads. The next tier of the workpiece fastened large petals.
We just have to weave the leaves. Take the length of the wire and thirty centimeters in length and in the same manner as in the weaving of petals, form one pair of arcs of green beads, as in the photo:

So we need to weave the two leaf. Now, the workpiece data attach strings to the stem of our crocus bead. Align the shape of the petals with your hands. The first flower is ready. You can prepare the beads of different colors and complement them crocus flower arrangement of beads.

Crocuses bead weaving a parallel scheme

Necessary materials:

  • white beads;
  • purple beads;
  • orange beads;
  • Beads green two colors (dark and light);
  • Beading wire;
  • floral tape green.

Scheme to create crocuses bead technique of parallel braiding following:

To create the petals, we need to weave preforms 6 of the same size.
Focusing on the scheme begin weaving, forming rows of purple beads:

  • 1 row - three beads;
  • 2 row - five beads;
  • 3rd row - Seven beads;
  • 4-5 number - eight beads;
  • Number 6 - Seven beads;
  • 7 series - six beads;
  • 8 row - four beads.

Starting from the ninth row, gradually addwhite beads in this order: violet one bead, one - one white and violet. The last two rows consist of two beads and a white color.

Go to the weaving of the pistil. To do this, strung on wire four beads orange color and form one loop. Further, each of the wire ends must be strung four beads, two tip connect with each other and four beads strung orange. Then you need to cross the wire ends in a bead orange as the diagram.
To create stamens, strung on wire 6beads yellow and form a ring of them. Further, any of the tips need to string wires five yellow beads and bypassing fifth thread the wire through the remaining four in the reverse direction. Now, you need to hold it through the two loops beads and repeat the stamen. You're in two beads and repeat loops remaining (third) stamens.
The last part leaves weave of beadsGreen colour. Focusing on the scheme, the method of parallel weave create a specified number of beads in the ranks. Note that the fifth to twenty-eighth rows of beads must be alternated green and white colors in this order: 1 green bead 1 - white and again 1 - Green.
Getting crocus assembly of beads. To do this, we take the pistil and stamens inserted into it. Further sequentially fasten about midway petals. After this, the wire stem distribute leaflets 2. Now, the entire stalk obveyte using floral tape green.
Use multi-colored beads for weaving petals, crocuses to bead have different color.

Video: Scourge crocuses Bead