Crown of beads for a little princess with their own hands (video)

Crown of beads for a little princess with their own hands (video)


It is very difficult to list all the items thatYou can do it if you know how to make needlework from beads. It is a variety of flowers and trees, decoration accessories, interior and countless costume jewelry. Brooches and rings, necklaces and necklaces, earrings and bracelets, and even crowns. Our today's master class will tell you about how a crown of beads is made with your own hands.

Crown of beads and wire by own hands

We will need:

  • Thick wire for the crown;
  • Fine wire for weaving;
  • Various beads and beads in the assortment;
  • Nippers;
  • Pliers;
  • The bead is a droplet shaped, transparent;
  • Beads of golden color.

  • We begin the master class with the fabrication of a framework forCrowns of thick wire. It can be a thickness of 1.5-2mm. To make it, measure the length of this wire, which will be sufficient for the formation of the crown. The crown scheme assumes the presence of a wire joint, or the formation of a hook-type fastener. We bend the ends of the frame in such a way that it is possible to snap them together. After that, you need to make a "tiara", or a high part of the crown. To do this, we measure and cut off one more segment, which is necessary for this. We connect it with a pine method of twisting on the sides of the circle. The length of the tiara wire depends on the desired height.

    Be sure to try on the crown frame onHead to make sure of the correctness of its shape and the appropriate size of the circumference. Another action on the implementation of the frame, is the formation of the part that will hang over the forehead, and on which we hang a crystal drop for beauty. In the same way measure, cut off this part of the wire, and screw it in a convenient place around the circumference of the frame. When all the steps for fitting are done, then in the places of twists you need to add a few turns of a thin wire. This must be done to secure the twists, so that the structure is strong, and does not slip. We wrap the joints very tightly and quite often.
    We proceed directly to beadworkThe hands of our crown. We will weave the teeth on the uppermost level of the prepared frame. A thin wire is well fixed in the base of the high part, and we sew on it three beads. Fixing the wire on the frame, pass it to the last of the three beads. We repeat this several times. And now we need to fasten a large bead. To do this, string it, and go back to the first bead of the last three bolted. Then we return the wire to the first bead, and fix it.

    Then repeat the same procedure a second time,Fastening beads and a large bead. The next step is to go back to the first bead, passing the wire through the beads between them. Put the thread in the first bead and up. We begin to thread 7 beads on it, then one purple bead, and again 7 beads. The first denticle of our crown was formed. Repeat this step so many times until the entire upper tier is filled.
    Then we take a crystal drop, and a thinWire it at the right place of the part of the frame that descends to the forehead. The last stage of the work remains, and the weaving scheme will be completed. We must fill the space between the top and bottom of the tiara. To do this, we will use thin wire and beads. We fix the base to the lateral lower surface of the tiara, and we will collect the beads. The amount of beads should be enough to reach the top of the frame. Fixing the wire at the top, re-thread the beads and move downward, screwing the wire there. Such actions should be continued until the entire space between the top and bottom of the frame is filled. Then we can consider our master class finished. We with you could make a skeleton of a crown from a wire, and to weave by hands its beaded component.

    Video: We make a crown of beads and wire

    New Year's crown of beads

    Continuing our theme about weaving with our own handsCrown of beads, I want to draw your attention to the next master class. It's about how to weave a beautiful crown for a girl. It is suitable for a New Year's holiday, or princess costume. For work it is necessary to prepare:

  • Wire 2mm;
  • Wire 1mm;
  • Beads of gold, white and red colors;
  • Beads of white and red colors.

  • We will not make a crown for the whole head, but only 7Cm in diameter. To fix on the head it can be with the help of a rim, to which the crown is simply sewn at the end of the work. The place of twisting is 8-10 centimeters long. This is done in order to keep the fastening better. We do not cut the wire, we measure 20 centimeters for the high part, and we also fasten its end to the main circle, without cutting it. We continue the work, performing the second operation the same operation. We measure 20 cm of wire, form a triangle with a sharp end up, and screw the end. In total, we make five such triangles. The remaining tail is not cut off, but well fixed on the basis.
    To determine the correct length of the wire,Necessary doing easy settlement. The length will depend on the structure design of the frame. The length of the crown circumference is 20 cm, plus five tiars of 20 cm, plus 20 cm for twisting. So, the length of the wire is equal to 140 centimeters. All the skeleton of our crown, we have so far woven from a thick wire of golden color. But subsequent work will be performed in a more subtle same color for gold. We begin to fasten this thin wire on the frame, while also ensuring that its ends are hidden as best as possible. This is necessary for safe operation of the crown.

    After meeting all the conditions andPrecautions, we begin beading. String beads and beads in the order that seems to us the most suitable. The more diverse our beads and beads will be, the better our bead crown will be. The weave will go obliquely, from one side of the triangle of the tiara, to the other, from the bottom up. And as you progress, it will be fixed on each face in the usual way of twisting.
    Having reached the top of the triangle of the tiara,Do the reverse way from top to bottom, to the circumference of the frame. When the weaving of one part of the crown is finished, we transfer the wire to another triangle of the tiara, without cutting it from the skein. Moving from one vertical part to another, we continue to perform their braiding with beaded threads until the very end of the work. We do not have a scheme for weaving beads, since everything here will depend only on imagination.
    The last stage of the work is decoratingThe lower circumference of the crown. Since we did not cut the wire from the skein, we continue to thread on it a small bead of any color. As the thread is filled with beads, we continue the rotational movements around the lower circle of the crown until we fill it with the whole bead thread.

    Video: Crown of beads and beads

    Bright crown for a little princess

    Almost every girl dreams of becomingPrincess. We told how to make a crown for any princess, and now we want to perform with you another kind of crown, which is called a diadem. The diadem differs from the previous crown in that it is performed not on a circle, but on a semicircle of wire. For work we will prepare such materials and tools:

  • Wire of caliber 20;
  • Wire of caliber 30;
  • Beads of any color and size;
  • Beads are diverse;
  • Nippers;
  • Pliers;
  • Round-nosed pliers.
  • We start the master class from the frameOur tiara. It can be made from a wire of caliber 20, folding it into three pieces, and twisting around itself. The wire length for the frame is determined by fitting the head. We give our skeleton the shape of a semicircle, and we wrap it more thin. To the ends of the diadem do not hurt the head, we will wrap them with a loop. The next step is to create a silhouette of the diadem with thick wire. This will be a wavy vertical figure, with the wave increasing as it approaches its center, and decreases along the edges.
    This is the classical form of the diadem. But this design is not very similar to a real diadem, since it is simply a wire frame of it. We need to decorate it with a thin wire. On it we will string a mixed set of beads and beads, and braid the diadem in chaotic order. There are no rules, any braiding will look good. You can make a diadem a multi-colored, and it is possible and in one color scale. Very simple and affordable for everyone, but the decoration is simply magnificent. A suitable diadem for young princesses and princes, which can bring a lot of pleasure and joy to children.

    Video: The original bead crown and beads