Daffodils from beads with their own hands in the master class (video)

Daffodils from beads with their own hands in the master class (video)


Doing beadwork can do a lotCharming and useful things for the house. These things of fine work are very skillful and elegant. Especially beautiful flowers are obtained. Each petal and staminate, made of small beads, look very natural and natural.
Today we offer you a master class on the creation of daffodils from beads. Daffodils can be either white or yellow, depending on your preferences.
Make such a simple flower by your own handsEven for beginners. And if you just start beadworking and first weave flowers, then the process of weaving may not be completely understandable. Use our video lessons on weaving in different techniques, and everything will fall into place. The video clearly shows the sequence of actions and the weaving masters talk about all their actions.

Master class of weaving daffodils from beads

For the master class "Narcissus from beads" we will need:

  • Beads of yellow, light yellow, green, white and orange;
  • Corrugated beads;
  • Wire thickness 0,4 mm;
  • Line or monofilament;
  • needle for beads;
  • scissors;
  • pliers;
  • PVA glue;
  • Green thread for embroidery;
  • Cocktail tube.

For work it is possible to take both transparent beads, and matte. The photo shows that both kinds are used here.
To demonstrate the weaving, let's take a bright bead and a thick wire to describe the weaving of the petals of the narcissus.
To form a petal, take the wire andWe make a loop of the size we need. We bind the monofilament on a loop and begin to weave. We type so many beads so that the chain lies inside the loop loop from the wire.
In order to tighten the first row in the contour, bend the edge of the petal with the thread and pass it again with a needle through the beaded chain. As shown in the photo.

We continue the weaving. Starting to weave the second row, hold the needle over the wire.

Then pass the needle with the thread into the first beadFirst line, dial the bead and go through the first and second beads, again type the bead, go through the second in the third and so on to the end of the row. At the end, the needle should again be on top of the work. Turn the weaving, thread the edge of the petal from the wire with a thread and pass the needle through the second row of beads for additional strength.

When weaving goes to a narrowing, in the current row instead of 2 beads weave only 1 or 3 instead of 3 weaves.

This is how beadwork looks like, whenThe narrowing of the petal begins. This photo shows that the narrowing is made due to the reduction of the beads around the edges. Instead of 3 beads weave 2. In the same way, one can make a decrease in the middle of the row.

Just like a wire frame and mosaic technique, and African technology Ndebele. You can determine the technique by which you want to make your daffodils from beads.

Let's start our master class.
To weave a yellow or white petal, takeA piece of wire about 23-25 ​​cm, bend it in half. We type on the thread 12 beads. The end of the thread is tied and tattered from the middle of the petal upwards, subtracting 1 bead in each row. The weave will end when there are 2 beads left in the row.
We fix the thread and turn the work, we continue the similar weaving. Let's start with 12 beads. In each successive series, we reduce:

  • 1 р .: 12 beads;
  • 2 r .: 10;
  • 3 r: 9;
  • 4 r .: 8;
  • 5 r: 7;
  • 6 r .: 5;
  • 7 r .: 4;
  • 8 r .: 2.

When the weaving ends, the ends of the wire are twisted. Before this, the braided cloth is straightened. According to this scheme, another five petals.

All the petals are twisted together and fixed with wire.

To make the core of the flower first trespassesRibbon in a mosaic technique of yellow beads. The ends of the tape are closed and the edging is made. From the bottom, the fringing is made from the same yellow beads, narrowed downwards, on the top, on the contrary, extended to the top and orange at the end. As a result, the same core as the present narcissus in the form of a tube is obtained. There is no single scheme for this part of the flower, therefore it is played by each master in its own way.

From corrugated beads and beads make the basis for the core.

We attach the base to the core tube by passing the ends of the base wire to the last row of the tube.

The same lengths of wire are attachedThe core to the flower, passing the ends of the wire through through the twisted petals of the narcissus. After that, all loose ends are tightly fastened together by one of the free ends of the wire.

In order to make a flower stem, tubulesFor cocktails are connected among themselves, so that the flower is stable. Two tubes are cut along and inserted into the third one. All the twisted wire ends near the flower are folded several times and we attach a long wire to them to pass it through the tube.

We stretch the single wire through the stem-tube, pull the flower, so that it was tightly pressed against the stem, then it is repeatedly passed through the puncture in the middle of the tube.

To decorate the stem it must be coated with glue and wrapped in a colored thread.

The last long green leaves are woven. If you make them on a single circuit, it will not stand the weight of the sheet. Weave leaves based on the double contour.

Green leaves are stitched together forWire contour, put on the stem and sewn to the very stem. For reliability, pierce the stalk through several places and sew the leaves for sure.

Narcissus of beads, the weaving scheme of whichDescribed in this master class, ready. You can weave as many flowers as possible and make a bouquet, moreover, it can include not only daffodils from beads, but also other flowers you like. They will please you not only on spring sunny days, but also in the days of cold and bad weather, because the flowers from beads will never fade.

For daffodils from beads, there are different schemesWeaving is only one of a few. This method is good because the petals have a rigidly contoured wire loop and look like real ones. Although he is more troublesome than some others.
Which you choose a scheme for creating narcissuses is your business, we wish you success and a lot of creative and creative works!

Video: Daffodil bead from beads