Dandelion from beads own hands (diagrams and video)

Dandelion from beads own hands (diagrams and video)


Having studied such a complex, but at the same time interestingAnd an unusual science like beading you can independently create bouquets and stunning floral compositions that will decorate your house. Today we will tell you how to make a spring dandelion from beads.

How to weave bud of dandelion

Before starting a master class, we need to prepare everything necessary for the job:

  • thin wire;
  • Small yellow and green beads.

We will begin beading with the study of the scheme of weaving buds:

For beginner needlewomen this scheme at first glance may seem rather complicated, but in fact it is not so:

  • First you need to cut off a piece of wire (40 cm) and bend it in half, thread on it a yellow bead, so that it is directly in the center;

  • Then you will need to put on 2 yellow beads on both ends of the working "thread";
  • After that, at each end you will need to string on 8 green beads;
  • Having done this, you will have to put on another bead of the same color on one end of the working "thread" and draw the second through it;
  • Now you need to make 2 "tail". To do this, you will have to put 3 beads on one of the ends of the wire, and then draw it through the first two beads - Fig. La. The same "tail" should be done at the second end of the working "thread";
  • Next, you will need to make 3 such parts and connect them with 1 bead, as shown in Fig. 1b;
  • Then you will need to weave another detail, consisting of 3 yellow beads and connect all the parts together (Fig. 1c - A);
  • Having done this, you will need to scroll the wire several times and thread 8 beads around each of its ends, with which you will finish the weaving of the fourth part;
  • Then you will have to put on all 8 tips of the working "thread" 3 beads of green color (Fig. 1c - B). You need to twist the ends of the wire.
  • In the end, you should get the same half-dissolved flower as in our photo.

    How to weave dandelion flowers

    We will begin our master class on weaving dandelion flowers with a detailed study of the scheme:

    In addition, we advise you to prepare in advance all the necessary materials in order to subsequently not be distracted by their search. You will need:

    • wire;
    • Small beads with wide holes.

    So, we begin the weaving of the flower:

  • First you need to weave the coreDandelion, consisting of about 18 stamens. To create one stamen you will need to thread 5 transparent and 1 opaque yellow beads onto the wire and then draw the end of the wire through all the transparent beads. In the same scheme, you will need to make other stamens as well (Fig. 1);
  • Then you will need to weave small petals (Figure 2a), each of which will consist of 20 beads;
  • Having made 9 petals, at a distance of about 3 mm from each other you will have to connect them (Fig. 2b);
  • Then you will need to weave 12 petals consisting of 23 beads;
  • After that, you will have to create sepals from the green beads (Figure 3);
  • Now the details made by yourself you need to put together and then you will have the first flower: sepals, large and small petals, the core;
  • In the end you will only have to twist the stems from the green wire.
  • It is worth noting that there are many masterClasses of dandelions from beads and many of them are presented in the form of video lessons. For example, this small video will tell you how to weave a dandelion from beads and its leaves:

    Video: Dandelion bead plaid