trade worker Day: weaving beaded handles for free

trade worker Day: weaving beaded handles for free


Russia Day holiday trade workerIt decided to celebrate in July, when it is fourth Saturday. On this day, all the people who are directly related to trade. This economic sector has covered the whole world and the progress of society is the motor. And it is constantly evolving to this day. Trade of employees is not easy, so every year it is necessary to note well this holiday. And what you can give to the employee on that day? No employee of the trade is complete without a handle, so we suggest you do a little creative gift, namely to perform twining ballpoint pen bead. It will be nice and original.

Master class braiding ballpoint pen

Beading technique, which will be consideredIn this master class, it is called cylindrical mosaic netting. To work on the gift to oDnyu trade worker, you will need the following list of materials:

  • ball or gel pen, which has a diameter of 8 mm;
  • Czech beads of red and blue;
  • monofilament thread a needle with a bead.

There are two types of cylindrical tileweaving - it even and odd. The article will be described in an even manner. It lies in the fact that an even number of beads in the ranks clearly divided from each other. To handle turned on by alternating two-color pattern spirals, it is necessary that the number of marbles was not only an even, but it should be divided into four digit. If you are going to use the pen with a diameter of 8 mm and Czech glass beads, while the above conditions are met perfectly. The width of the products will be twenty beads.
Most interesting is that while the mosaicweaving turns spiral pattern. So, cut the thread of sufficient length that it was convenient to operate. The length should be about one meter. When she has finished, rewind the new otrez and woven zigzag in his article, and then continue to work on. We need to string alternating two red and two blue beads. Total number of pieces to be twenty. This process is shown on the submitted photos. The beads should be placed twenty centimeters from the free edge of the thread.

Then skip the needle through all the glass on the other side, where there's space.
Tighten the base material and make sure thatto the free edge length was not less than twenty centimeters. In principle, it is no longer needed, but in the end we will fix them all weaving, and then cut off the scissors. Now you've got the basis for the mosaic cylinder. The mosaic technique ranks believe diagonally, so the first two rows are in the ring.

Begin braiding the third band and againdial beads of color, which comes out at the moment thread. That is according to the rules, you must first strung blue glass. Arrange them on the red bead, which was before it. Pass the needle through the second scarlet bead in the ring. The next element to be red hue. Do the same manipulations that have been described above, namely, place the item on the first tricks circle, and a needle is passed through the second, being in this pair.

All other beads should entwine like thisIt has been done before. The total number of beads 3 p. It should be ten. When you finish this line, enter the string to the very top of the workpiece. You must miss her, not only through the last bead of the previous p., But also through the first piece of glass just finished series. Now try the workpiece, putting it on the handle. The next stage will be held on this writing instrument. You can already see the beginning of the picture, which turned after the woven strips. Every 3-colored beads are made in 3 different series of mosaic art.

The following actions should not cause youany difficulties in creating a gift to the trade worker Day. Subsequent lines will consist of ten members each, with two distinct weaves stuff from a previous band. Do not forget at the end of each line, to bring the thread top products. The photo shows how the netting after 4 and 5 p.
We perform the same manipulation in the following ranks Entangling the entire length of the web. The mosaic technique should reach almost to the top of a ballpoint pen.

Now should braid the upper part of the product. To do this, use the beautiful beads three contrasting colors that do not look like the main color. For example, take the green, yellow and white beads. If you do not want to dilute the colors, then braid line, just blue. For this part of the article we will use the technique of reducing the number of key elements in the ranks. First Thing strung as usual. In the next place, leave an empty space, which means that you do not need stringing a piece of glass, skip the blue needle through the bead of the previous strip.

Repeat the above described manipulation of fourtimes until the end of the line. One dial, skip the next. This is no big deal. Upon completion of such action, display the needle upward. Next weaving continue in the usual way, without reductions. As you could see, to prepare a gift for the Day of Commerce employee, you can very quickly.

Now we can say that a gift to the Daytrade worker ready. Without such a beautiful and cute pen will not do none of your employee acceptance of the goods. Use variations of combining colors, and you have typed an entire collection of original and unique gift for colleagues - sales staff.

Video: Foundations of the mosaic weave