We decorate with our own hands an old fence: a vertical garden

We decorate with our own hands an old fence: a vertical garden

Simple and easy renovation and decoration projectboring wooden fence in the country. In the cold season, flowers and plants in pots can be removed from the fence, and in the spring - again to revive the courtyard, hanging the garden back. decor fence by yourself - before and after To work on the fence with your own hands you will need:

  • clay pots
  • painting tape
  • paint cans with paint
  • special hangers (holders) for pots
  • screws
  • drill
  • old or any other fence that you want to revive

Of course, the materials are indicative, because you,perhaps you do not want to paint pots, or decorate them completely differently, and the way of fastening to the fence will choose another one, for example, nail down shelves or hang pots on ropes on the laths stuck in the fence. Do not limit your imagination. we paint pots and fasten hangers So, first bring the clay pots to the desiredview. In this case, paint in cans and paint tape was used to seal the pot ruff and then paint it in a different color. To the sections of the fence, we screw the pot holders. They can be bought at a hardware store. we hang pots We hang pots, plant different flowers and enjoy the summer in our own yard.