We adorn our Christmas tree in an original way: new ways of decorating a winter tree - a lesson

We adorn our Christmas tree in an original way: new ways of decorating a winter tree - a lesson

Approaching the New Year holidays isconstant fuss, many necessary tasks that need to be done. But, it's also a New Year's mood, which you can "catch", and you can lose. Any person seeks to feel happy, and as a rule, happiness comes after the favorite thing. We all adore different New Year's trinkets and a rare person does not want to deal with the process of preparing for the holidays.

We adorn our Christmas tree in an original way: new ways of decorating a winter tree - a lesson

Ways to design for a Christmas tree. Photo №1 Creating a Christmas tree toy for a holiday- a difficult task that requires special skills and knowledge. But, thanks to a large set of unique ideas, to make your own idea real and come up with brand-new, unique and bright versions of toys is not a problem. We take as a basis any idea and begin to improve it in our own way. But, where to get these ideas? Of course, a special set of master classes with a detailed story about how to create such toys can help any novice master to learn all the necessary knowledge and become a real master of New Year's toys. Ballerina on the basis of a thick paper - a toy on a Christmas tree Ways to design for a Christmas tree. Photo # 2 Our first work will consist of a densepaper. Rare girl or woman in her childhood did not want to become a ballerina. But, magic happens and your dancer can appear at any moment, but as a New Year's toy:

  • Take heavy paper for processing
  • Prepare thin paper for decoration
  • The scissors tool will help in decorating
  • Also a template of the future ballerina will be required
  • Take the needle
  • It will take a line

Ways to design for a Christmas tree. Picture №3 Any template that you like is requiredprint on the printer. Then, it needs to be cut with scissors and prepare a pack. For this, the shape of an ordinary snowflake is appropriate. The scheme can be taken any, and when you finish this snowflake, you need to use scissors, cut one side and "measure" the product at the waist of the future figure. Then, we make bonding with the help of glue. Then, using the needle, we make a hole to pass the fishing line for the toy. Thus, your house will be decorated with a very interesting and feminine toy. The product can be hung on as a Christmas tree, and can be used as an additional decoration to decorate other parts of the room by the New Year. Wire-beaded toy for Christmas trees Often craftsmen prepare their New Year's toys based on old knowledge, which can be embodied in a new form. Thus, for example, it is not difficult to create the shape of a Christmas tree toy using elements of wire and, accordingly, beadwork! Ways to design for a Christmas tree. Photo №4

  • Prepare thin and thick wire for work
  • Take some beads, beads and bugles
  • For processing you will need cutting pliers

Using a thick wire, we mustform the framework that will be used for the product. You can pick up any shape, from the tree to the star. After, you need to take a thin wire and thread on it beads of different colors, use the decor element in the form of a glass bead, and add a few beads. This "garland" will become a decoration option for our skeleton. We make wrapping around it. After that, we use another layer of fine wire, but without beads. Cutting off the unnecessary parts with pliers and preparing a hanger loop! Make a Christmas tree with the help of twigs Ways to design for a Christmas tree. Photo №5

  • Sprigs in dry form, thin in diameter
  • Fret saw
  • Ribbon for decoration
  • Beads for decoration
  • An awl for processing
  • Paint for decoration
  • Brush for processing

We use the services of a jig saw,To cut the branches in the desired length. Note that each twig will make up the future silhouette of the Christmas tree, so choose only the beautiful parts. Next, we take an awl and with the help of the center of each branch, we form a small hole in order to thread pieces of wood on a ribbon. Between each branch, you need to hang a bead so that the holes are not visible. Using acrylic paint and other decor elements, we must paint our artwork to make the work more interesting and impressive. Toy from an old light bulb for Christmas Ways to design for a Christmas tree. Photo №6 Surely each of us in the house therea pair of old and used light bulbs for light. Perhaps, instead of taking your place as an unnecessary material, they can also be turned into a real New Year's toy! We offer two popular methods

  • Light Bulb
  • Leeching
  • Sequins
  • Adhesive PVA
  • Rope
  • Greeting card
  • Brush
  • Scissors

An old and unnecessary light bulb also has a chance to becomeabsolutely new and interesting decoration for your Christmas tree. To do this, it is enough to cover the product with a layer of sticky substance PVA, and then - abundantly sprinkle the product with the help of balsams. The socle part of the bulb must be wrapped with the help of a lashing, while not forgetting about the rope that will become the suspension of the spruce toy. The product can also be supplemented with a small card, where congratulations will be written for the New Year! Snowman for home comfort in the New Year - option 2 Ways to design for a Christmas tree. Photo №7 There is also a second option, which can become an absolutely excellent addition to the first light bulb.

  • Light Bulb
  • PVA glue
  • White luster or semolina
  • Paint Acrylic

Initially, it is also necessary to cover the light bulb whenhelp the PVA glue, then, the product must be sprinkled with a white gloss, or with semolina, which must also be mixed with gloss. Then, the product is glued with a transparent glue-torque special twigs, which will become hands. Then. with the help of black paint making up the face of our snowman. The work is ready! Tissue toy for herringbone Many of us adore crafts made of cloth. This special kind of needlework is welcomed in many countries of the world and has found immense popularity on the expanses of the network. One of the most convenient materials for processing and creating toys with the help of fabric is felt. With the help of it you can build a variety of ideas, and various fillers allow you to make these toys more voluminous and interesting. Let's try to get acquainted with one of the popular ideas of toys on a fabric basis! Ways to design for a Christmas tree. Photo №8 Use the template and the fabric that you chose,it is necessary to draw a beautiful Christmas tree, also make a star, heart and of course, lollipop. After that, you need to take and sew two pieces of fabric sides on the wrong side together. The product can be sewn by hand or with a conventional sewing machine. Then, the product must be turned out and stuffed with cotton, you can replace it with sintepon. After, the opening of the product must be decorated with bows, rhinestones, and other elements. In the end, add a ribbon. A ball of threads Ways to design for a Christmas tree. Photo Number 9 Conventional thread with plastic cup and ballcan make a real Christmas tree toy that will look perfect on your New Year's tree. Simple actions and one day of drying will prepare you a real New Year's miracle! To create a beautiful work you need to take:

  • Ordinary bead
  • Adhesive PVA
  • Plastic cup
  • Threads
  • Scissors for processing
  • Needle
  • Rhinestones

Next, you need to take a plastic cup, andthen, using a needle at the very bottom to make small holes through. In them, with the help of needles and thread, you need to thread the thread. Then, in a glass it is necessary to pour a sticky substance and after, to inflate a ball which we tie, we do stringings and without any order we begin to wind the product with threads. Then, leave the product to dry for up to a day, after which, the ball must be gently pierced and wait until it exhales all the air from itself. Then, we take out the ball and use the adhesive substance Moment, we cover the product with rhinestones. Packaged Christmas tree toy Ways to design for a Christmas tree. Picture №10

  • You will need a wrapping paper
  • Take the ruler
  • Preparing the scissors
  • Take the glue
  • Let's use the line
  • Let's take the line
  • It will take decorative tape

Ways to design for a Christmas tree. Photo Number 11 Take a piece of cardboard, in order to makecardboard box, or rather - prepare its template. It is necessary to cut out the material, bend it along the lines of the dotted line and then, form a box that will need to be glued together. Next, you need to take the paper for packing and using the scheme from the picture, pack your future gift. Then, we will tie the ribbon on the product and fix the line.