Decoration of New Year's toys: TOP-8 ideas with your own hands - master class

Decoration of New Year's toys: TOP-8 ideas with your own hands - master class

Feature of the New Year's holiday is alwaysis the correct creation of the necessary atmosphere of the future celebration. Such questions are most often dealt with by parents in the family, but sometimes you can attract the attention of the child, inventing new ways to decorate the house. The most diverse ideas help to realize their talents and reach new heights, thanks to which - you can create completely unique and incredible options for decorating the holiday.

Decoration of New Year's toys: TOP-8 ideas with your own hands - master class

So, New Year's time is an opportunity to opennew and interesting techniques specifically to design and recreate new, modern and interesting ideas. We will try to make out a list of the eight most popular works according to the schemes that make it possible to make an ordinary New Year's toy. As you know, the New Year's toy is the main element of the ornament for the tree and its irreplaceable attribute. There are not many toys, and besides eternally green, you can also decorate other rooms and hang toys, for example, on a cupboard or mezzanine. A whole variety of options opens up previously unseen possibilities for us and therefore, we will use new tips to make beautiful and interesting toys. As before, we will need a certain set of all kinds of materials, as well as tools with which our idea will be much easier to implement. Let's start with the New Year's ball of colored paper. Christmas ball of colored paper

  • Prepare colored paper
  • Take the wire in a thin form
  • You will need a stapler to secure
  • Take also adhesive material for fixing

Decoration of a New Year's toy: TOP-8. Photo №1 Initially, we select the three primary colors forour future application. In our case, it's pink, blue and blue. It takes a small glass, or a glass, to make measurements with a simple pencil on paper. We circle our product for 12 times. There will be 12 variants of circles, every 4 circles will have different colors. With conventional scissors, the circles need to be cut. Next, we make each circle bend into two parts, so that later we can stack them in a single row, as shown in the photos. After making such a ball for the herringbone, you need to number the leaves according to type A, B, B. Next, add our leaves according to the corresponding sequence of the scheme: AABBWVABBBVA. Decoration of a New Year's toy: TOP-8. Photo # 2 After that, we make the consolidation of our sheetspaper with a conventional, thin wire, which is wrapped around the longitudinal side with the help of a fold line. The end of each piece of wire is twisted together. If the wire is missing, you can use the usual stapler and its services. Then, the circles need to be straightened to glue the adjacent parts of the circles between each other. Each half of this sheet will be connected by a connection on the top, and on the other side by the bottom. Decoration of a New Year's toy: TOP-8. Picture №3 Decoration of a New Year's toy: TOP-8. Photo №4 Paper Toy - the second option

  • Colored cardboard
  • Heavy paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Decoration of a New Year's toy: TOP-8. Photo №5 To begin with, you need to take color cardboard, andalso thick paper in order to form three circles in the same size, but in different colors. For the first one, we cut through the cross according to the drawing, for the second circle forms an incision horizontally and in the middle. After, two perpendicular notches are formed, which run from the circumference to the central part. For the third, we make four notches in the form of crosses and then, in the direction, also form four notches from the circumference to the central part. We pass circle 3 through circle 2. Then, in circle 1 we bend the corners to form them from cuts. The format of the hole in the form of a square is obtained. Then, in it it is necessary to pass the second circle and then, the third circle, but beforehand they must be folded. Afterwards, the corners again unbend. To the ball attached special thread. Paper figure for the tree - the third solution Decoration of a New Year's toy: TOP-8. Photo №6 Take old cards or colored paper. We form the balls from them. It can be formed due to a special scheme. The fourth decision of the New Year ball Decoration of a New Year's toy: TOP-8. Photo №7 Here the plan is extremely simple. To begin with, we form eight circles of the same type for the future ball. The quantity can be adjusted independently, but we will have eight. It is important to do at least three. Then, each piece is bent into two parts, using the front part inward. Then, half the circles are glued together. After, the glue must be applied directly to the underside of each of the halves of our circles. After, before carrying out the gluing of the ball, it is necessary to pass the tape or thread through its base. Thus, you can form and garland, using such a New Year's idea. In addition, using different stencils, you can create New Year decorations from different existing forms. Just download the stencils, print them and do this. The fifth New Year's ball Decoration of a New Year's toy: TOP-8. Photo №8 To create a similar New Year's ball in the form ofFlashlight we have to cut the paper color in the form of strips in the same length, as well as the width. You can adjust the length and width of the same strips independently, this will determine the size of the ball that we will get. To make one such ball, you need to take at least 14 such strips. On average, this number reaches 16 strips. Also, you can decorate this craft with various beads, or using Christmas decorations from toys, complementing our version of a flashlight-ball. Bending the strips in the middle of their base, we get a shape in the form of a New Year's more interesting format of the flashlight. The sixth form of a ball Decoration of a New Year's toy: TOP-8. Photo Number 9 For such a simple form, either oldpostcards, or a beautiful paper. We use a conventional glass to form eight circles of the same size. Using a different object on a round base, but in a smaller diameter, we draw and cut out two smaller circles. Next, a large circle must be folded into two parts, and then again into two parts. Next, we make the gluing of folded circles in a large format for one small circle. The remains of the four others are on the other. Decoration of a New Year's toy: TOP-8. Picture №10 Obtained options for the two halves of the ball forfuture product. Here it is necessary to make the correct arrangement of quarters of large circles, using a small circle. To do this, you can try to carefully spread the pockets of the circle and then, before gluing, to measure the correct location of the future layers of the ball. Decoration of a New Year's toy: TOP-8. Photo Number 11 Focus on the idea and get uniqueformat decoration. It only remains to glue the two halves together and after the glue dries, you have the opportunity to straighten the pockets, and the ball will be ready to hang it on the Christmas tree! The seventh format of a thread ball Decoration of a New Year's toy: TOP-8. Photo number 12 A ball made with threads looks likeextremely effective and at the same time, does not require special skills from its author. In addition, the cost of such a ball is extremely minimal, and most of the necessary components can be found among the things in the house. Many of us prepared such balls at home, or at the lesson of work in educational institutions. Balls in the form of cobwebs and their use are unusually large. You can decorate such a ball as a decorative element, or use it as a lampshade. Some use a similar ball in the form of a New Year's toy. In addition, you can "blind" a snowman, prepare a bird or form a fish. We have all the possibilities for any items to make them using the usual thread. Let's consider one of the ways that will help us! Decoration of a New Year's toy: TOP-8. Photo №13

  • Take the scissors for processing
  • It will take a regular air balloon
  • Also, you need a greasy hand cream
  • The option of any yarn for work
  • Adhesive PVA
  • Bowl for processing
  • Water
  • Brush and sponge for surface treatment.

Take the usual glue and stir it in water withconcentration of 3 to 1. Further, it is necessary to inflate the ball to the desired size options, then to give it the shape of a round object. With the help of a thread, we make a bandaging for the ball. Then, the yarn must be wrapped around the rubber product and then put in a bowl so that each thread gets wet in the composition. Five minutes will be enough. Then, the ball must be smeared with the help of a fat cream and after, wrapped with yarn. There must be a large area between the threads. After, gradually, reduce the distance between the threads until the ball is filled with yarn from all sides. It will look like some cocoon. Decoration of a New Year's toy: TOP-8. Photo Number 14 After, the thread must be cut and then, toglue the ball. We leave it to dry completely, it occurs throughout the day. After, the rubber ball must be unwound and after, very gently blow off. After that, lightly move the ball to get it. After, to the thread form of the ball it is necessary to arrange the top on the top part so that it can be hung. To make a similar ball, you need to use threads. The format and color of the threads does not matter. Then, the threads can be painted using paint, or using glitter. Also, the spray design option may be appropriate. If the ball is New Year's, make it a decoration. Various asterisks, tinsel and brads are excellent elements for decorating the future Christmas decoration. Here, fantasy can play to the full and therefore, all ideas are completely up to you. In the event that it was not possible to wind the threads to a ball that was impregnated with glue, you can also wind it with a dry thread, and then - impregnate it with glue, using the tools of a brush or a sponge. Sugar syrup can also come as a substitute for glue. A variant of starch paste may also be suitable. To make such a paste, you need to take three ordinary tablespoons of starch (tea) and stir them in a glass of water (cold). After that, boil this composition to prepare a sticky mixture. In addition, it is possible to decorate such a ball with an ordinary copper wire. The scheme of work will be similar. Eighth version of the ball design Decoration of a New Year's toy: TOP-8. Photo number 15 Well, at last, the simplest, but effectivethe design option is fabric. To do this, take an ordinary piece of cloth, cut it and wrap it around an old, Christmas tree toy. Then, fasten the fabric at the base so that it does not sag. Such a toy will look spectacular, in addition, there are opportunities for subsequent manipulation of the fabric. Thus, before the New Year, when you can suddenly feel the crisis of ideas, it is possible to make a variety of shapes of balls, using everyday objects and the most incredible ways of design. Thanks to a large set of universal and interesting crafts, making your own ball is not difficult! Prepare for the holidays and come up with a variety of ideas for the subsequent design of their crafts!