Decoration of a flower arrangement: sweets for a New Year's table - a master-class

Decoration of a flower arrangement: sweets for a New Year's table - a master-class

New Year's period for many of usis associated with receiving gifts, a joyful mood and of course, a sea of ​​emotions from the pleasure received. Sometimes, we want to make such a gift, which not only becomes a useful thing in everyday life or simply, the desired object, but to do something unexpected, pleasant. The best gift in this case is a prepared version with your own hands. There are many techniques that can be applied in needlework specifically to make yourself a unique and unique version of the gift. Surprise can cause, for example, an ordinary bouquet of chocolates. But, its feature and exclusivity will be the New Year theme and a set of favorite colors.

Decoration of a flower arrangement: sweets for a New Year's table - a master-class

A set of ordinary sweets, as well as specialpaper and an approximate sketch of the idea - is already something to start our work on a unique craft. Today we will try to consider a master class on creating true flower baskets with New Year's tones for a gift to their close people. As before, we need special material that will help make the craft unique and unique.

  • Prepare Corrugated Paper
  • You should buy candies (preferably round, wrapped)
  • Prepare the organza materials
  • Decorative ribbons for decoration
  • Skewers made of wood or toothpicks
  • Elastic film (shiny)
  • Material foam board
  • Small basket woven
  • Christmas balls for Christmas tree
  • Sprigs of spruce
  • Glue type "thermo"

Preparing the composition New Year composition with candies. Photo №1 The main elements of our future crafts arefrom buds, as well as half-opened roses. Opened roses are made with the help of round candies, preferably with beautiful wrappers. Candy should be fastened to the ends of skewers, using a variant of hot melt for fastening. Take the corrugated paper and make from it a rectangle measuring 15x10 cm. Then, the elements are added according to the shape of the accordion, using 7-8 rows. Scissors need to round out the pieces at the top. Afterwards, the paper needs to be straightened and stretched out slightly on the center of the workpiece with your fingers, so that the product takes the shape of a round object. Then, take harvested swords and sweets, which need to be wrapped in a rectangle of corrugated paper. The winding should be carried out several times, then, fasten with a thread. Then, from paper in the same color cut the petals for the product in the size of 5x10 cm. New Year composition with candies. Photo # 2 They should also be attached to one particlearound the candy, using a string. In order for the New Year's composition of candy to look the same as real, it is necessary to bend the petals in the center, and the upper part should be stretched with a toothpick, by twisting the elements on the outer part. The next thing that will need to be done, as a result of getting the right bouquet of candies - is to cut the stem, and also make a sepal for future flowers. To do this, take corrugated paper in green and prepare two blanks: One is formed in the form of a "fence", the second form in the form of a strip. The sepal must be secured with threads to the base of the work with a thread. In case there is a lot of paper, it needs to be cut off, and the lower part of the rose should be wrapped with adhesive tape, so that the shape of the product design is more durable. The upper part of the stem must be wrapped with a strip of corrugated paper, which we fix with a conventional hot-melt adhesive. The end of the sepals should be treated with a twist. So we will form a rose. In total, five such flowers are required. Bunnies New Year composition with candies. Picture №3 Of course, you can do a lot more of thesecrafts, it all depends on your desire and discretion. After - we form buds to them. You can create a bud in the same way as roses. You just need smaller candies. Ideally, almond candy or hazelnuts will suit. The petals need to be cut and fastened in the same way as the flowers. But, for the construction it is necessary to take not five petals, but not more than three. Then, decorate the sepals with legs using the green shade of the corrugation. The formation of a bouquet will require six such buds from us. After the flowers are finished, it is necessary to address the issue of exterior decoration. We decorate the basket Based on the size of our basket, we prepare our own blanks using polystyrene foam. After, the whole element of the composition will be attached to them. The workpiece must be placed inside the basket and then fixed with hot melt. The top should also be closed with paper and filler, supplement our product with a glossy film. We use organza and toothpicks in order to form bulbs of a three-dimensional kind. This is necessary in order to fill the space that is formed during the work on the structure. New Year composition with candies. Photo №4 Final processing of our work isTo decorate the handle of the basket with a decorative tape. It should have one tone and be similar to the base color of the composition. Thus, our New Year's gift will be completed! Such a bouquet of sweets made with the help of their hands is not only a beautiful hand-made article, but also incredibly tasty. The work uses the basic technology, which provides for the addition of independent design elements depending on your imagination. New Year composition with candies. Photo №5 For this work, you also need to be inspired, and also go shopping to buy all the necessary materials:

  • Take candy to taste
  • Prepare Corrugated Paper
  • Prepare a hot melt tube
  • Prepare skewers, as well as toothpicks as a substitute
  • Threads for the product
  • Ribbon for floristry in the format of "aspidistra"
  • Polisylk
  • Beads
  • Sprigs
  • Ribbons
  • Basket
  • Organza
  • Styrofoam
  • Sisal

Although the choice of sweets is completely left to yourdiscretion, they should be chosen from a roundish type. Ideal is the hazelnut version in chocolate to form beautiful snowdrops. Candies must be secured by glue (hot) to skewers or toothpicks, using one of the tails. We need to fix the loose end with the help of scotch on candy. After, take the white paper from the corrugation in order to cut the necessary shapes of the rectangle. The length goes to three strips of corrugated ribbon and a width of 20 millimeters. New Year composition with candies. Photo №6 Then, make of these rectangles petals. On one rectangle is a variant of one petal. Then, the rectangle must be twisted in the middle by 180 degrees, bend using the torsion line. Then, the halves must be put on each other. Next, you need to give the petal the shape of the convex object, stretching the product with your fingers. Form three lobes around the candy and fix the product with a thread. To decorate the stem of the flower, as well as a bed of flowers, it is necessary to tie them with corrugated paper in a green shade. New Year composition with candies. Photo №7 Preparation of decor for candy colors Next,we prepare the following elements of crafts, which will be included in our composition. It is necessary to take branches of fir or pine to fix them for toothpicks, using a hot-melt element. Then, use the tape aspidistra in order to cut the thin leaves of the craft. These sheets should also be secured with toothpicks and scotch tape. New Year composition with candies. Photo №8 After, in order to decorate the handicraft additionally,it will be necessary to form the filling of the composition. To do this, you will need to take the candy in the form of a bulbous object. With the help of the polysilku it is necessary to wrap the candy and then, to fasten them to the skewer. The knife of the product must be typed.