Hair accessories made in Kansas technique can be a great gift for any holiday

Hair accessories made in Kansas technique can be a great gift for any holiday

Kanzas are not just flowers, but original oneshair clips and jewelry made of fabric. This is a whole art that allows you to create and create stunning products. The technique called "Kanzash" was invented by artisans from Japan. They engaged in the fact that they converted squares from silk fabric into petals with the help of special tongs and rice glue. Then they were attached to a metal base or threaded, thus creating flowers or whole compositions. These flowers were later adorned with crests, hairpins, pins, hairpin, worn with Japanese women in a kimono. In addition, in the technique of Kanzash you can also perform birds and butterflies. But the most common artistic form is still the flowers. Kanzashi is not such a complicated technique, as one would think, looking at the image of the finished products. You can learn basic techniques literally in a day. But the main thing is to show accuracy and imagination. Here, perhaps, and all secret. Kanzashi for beginners, master class. Photo №1 To perform handmade jewelry (hair clips, hoops, jewelry and much more) in the form of flower buds, you will need:

  • Satin tapes of different sizes (the optimal width of the belt varies within the range of 2.5..5 cm);
  • flaps of fabric (crepe-chiffon, satin, organza, silk);
  • Candle or lighter;
  • scissors;
  • threads (silk or kapron);
  • tweezers;
  • Glue "Moment";
  • needle (not thick and long);
  • beautiful metal and plastic accessories, glass beads and beads.

Before starting work, it is necessary in advancethink about or even draw a future piece of jewelry. You need to decide on its color and shape. This will help determine the number of petals that will be needed to work. Beginners can start with simple five-leafed flowers. Do not immediately take on complex models, just because they are very beautiful. In the technique of Kansas, rush is useless. You can quickly get tired and in the end result completely ruin the product. Kanzashi for beginners, master class. Photo # 2 So, how are flowers executed by Kanzash? There are only two kinds of petals: narrow and round. And all the others - this is the author's fantasy and variations on a basic basis. The work begins to create flowers from slicing small squares of cloth or satin ribbons. The size of the future petal depends on the size of the square. The edges of the fabric are caught with a cigarette lighter or a candle (you can cut them off with a special soldering iron at the very beginning). Just swipe the edge quickly along the flame from the side of the cut, so as not to set it on fire. Each petal is performed individually. Take two squares of tissue (for contrast, one is dark, and another of light color) and separately bend diagonally. The resulting triangles are added together. But so that the dark piece a little rose above the light (by 0.3-0.5 cm). The entire structure is held by tweezers. Further, the lateral angles are bent upwards, so that they come together. To hold the mold, you can melt the fabric and quickly squeeze it with tweezers. All layers are immediately glued together. At the obtained diamond (holding it with the place fastened downwards) lateral angles are retracted, and they are connected there together. Now the figure is neatly bent along the vertical axis so that the rear side appears to be inside the structure. The shape of the petal is supported by a pin or tweezers. Now it is necessary to cut the corners with scissors and again lightly submerge the tip of the fabric, thus securing all the layers. The petal is almost ready. It remains only to unfold and give a round or elongated shape. Similar actions are performed with all the petals. When they are ready, you can proceed with their assembly. It is more convenient and easier to combine petals with a needle and thread. In addition, in this way the product is obtained more accurately than when planted on an adhesive basis. Kanzashi for beginners, master class. Picture №3 The base of the flower is a circle thatcut out of paper or cardboard and covered with a cloth, identical in color with the product. Then, the flower and the base are glued to each other with the wrong sides. A flower of a kanzash can be left so or add ornaments from beads or bugles instead of cores, and also to attach curls or leaves. Beginners in the execution of products in the technique of Kansas can be guided by master classes to perform various stages of making jewelry. With the resulting flower, you can make a hair band or hairpin, or use it as an ornament to clothes. Such flowers can be several (in one or several tiers) or a whole bouquet in the frame of openwork weaving of threads or decorating with beads. It should only be a little fantasy. The product made in the technique of "Kanzash" will be the best gift to mom by own hands by March 8, however, as well as to any other holiday.