Christmas decorative Christmas trees made of fabric and thread

Christmas decorative Christmas trees made of fabric and thread

We continue to prepare for the New Year! I found some more ideas of small Christmas trees, with which you can decorate the interior of the room. Even one such Christmas tree on the office table will create the right mood waiting for something fabulous and magical! Each tree is easy and simple to make by yourself. The basis for the craft is a foam cone, floristic foam or cardboard cone. Foam stock can be searched in flower shops, where materials for festive bouquets and floral arrangements are sold. And decorate the cone - the Christmas tree will:

  • woolen thread
  • felt circles
  • cloth with ribbons, laces and beads

Decorative Christmas tree of woolen yarn or rope

decorative Christmas trees made of woolen yarn I really like these trees: Soft, pleasant to the touch, creating an atmosphere of coziness and warmth, quickly and simply making their own hands. You can easily create a whole decorative forest on a shelf or give it to friends as gifts. We need:

  • cones of foam or cardboard;
  • a couple of coils of woolen yarn or rope, can be of different colors, thickness and texture;
  • pins or glue;
  • all sorts of decorative things for decorating the Christmas tree - beads, balls, asterisks, etc .;

We begin the work with the base of the cone. Pin fix the beginning of the yarn, wrap it around the cone in the direction up. Instead of pins, you can use glue. We continue to wind the cone with yarn or rope. Pins need to be fixed only the starting bottom row and the last one on the top, in the middle to use pins is not necessary. After the whole surface of the Christmas tree is wrapped, and the yarn is securely fastened, you can start decorating with beads, balls, miniature garlands and what only the soul will wish for!

Herringbone with felt circles

Christmas trees made of fabric This herringbone is covered as if by scales (or tiles, to whom that is closer). For work you will need:

  • all the same cones of foam or cardboard;
  • a piece of dense fabric, for example, felt or felt;
  • Pins;

Use a small round object as a template for parts, for example, a lid or a candle-tablet. Circle it on the fabric, and then cut out all the rods. The shape does not have to be round, the details can be in the form of petals, asterisks, triangles. With the help of ordinary pins, we puncture the scales on the cone, each covering a little the next one, and the upper one - the lower one. Use multi-colored flaps, decorate with beads and ribbons - and certainly enjoy your work!

Christmas tree made of fabric with ribbons and laces

decorative Christmas trees made of fabric Cheerful, bright and gently-girlish festive trees can decorate all the horizontal surfaces in the apartment. For work you will need:

  • cones of foam or cardboard;
  • flaps of any fabric of various colors, patterns and textures;
  • pins, thread with a needle or glue;
  • satin ribbons, laces, buttons, bells - all for ornamental decoration of the Christmas tree;
  • without a fine mood, do not even go for handicrafts

Cut out the fabric for the herringbone stock. The pattern of each layer is approximately the following: A very beautiful result gives the use of tissuein a single color scheme, but in different shades, from the dark down to the light at the top of the tree. But this is optional! Try combining monophonic neutral or bright flaps, layers of peas, a box or flower, woolen, cotton, silk or linen fabrics. We start again from the base of the cone. The first layer is wrapped so that the edge of the strip of tissue protrudes beyond the cone by a centimeter - one and a half. We cut out such denticles with scissors so that they easily cover the bottom of the cone. For fixing we use hot glue or pins. Each next layer of a different color is glued higher and so that it overlaps a little bit lower. We sew on top of the fabric, we sew or glue tapes, wide laces, beads and other decorative elements. The Christmas trees are ready!