Decoupage of the New Year's candlestick: a master class for beginners

Decoupage of the New Year's candlestick: a master class for beginners

Master class decoupage New Year's candlestick Master class decoupage New Year's candlestick. Photo №1 In anticipation of the New Year holiday, millionschildren around the world expect gifts, and adults are bought in stores and are trying to fully involve their children in the atmosphere of the holiday. A real woman knows how to make a holiday for her family truly atmospheric. To do this, you need to properly decorate the house. This master class is suitable for those who want to cope with this task and decorate their apartment for New Year and Christmas holidays. In addition, this option is perfect for those who want to realize their skills and at the same time, make a gift to a loved one. Did you know that using an ordinary glass glass, you can create a real miracle for the holiday atmosphere? Using items for decoupage, we will remake the glass in a real candlestick. In technology - painting on the contour and working with napkins!

What do you need?

  • Glass
  • Napkin (New Year's motif), preferably a composition equal to the size of the glass
  • Paint white, blue (acrylic)
  • PVA-adhesive
  • Varnish (acrylic)
  • Contours for glass, silver, black (acrylic)
  • Paper (emery)
  • Brushes
  • Scissors

So, we carry out the process of degreasing the glass. This can be done with the help of ordinary alcohol, acetone or a special agent. The glass should be cleaned with a substance from the inside outside. Then, mix white acrylic paint and PVA glue in a one to one ratio. Then, we make a primer of our material with the help of a sponge or a brush. Simply apply the paint to the outside of the glass. Then, after your product has dried out, it is necessary to apply a second coat of primer, so that the material has lost any of the translucence properties. In addition, our coating will become smooth, which will be incredibly important in processing the material.

Work composition

After that, we take the workpiece with a napkin andcut out the necessary composition for work. Considering that the paint is white, the motive should coincide with the overall picture. To do this, remove the white layers of paper (two of them) and gently stick our product on the glass. It is desirable to process the workpiece element with a conventional brush. This is necessary in order to get rid of various elements of folds or pimples that can arise in the process of drawing the picture to the product. After the product has dried, it is necessary to take a paper-nazhdachku and walk on the product to remove the folds that are formed on it.

Drawing elements

Master class decoupage New Year's candlestick. Photo # 2 Now, take the brush and dab it withwhite paint. Draw the elements of snow. The brush should be held vertically, and the snow should be made so that it expresses itself, but does not pay attention to itself. Light touch with a brush - and everything is ready. Then, we shade the paint to recreate the elements of the air snow. In the same way, you need to paint a blue background on the contour around the motif. If you use blue paint, you need to draw a few times, so that the layers are fixed. After the product dries, begin to apply a varnish. You need to do this several times to fix it. With the help of a black outline, we recreate the eyes and spouts of our fairy-tale characters. Using a silvery color, make out the snow or other white objects, in its own discretion. The product is ready! Now it remains to take the candle and put it inside our elegant glass. This can be a great gift or a product for the house on New Year's Day!