Decoupage a watering can with a cloth (photo and video)

Decoupage a watering can with a cloth (photo and video)


Watering the flowers on your window sill or in the gardenin the country, this is a very boring job. Especially if you are holding in your hand a simple metal watering can. All people tend to beauty, and you are no exception, if you try to decorate the watering ornaments in decoupage technique. Therefore, to turn an ordinary watering can in the artwork.
Master class with step by step photos, whichdemonstrates how to create decoupage watering, will not be alone. Once you can learn to do decoupage flower pots that perfectly converts any windowsill.

Decorate garden watering

First of all, creating a decoupage watering, you need to prepare all the necessary equipment, which can be easily purchased in a specialty store, such as:

  • watering without pattern;
  • napkin with a beautiful pattern;
  • brush;
  • acrylic paints;
  • PVA;
  • nail acrylic;
  • solvent.

First of all, you should prepare a funnel to decoupage. Wash it under running water and alcohol degrease. And, for that matter, can approach means nail polish remover or washing windows.

Leica should be primed with acrylic white color. Do not be lazy, do two layers of it, the effect will be better.

Your watering will look much more interesting,if you create the effect of antiquity. In this case, apply a brush bitumen varnish where joints are located, as well as some hard to reach areas. Half an hour wait until dry. Dampen a sponge in a solvent and walk through the places where the paint was applied. In the end, it turns out kind of old things.

The next phase, which will continue the workshop,It will have a choice napkins. To work needed only a top layer that you exfoliate. Select one image that is very suitable for watering, and cut it out without making straight lines.

Dilute PVA glue with a little water and apply the solution, first on the drawing, and then on the rest area watering.

After you have made all the movements carefully, dry watering. To expedite the process, connect the hair and send it to the workpiece.

The latest and final phase of themaster class, this coating heads, several layers of acrylic varnish. All you need to put about five tiers of varnish, making the breaks between drying. Each tier, dry for 1.5 hours. Look at the photo, decoupage watering, was a success.

Video: We decorate the watering can with his hands

Stylish Flower Pot

When does summer begincolorful flowers fade. And only, indoor plants, we are always pleased with their flowering and fragrance. Every housewife wants pot for her favorite, she was the most beautiful and original, and most importantly, fit the interior. On the shelves of the store, do not always have those exhibits that appeal, therefore, offer you to make your own hands, decoupage flower pots with a cloth. To do this, you need this hardware:

  • pots of plastic or ceramic;
  • priming;
  • white paint of acrylic;
  • napkins;
  • decoupage glue;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • glitter;
  • sandpaper;
  • brush;
  • sponge.

The first thing you need shkurit selected pot andthen wiping it off, apply a primer to the outside and a little from the inside. Allow time to dry, and then paint it with acrylic paint light color and let dry.

Select the image on a napkin and accurate movements pry the basic background of the picture, separating its white layers.

Using a brush, glue cloth on the pot with abundant layer of adhesive. But do not let the fact that the adhesive is flowed as shown in the photo. Dry pots with napkins.

Using acrylic paints, suitable colors, finish a background image. Mix colors and apply a washcloth jerky movements. Give time to dry.

In order to give a hand-made article gloss effect, take the golden glitter, which is sold in a tube. Draw them patterns or inscriptions, as in the photo.

In the end, apply several layers of varnish,taking breaks between drying. To the surface of the product, the material was smooth to the touch, walk on it, lightly sandpaper. Look at the photo, turned decoupage flower pots with autumn motif.

And lastly, this workshop will givea little advice. For those who are just starting their first steps in decoupage, we recommend to the moment do podrisovki background, put on a layer of lacquer crafts. In this case, you can remove the paint if you do not like the result.

Video: Decoupage flowerpot