Decoupage battery heating with their own hands (photo and video)

Decoupage battery heating with their own hands (photo and video)


If translated literally from Frenchdecoupage technique, it will mean such action as cut. Drawing inferences, we can confidently say that the decoupage, it is almost the same as the application of different materials. This interesting technique like decoupage, aims to decorate their hands a variety of items.
At this point, decoupage paste all kinds of images or swipe, all sorts of surfaces and plane, and then cover them with lacquer. She also, painting the walls and ceilings indoors.
This article will be considered a method of applying decoupage on metal objects, rather decoupage on metal, with interesting tips and step by step photos for beginners.

Technique coating of metal surfaces

Before you start decorating with the help ofdecoupage technique on the metal surface, it is necessary to know how to handle the plane. First of all, creating decoupage, metal, should be subject to sand and wipe it means rust and then apply primer and latex paint. Only after such manipulation, painted products with acrylic paint. If you want to get the effect of cracks, add acrylic, little PVA glue. Then, as your hack will dry up, it will be formed on the cracks. At the end of the work, the entire surface of your products, revealed not one layer of lacquer.
There is another way of decoupage metal. Crafts covered with soil, and then sanded it and continue dressing as described hereinabove. If you use a primer, which is made on the basis of plaster, paint can save a little. For iron objects still use the car paint in small cans. It is convenient to apply and falls even layer, and dries quickly.

Decor heating battery

Basically, in our apartments, heatingBatteries are a little aesthetic appearance. Of course, you can make repairs and replace all metal surfaces with your hands on more modern radiators, which have beautiful skin. Since such work is a costly and time-consuming, you can get out of this situation, with the help of battery decoupage.

This work, like decoupage on metal is nottoo complicated, but take your patience and hard work. In this article, the master class will be offered, which is designed for the novice masters. Here is a list of materials that will be useful during operation:

  • decoupage card;
  • glue;
  • paint acrylic;
  • decoupage lacquer;
  • Enamel light shade;
  • sandpaper;
  • brush.

The first phase of decoupage battery, which recommendsmake a master class, it is good to wash the battery, and then make them otshkurivanie. Do not attempt to remove the entire layer of paint, try to just make a smooth surface.

Clean the battery once again with their hands and waitits drying. Now, start painting with white enamel battery as shown in the photo. At this time, you need to open windows and balcony, as this has a strong smell of paint.

In time, when will dry your batteries, you need to cook decoupage card. Measure the size of the battery and raschertite image you want to cut.

Glue figure so that it was located at the center of the battery, as in the photo.

PVA glue dilutes the necessary quantity of water. This is done to ensure that it is correct to lay on decoupage paper.

Look at the photo battery decoupage, your picture should be pasted in exactly the same way.

The top and bottom panels, paint the selectedshades of acrylic paint. If your artistic ability, is very well developed, you can continue the image on the map. After complete drying of the metal, the battery cover varnish, preferably more than once, making the gaps between the drying. This workshop is completely finished, look at the picture, which turned out beautiful.

As you have noticed, decoupage on metal, as well asBattery decoupage, very entertaining hobby. Especially when it comes to interior transformation. Using the master class, which shows the decoupage technique, you can decorate not only batteries, but also pieces of furniture and doors. Watch the video, which shows the decoupage lessons for beginners. Not necessarily just to take time-consuming option. Enough to try this style on any small object, to understand how this technique works.
Skilled workers who are not first-time usersdecoupage method, will not be able to switch to other types of needlework and exchange too. Since such a hobby can turn into a stable monthly income, which also brings pleasure. You should carefully learn the whole procedure of applying Decoupage pattern and love their job.

Video: Decoupage battery