Decoupage bottles with conventional napkins can be done with their own hands very easily and quickly

Decoupage bottles with conventional napkins can be done with their own hands very easily and quickly

Decoupage bottles with regular napkins - occupation,accessible to all. It does not require any work skills or special knowledge. Enough desire and imagination. The work will require the simplest materials and very little effort. The result is sure to please both you and the people around you. Practically each of us in the house has empty bottles from under alcoholic drinks or other food products, for example, from under an olive oil of the interesting form. Perhaps someone received a gift in a gift in a beautiful container, which we feel sorry for throwing. Why not give such a container a second life. This is what we will do. As materials for decoration we will take the usual napkins and other simple components. Decoupage bottles with normal napkins. Photo №1 So, to begin work on decorating, and we will do decoupage by direct method and reverse, we need to take:

  • a glass bottle with sides that do not have ribs, smooth;
  • glue PVA not diluted;
  • napkins, with different drawings on them, but that the images were related to the same subject matter;
  • one part of a regular file;
  • eggshell;
  • Scotch tape (plain, paper);
  • white paint, acrylic, as well as other shades. It all depends on the image on the napkins;
  • brush;
  • foam sponge.

To get started, we need to startprepare the bottle itself. We carry out this procedure in any case, no matter what way of decoupling the bottle is chosen. And the decubage of bottles with ordinary napkins is not an exception to the general rules. We need to first clean the surface of the stickers. It is better to soak a bottle in water, then they are faster and easier to take off. If glue remains on the surface, wash it off using white spirit or any other solvent. After the bottle is cleaned and dry, it must be degreased. To this end, you can use ordinary alcohol, acetone and even a liquid for washing glasses, which includes alcohol. At the end of the preparatory phase, you can proceed directly to the most decoupage. Considering the moment that we will do the decor, so-called, way of reverse decoupage, on both sides of the bottle we leave the windows, through which it will be possible to see the image. Now you need to take the pre-selected napkin and see where we glue the image. The drawing must be selected in such a way that it can be clearly seen when looking at the left window. After the image is selected, we need to glue it to the surface of the bottle. We will stick it in an interesting way - with the help of one half of the file. Since decoupage we have the opposite, then the picture placed on the file will be sent face to the master, to us. After that we need to pour water on a napkin. Water will require so many that it does not just cover the napkin, and the napkin should practically float in the water. At this time, we will get rid of any irregularities and folds that appeared on the surface of the napkin. You need to do this very carefully, because the napkins are very gentle material, which can easily be rendered unfit. To remove excess water, we will lightly file the file off the table. In this way, we let the water drain. That part of the surface on which we planned to draw a picture, we will well miss with PVA glue (it is unnecessary to plant it). We carefully apply the file along with the pattern to the surface glued with glue and gently smoothen it. The bottle should not have any unevenness. We leave this part with a napkin to dry it. While the napkin is drying up, we will take a paper tape and glue them with windows designed to view the image. We carry out this action in order to avoid staining the window during the work (during painting). After the surface with the pattern is completely dry, we will paint the entire bottle with white acrylic paint. We make the first layer with a normal brush. After that, we work with foam sponge. Thus, we will give the surface relief, texture. While the white paint on the bottle dries, we prepare the paint of a different color. It must either match the image gamut, or be absolutely contrast. Therefore, we choose the color based on our drawing. Do not be afraid to experiment. Mix the paint until you get the shade you want. After that, we cover the entire bottle with the resulting paint. We will do this on the same principle as before, with white paint. The first layer is applied with a brush, the second is applied with a foam sponge to create a relief. You can play with color. Some areas are covered, for example, with a color that has a darker shade. Also, you can paste other pictures on the sides of the bottle, but only those that coincide with the theme of the main image. These parts are much easier to apply. It is enough to use a brush and glue. These elements can be decorated by overlaying them with an egg craquelure. This is a shell fragments from the eggs, which we wake up gluing, all the same, on glue (we use PVA glue), but it needs a little more to make the decor not disappear. First glue is applied to the surface, then pieces of shell are pasted onto it. You can place them any way you want, in any order. After that, we will cover the patch of shell with a layer of paint in the tone of the main background of the product. We add, also, a small number of spots darker. The neck of the neck of the bottle and the lid we paint in a darker color. After the work is finished, remove the adhesive tape pasted. Decoupage bottles with regular napkins is completed. Decoupage bottles with normal napkins. Photo # 2 A beautiful product is ready. We have no longer unnecessary old bottle, but a beautiful container for drinks and just an exclusive element of decor for an apartment or house. By the same principle, we can issue and a filled bottle, which will be a wonderful gift. Decoupage bottles with normal napkins. Picture №3 The principle of performance of work remains in thiscase the same. To begin with, we prepare the bottle, remove the labels and degrease its entire surface. To the neck, and, consequently, and inside the container with the contents did not hit the used paint, we'll close it, using the scotch tape. On the entire surface of the bottle, we will carefully apply the paint from the spray can (aerosol) of white color. Now let's take the napkins. We will only be glued to the layer on which, directly, the picture is located. Cut out accurately the image and paste on the necessary areas with a brush and glue PVA. We leave to dry the napkin. In case of tearing it, the image should be tinted with acrylic paints. If you have a desire, you can easily supplement the decor of the product with different threads. Cut lengths of thread, the length of which is from fifteen to twenty centimeters, accurately glued in the form of a pattern on the side opposite to the picture of the bottle, where it is not. The threads are pre-soaked in water, and then they should be well soaked in the glue. We will spread the drawing with the help of usual toothpicks. Then leave the drawings until completely dry. You can add decorative points. For this we need a regular syringe and putty. We wait while all elements of the decor dry up. After that, we cover the product with acrylic transparent varnish. Lacquer coating is not done in one layer, but in several. Each previous layer should dry before applying the next one. After the bottle is dry, it is ready. Now it can be used as a gift. Decoupage bottles with normal napkins. Photo №4