Decoupage bottles for Valentine's Day - a great way to please your loved one

Decoupage bottles for Valentine's Day - a great way to please your loved one

Decoupling bottles for Valentine's Dayallows you to make a romantic dinner with your loved one special. Agree that on this day you want something special, so that the holiday will be remembered for a long time. A beautiful bottle of champagne, decorated with his own hands, will become a part of the gift and an excellent decoration of the table. The process is not complicated. You can easily cope with the work. It does not take much time and effort. Enough desire and imagination. But after all, happy eyes and a happy smile of a loved one are worth it. St. Valentine's Day is an international day for all lovers. They celebrate it on February 14 in many countries around the world. Its name was given in honor of Christian martyrs - Valentin Interamnsky and Valentin Rimsky. This day is a great occasion to admit once again your feelings to your loved one and make him feel good. As a sign of attention, anything can act. For example, a gift, a romantic dinner for two, a trip to a restaurant, a theater, a movie and so on. But I know which gift exactly will not go unnoticed. This is a romantic dinner with a bottle of champagne, but not simple, but zadekorirovannoy your pens. Decor can be the most diverse, the main thing is that the theme corresponds to the event. In this article, you will find just one of the options for decoupling bottles with champagne. Decoupage bottles for Valentine's Day. Photo №1 For work you will need:

  • a bottle of champagne;
  • scraper and a simple clerical knife (these construction tools and if you can not find them at home, then buy them at any specialized store);
  • detergent for dishes (at your discretion);
  • Cotton wool;
  • ethanol;
  • a sponge;
  • any paint is white;
  • brush; 2 sheets of freedecor material;
  • building varnish;
  • tape.

Decoupage bottles for Valentine's Day. Photo # 2 So, let's get to work. After you have decided on the choice of champagne, take the bottle and leave it for 2 hours in warm water. At the moment when you decide to continue working, there should not already be any labels, they should have come unstuck by that time. It is necessary to clean the bottle with a scraper and wash it with a detergent in order to get rid of the glue residues. Dry the bottle. Degrease the surface. To do this, you just need to moisten the cotton pad in ethyl alcohol and wipe the bottle. Trim all the foil, leaving it only on the cork. So it will be much more convenient, and the cork is securely hidden, there is also one more point - the bottle looks aesthetically attractive. After that, we start painting the bottle with champagne in white. Apply the paint in two to three layers. The most important thing is that the bottle is smooth and uniform in color, in principle, it is so. Decoupage bottles for Valentine's Day. Picture №3 After applying each coat of paint must passnot less than ten minutes for drying, only after that you can proceed to the next layer. Then cover the surface of the bottle with the usual building lacquer, let it dry. Decoupage bottles for Valentine's Day. Photo №4 Since the holiday, which we all are waiting withlook, Valentine's Day, then the scenery should be selected appropriate. In our case, all known pictures of "Love is" are black and white. You can find on the Internet any pictures you like with any thematic images, print on the freedecor material on a conventional laser printer. Cut out all the pictures and put it in front of you. After you have cut out, dip them into warm water for a few seconds and gently glue the film with the image onto the bottle. Blot with a cloth to make sure there are no bubbles. Glue is not needed at all, because this material already has its own glue base. This makes the job much easier. To glue pictures back-to-back or with indentations, chaotically or evenly - it does not matter, decide for yourself. It's very simple, for all you spend from five to ten minutes of your time, no more. After the work done, cover the bottle with the same construction varnish in one more layer. If you bottle seems shaky - not scary. If desired, you can search the Internet for a variety of inscriptions in the subject of the upcoming holiday, for example, red. With them, repeat all the same work. To begin with, they must be cut out, soaked in a vessel with warm water, when the film starts to move away from the base, shifts the inscription and glues to the surface of the bottle. Do not forget to get wet with a cloth. After that, cover the bottle again with varnish. Tie the tape at the joint with the foil. Decoupage bottles for Valentine's Day has been successfully completed. Decoupage bottles for Valentine's Day. Photo №5 The product can be considered ready. It turned out very interesting and festive bottle. I can say with confidence that your loved one will appreciate all the efforts to their true worth.