Decoupage of bottles with champagne for the New Year - a pleasant, useful and easy exercise

Decoupage of bottles with champagne for the New Year - a pleasant, useful and easy exercise

Decoupage of bottles with champagne for the New Year - veryan interesting and enjoyable activity. It is easy to do at home using simple, familiar materials. Anyone can do this kind of decorations with his hands, because no special skills or knowledge will be required here. Only assiduity and imagination. In this article we will tell you about the materials and the procedure for performing the decoupage technique. Time flies very quickly and not far off the most fun and fabulous winter days, distinguished by a special atmosphere of kindness, magic and magic. We are talking about New Year's holidays. Everyone, no matter whether small is a child or an adult, awaits them with impatience, prepares for them in advance. Gifts are bought to relatives and relatives, necessary attributes are prepared, outfits are selected. These efforts are very pleasant and overwhelming. One of the indispensable components of this wonderful holiday is a magical sparkling drink - champagne. It is always on the New Year's table and is an actual gift. Given that the New Year theme is special, we can make the beverage itself special, or rather the bottle in which it is located. Just like a bottle of champagne, we can also decorate a container with any other drink. We can do this in the technique of decoupage, known from ancient times. Decoupage of bottles with champagne for the New Year can be done in any way, including combined. The creation of such a masterpiece does not require much effort. From this article you can learn how to decorate a bottle, correctly and quickly enough, working in the technique of decoupage. Decoupage of bottles with champagne for the New Year. Photo №1 To perform decor we will need such materials:

  • a three-layer napkin with a beautiful pattern, executed in the New Year or Christmas theme;
  • priming;
  • Acrylic colors of various colors, which should be selected in accordance with the color scheme of the figure;
  • transparent varnish (we use acrylic);
  • PVA glue;
  • a container for diluting the glue;
  • alcohol, acetone and whether any other degreaser.

To begin with, we will clean the bottles from the labels,labels and excise stamps. To make this easier, the bottle should be soaked in water beforehand. After drying, a cleaned bottle with a drink, we degrease with alcohol, acetone or other means containing these components. The surface must be treated in such a way that fingerprints do not remain on it. On the clean and low-fat surface of the bottle, we will apply the primer (apply acrylic). The primer should be spread evenly, so that the coating is uniform. When the first layer dries, apply another layer of the same primer. While the second layer dries, we will prepare a drawing. Take the previously selected napkin and divide it - its lower layer we separate from the middle and upper layers. If we do not need the whole composition depicted on a napkin, but only its fragment, gently tear off the part we need (do not use scissors). A napkin with a picture on it must be attached to the bottle. It is applied face to the surface of the container. Pre-it must be moistened in water, so that it sticks well. Carefully straightened, eliminating possible irregularities and wrinkles. After that, immediately cover with a glue mixture consisting of water-diluted PVA glue. The ratio of water and glue should be one to one. Now leave the bottle with a pasted on the napkin for complete drying. If you want to speed up the drying process, use a conventional hair dryer. Decoupage of bottles with champagne for the New Year. Photo # 2 Recommendation. The napkin is a very delicate material that easily breaks. To avoid undesirable moments, we can pre-treat it with hair spray, and then postpone it for a while. When the napkin is completely dried, we can shade some areas of the pattern. This is not necessary, but so any drawing, for example, balls, herringbone and so on will be more voluminous and attractive. For this we use acrylic finger paints. We need a separate image several times around the contour. Draw carefully. Recommendation. For the New Year's decoupage of bottles, it is desirable to take paints containing glitter. In this case, the product will turn out to be very bright, beautiful, saturated and will not only be a wonderful addition to the festive table, but also an excellent gift to relatives. Decoupage of bottles with champagne for the New Year. Picture №3 Again, we leave the bottle in order that itcompletely dried up. By and large we have made the bulk of the work and our product is almost ready. Until full readiness, we need to make the decor of those places that are not filled with the main image. For this we can cover the surface with paint, the color of which is combined with the color of the drawing itself. When the paint is completely dry, we can add some more decor. For this we are ideally suited, for example, crystal paste. It will be an excellent imitation of sparkling snow. To make the picture come to life, you can select its individual sections with a contour or glitter. This stage, like all the previous ones, ends with drying out. The final touch was left, namely, the coating of the product with a clear varnish. We need to do this in several layers. It is recommended to apply six, if not more layers. Recommendation. If you do not want the paint from the background of the bottle to get on the image, the first coat of varnish begins to be applied to the drawing, and then only to the rest of the bottle. The following layers can be applied as you will be easier and easier. Our festive bottle is ready. you can add to it a little decor in the form of colored ribbons, shiny threads, Christmas balls and so on. Decoupage of bottles with champagne for the New Year. Photo №4 From this article, you learned how to do it right.decoupage bottles for the new year. The photos show the options for the New Year's decoupage of bottles. Ideas you can easily use in your work. Agree, such a product can not leave anyone indifferent. Your relatives will be pleasantly surprised by such a gift, especially since in the future the bottle will be an excellent decoration of any interior.