Decoupage bottles in different variants (photo)

Decoupage bottles in different variants (photo)


Now, most handy people addicteddecoupage, namely, decorate various items of paper applique. And, to be more precise, the jewelry made from special decoupage napkins, which are sold in a wide range on the shelves of specialty stores dedicated to crafts. Decoupage technique, made many things out of wood, metal and plastic. However, the most popular, is considered decoupage glass, rather decoupage bottles.
Each family, there is always emptyglass containers, cans an example for bulk products intended to be discarded in the trash, from prescription use. Do not rush to do so with his hands. You can try to convert, it is not the right thing, in an interesting vase, which, in future, to complement your interior, for example in a maritime style. Especially when the author's ideas, much more appreciated than a factory decoupage on glass.

Decoration to be used not only to bottles of alcohol, but also other glass objects that have lost their appearance. Decoupage vases, will be very relevant.

Bottle to the Women's Day

If you do not know how to do decoupage on glasson a bottle of champagne for the holiday eighth of March, then presented a master class and the instruction, tells the story of how to decorate and create a decoupage bottles with their own hands.
Prepare a bottle of champagne to wash it alllabels. Next, degrease it with alcohol or liquid for washing windows. Now, you should paint the bottle, bright acrylic paint in several layers as shown in the photo.

From which you can make the top eight for the holiday eighth of March. Cut out the circles and make them in pairs.

Take a paint based on acrylic, mix them,to get gentle shade salad color. Thus, we do not a traditional background bottle. Apply a paint with a sponge over the entire surface of the product. Bottle received a beautiful spring color as shown in the photo.

Now we do a normal decoupage for beginners. Attach to the bottle cut out circles of wipes and anoint them decoupage glue. Once the glue dries, it can be assumed that the workshop is over, but that's not all. It is necessary to decorate the ornament or glitter acrylic contour by circling them around images, as shown in the photo.

In the center of the bottle, the inscription of the eighthin March, it will come in handy. When the green glitter is dry, it will be beautiful sparkle. Cover all the work done with acrylic lacquer, which will give an incredible shine. Now, celebratory bottle of champagne ready to decorate the table on March 8. In the video you can see how to make decoupage vase.

Video: Decoupage glass vase

Decorate bottle eggshell

Technology decoupage bottles, decorated eggshell, you can safely give your friends or loved ones. Since such work is original and looks beautiful, acquiring volumetric appearance. For work you need the following accessories:

  • Wine packaging;
  • alcohol;
  • eggshell;
  • napkin, decoupage glue and brush;
  • priming.

Good wash bottle under a stream of warm water to remove the label easily by hand. Then, the entire surface is degreased with alcohol or a liquid detergent.

For soil is perfectly acrylic paint. Apply it on the bottle, using a kitchen sponge for dishes. Leave the product on the small amount of time for drying, as shown in the photo.

To coat looked more smoothly, apply another tier of paint, as shown in the photo. Using a sponge, help get rid of the divorce. At this time, drying will take about 30 minutes time.

And at this time, you must keep a master classegg shell and begin to cut out pictures from napkins to decoupage style. Put pictures on the stationery file and dab with water. Scrupulous movements, place it on the main part of the bottle. The following manipulations are in the same vein, as well as for beginners, using glue and brush. Harvesting is to dry up one day.

Decoupage egg shell starts withproducing the base material. Rinse the shells under water and pat dry. Promazhte glue the whole bottle and tweezers plane lay in the image mosaic, shell. Ornament eggshell will be on two sides, and in fact, the top and bottom of the bottle. After a break of 20 minutes, apply the background paint. This decoupage becomes voluminous look.

The last step is toformed sections with eggshell paint a darker shade and lacquering. Now, decoupage on glass, made entirely his own. How to Do a Reverse decoupage on glass, in an interesting style, you can see on the video.

Video: Making a reverse decoupage bottle

Wedding champagne bottle

Wedding attributes are always given specialAttention. This is true even of wedding goblets and champagne. Decoupage a bottle of champagne for the wedding, you can create your own. Example, who presented a master class with step by step photos, perfect for beginners, using postcards or pictures. Prepare these materials:

  • champagne;
  • pictures or postcards;
  • Lacquer based on acrylic;
  • acrylic;
  • loofah.

Remove all labels from glass bottles,soak it in water. Then, an alcohol degreased surface. Ground color product. Master class involves the use of cards. Cover it with acrylic varnish and dry. Now, remove the upper tier of the paper and cut out the appropriate motif.

Bottle smeared with glue and applied on top of selected images. Neat movements flatten drawing, to avoid bubbles and folds.
It is necessary to dilute the paint, which, according to youropinion, the right color bottle. Brush Draw a darker path. Foam loofah lower in light tone paint and make you haze, smoothing the edges of the image.

Now, there is only sketch veinssilver color, using an old brush and draw the part. The final touch is varnished all champagne plane. Decoupage a bottle of champagne for the wedding, well done. This hack, beautifully decorate wedding tables. Master class how to make decoupage bottles cloth, look for submitted videos.

Video: Decor bottles cloth

Bottle Design tights

In order to realize such an interesting and surroundmaster class, and create a decoupage glass stockings, here are a list of required material: bottle craquelure, alcohol, tights, PVA glue, acrylic paint and napkins, as well as
, Cleansers and paint based on acrylic.
Take the bottle and make it degreasing,using alcohol. Take nylon tights and dip them completely in the adhesive solution. Then, pull them to the object that is decorated, and form creases. Wipes impregnated with glue, too, are necessary to make flowers. Time for drying is one or two days.

Thereafter, the product is covered with black paintacrylic based. Left to dry for a while. Pick a favorite motif of the picture and put it on the bottle, covering the multiple adhesive layers. Do not forget to take breaks between the layers.

Wait until dry, and easily apply a washclothgolden acrylic paint, painting over black. Next, apply craquelure synthetic brush, and after four hours, the second layer is adjusted. When held for two hours, and you will see how craquelure turns into cracks. Using bitumen patina, do crafts aging effect, erasing crack. The final touch, which can be seen after the use of craquelure, this application of acrylic lacquer, to secure creative work.

Decoupage of toilet paper

Decoupage on glass toilet paper, starting from the preparation of fittings:

  • bottles or cans for bulk products;
  • toilet paper;
  • acrylic based paints;
  • napkins;
  • glossy lacquer;
  • scissors;
  • brush, PVA glue and cleansers.

Prepare the bottle, and if you want, you canuse multiple cans, pre-wiping it with alcohol. Cut from the cloth suitable miniatures. Out of toilet paper cut out small squares. For applying the adhesive to the paper, a thin brush is required. Now, apply evenly cutting the bottle, as shown in the photo. We leave it to dry.

Toilet paper is very thin, so we paint it with acrylic paint in white. Large images are pasted in the center of the bottle, and small cap on.

After all thoroughly dry, cover the whole of the bottle bright acrylic paint blue. The next step is painting golden color, with the application of it on the washcloth.

Twist of napkins, thin strands and color themgolden color. When they are dry, it is necessary to make them decorative and sticking on the bottle. Thereafter, the entire surface is coated with varnish. Decoupage glass bottles, safely made their own hands, toilet paper.

Craquelure bottle in Decoupage

The next workshop for beginners will teachcraquelure used to work on crafts. We launder all tags to bottles and degreasing it with alcohol or nail polish remover. Gruntuem containers white.

Now, need toilet paper, which weWe will decorate the bottle. Soak the paper in the glue and attach to the bottle, making small folds. Making such a procedure is necessary to very quickly. After that, the hack will get surround view. Tear of decoupage card suitable motif and stick it on the PVA glue. The photo shows the result. Leave the bottle to approximately 6 hours to dry.

Take paint acrylic color such asIt is shown in the photo. Apply it to the surface, not on the whole and the parts to craquelure turned out spectacular. Apply the craquelure and wait about two hours. Then, cover the product bright acrylic paint. Fill those meta where is toilet paper, also in white.

After drying, the bottle is covered with finishingvarnish, as demonstrated in the photo. Volume master class on it, ended. If you want to learn how to do a reverse decoupage decoupage on glass bottles or towels, we suggest you review the video, which shows the work of a bottle in a nautical style.

As you could see, and instructionMaster class on decoupage bottles and jars for bulk goods is simple and interesting. It is understandable, even for beginners. A variety of workshops and even surround, give flight to your imagination.

Video: Decoupage Bottle