Decoupage of a cabinet for the house by own hands: furnish, restoration and decoupage

Decoupage of a cabinet for the house by own hands: furnish, restoration and decoupage

Sometimes the time comes when we have toto solve the problems connected with repairing or throwing out old furniture. The new interior is already thought out, and this closet, well, does not fit into the overall interior design of the future house. Restoration and decoupage of a home cabinet Decoupage cabinet for home. Photo №1 But, I do not want to throw it out, and because wethink over new options, through which it will be possible to improve and realize the appearance of our object. But. First of all, it is necessary to evaluate how good the furniture is in front of you. If this is a Chinese hand-made article of the market, which is made of plastic and sawdust press - work is not worth it. If an old, but high-quality cabinet made of good wood - it is possible to process the material and proceed to its decoupage - the design of the exterior, which will be suitable for interior design. In this article, we will look at popular options for upgrading the old cabinet. First of all, be guided by the color design of your interior. It is the shades for paint and specialized accessories that will help you realize the necessary design.

Special materials

Decoupage cabinet for home. Photo # 2 For high-quality finishing of the cabinet you need:

  • Use a sanding machine or a sandpaper
  • Screwdriver or screwdriver
  • Putty and spatula
  • Roller for painting
  • Brush for work
  • Glue (carpentry)
  • Self-tapping screws

In order to process the cabinet, you will need this:

  • Putty for wood
  • Composition of the primer
  • Enamel (automotive), metallic and black (for the design of the article)
  • Scotch tape (Painter, tape assembly)
  • Element of lacquer
  • Glass mirror for cabinet size

Check of serviceability

Decoupage cabinet for home. Picture №3 Before working on the design of ourcabinet, you need to check each loop, as well as nails on the product, to completely get rid of all the defects and old problems of the cabinet. This is important in order to return the product to its previous appearance. Nails can also be replaced with screws. New fasteners can also be secured with glue, which for a long time will keep the structure of your furniture. Also, rust should be removed using solutions.

Cabinet processing

Decoupage cabinet for home. Photo №4 Further, it is necessary to clean the varnish coating whenhelp sandpaper, or using a grinder. Antiseptic wipe all the elements of the door to protect against various fungi. Then, it is necessary to clean off the varnish coating with a paper-sandpaper. Next, you need to consider the cabinet for the presence of various damages. Complex dents and chips should be primed, and then, to seal with a putty. Apply the putty with several layers. Everyone must dry out the proper amount before the next one. One thick layer will create the "swelling effect, which will create a fragile structure and eventually crack. Minor elements of defects can be removed with the help of nazhdachki and simple paint and acrylic as a primer.

Coloring and finishing the cabinet

Decoupage cabinet for home. Photo №5 Further, the cabinet must be painted in the appropriatedesign the color, and then, with the help of paint tape, we will limit the penetration of parts that will be designed for coloring in contrasting colors. This is necessary in order not to touch the finished and painted surface. Next, you need to insert a tinted glass mirror in our product. Thus, we will kill two birds with one stone: we can expand the boundaries of the premises, and then give the furniture a new approach to the interior. Also, you can decorate the top and side parts of our subject with the help of decoupage elements. It can be different patterns of napkins or elements of decoupage cards. The work is done, it remains only to put our product in a new place! Restoration and decoupage of the home cabinet are completed!