Decoupage champagne bottles for the New Year: master class

Decoupage champagne bottles for the New Year: master class

Decoupage bottles for New Year New Year's holidays are not only goodlong-lasting holidays (at least in Russia), but above all pleasant troubles in preparing for them. And separately it should be said about the preparation of needlework. A great gift and decoration of the festive table will be drinks, the bottles of which are decorated using decoupage technique with a Christmas theme. Similarly, you can arrange and children's drinks.

So, for decoupage bottles for the New Year you will need:

materials: Materials and tools for decoupage bottles for the New Year the actual bottle with the contents (I have thiscognac); white acrylic paint; three-layer napkins with a new year motif; decoupage adhesive or white glue; PVA glue; clear acrylic glossy varnish; medium salt sea salt (choose the one that does not contain moisture; salt should be completely dry); ribbons - 1 m red and the same green organza 0.5 cm wide; alcohol or nail polish remover; cotton wool or cotton pads; tools: glue and lacquer brush - with bristles of artificial fibers; paint brush - any, with which you are comfortable to work; may well be replaced by an ordinary sponge; scissors; rubber spatula for grouting tiles; clean paper; pelvis; water.

Master class on bottle decoupage for the New Year: description of work

Prepare a bottle for decoupage. To do this, first place it in a basin with water (it can be warm, then the process will go faster) so that the excise stamp and cork are not soaked. In short, you only need to soak labels. Keeping the bottle may take several hours - it depends on the type of label (the material from which it is made) and the glue with which it is glued, as well as the generosity with which it was applied to the surface of the bottle. If the labels are easily removed, and you are going to present the bottle, paper pieces can be dried and straightened by placing them between the pages of a thick book - then you put the label in the bag package and the person will not wrestle with what is in the decorated container. Label The next step is to degrease the surface of the bottle. To do this, use alcohol: apply it to a cotton pad and wipe the entire surface of the container well. Preparing a bottle for decoupage for the New Year Now we paint a bottle in white color. To do this, you can use a brush or sponge. Painting a bottle for decoupage for the New Year Painted bottle for decoupage for the New Year It happens that it is necessary to paint not in onelayer, and 2-3 or even more: it all depends on such a qualitative indicator of the composition, as hiding power. It is important that the dark glass does not shine through the layer of paint. If you decide that one coat of paint is not enough, be sure to let the previous layer dry before applying the next one. Three-layer napkins that you are going to use in decoupage to the New Year, divide into layers. Yes, the lower ones (without a picture) can be thrown away or used at your own discretion; We will work only with the color layer. Cut out the napkins from the vending motifs and attach them to the bottle, wondering and remembering the places where they will look best. I have this: two trees, which will be located around the bottle in its central part; color bar on the bottom edge of the bottle and two compositions with knobs at the top. If you work in the decoupage technique for the first time, it makes sense to try this technique on something else to get your hand filled. Usually, one of two ways of sticking motifs is used: applying a layer of glue to the base (in this case, a bottle) on which the image is applied, or applying a napkin and applying glue on top of it. Both methods are good, so choose the one that you prefer and is better given. I use the first one and apply the glue directly to the bottle: Apply glue Now we apply the napkin motif, acting very carefully. Beginning of bottle decoupage for New Year During gluing it is important that air bubbles do not creep under the napkin. To prevent this from happening, or in order to expel those that have already been discovered, smooth the napkin with a rubber spatula. Aligning the decoupage on the bottle for the New Year This is what we did after the napkin dried out: The first element of decoupage bottles for New Year for beginners Now we stuck, though long,small motive. In order to glue it, I first worked a part of the bottle with glue, applied and smoothed a napkin, and then glue the rest of it with a decoupage. Now we will stick large items - herringbone. We attach the napkin motif to the bottle. Schedule a place for decoupage Glue dots on the "corners" of our motive - forLandmark, what surface to coat with glue. It should be recognized that for large items it is more convenient to apply glue over the napkin motif. But we continue to work on the first option. Now we remove the napkin and coat it with glue.the space between the “corners” (I take this word in quotation marks because I mean the most prominent points of the pattern - so that it is convenient to cover the entire required surface with glue), and then we put a napkin motif on a predetermined place for it. Large items in decoupage bottles for New Year Glue Christmas trees: a simple decoupage bottles for the New Year We put, ironed with a spatula. We may not have all the edges glued properly. We glue the edge with glue over the napkin and remove glue residue with a spatula. Edge We leave the Christmas trees to dry - that's how they look after drying. Christmas tree on the bottle in the technique of decoupage to the New Year glued This is how the junction of two drawings looks like, which formed a bit overlap, which does not spoil the overall picture. Lapped Already described method glued cones in the upper part of the Christmas bottle. Cones: decoupage bottles with their own hands for the New Year Our bottle is already completely zadekupazhena, nowglued napkins need to dry thoroughly. I did this master class for a long time, and now I have more experience, ideas, respectively, too. Therefore, at this stage, I would strongly recommend that you take a brush and white acrylic and walk around the trees, painting a light green background. Such a painting will liven up your drawing well. Additionally, you can apply colored strokes on the pasted pattern, giving it volume and expressiveness. Napkins for decoupage bottles for the New Year After that we apply a transparent varnish. If the paint is matte and the varnish is glossy, go over the varnish over the entire surface of the bottle. If the paint is also glossy, it is possible to varnish only pasted motifs. Between the layers of varnish should also take a break to dry each layer, but there should be 3-4 of them. Decoupage bottles for the New Year: open with varnish Small strokes remained on decorating the decoupage bottle for the New Year. Put some salt on a sheet of clean paper. Salt for decorating bottle decoupage for New Year Below, between the Christmas trees, the place is thickly greased with white glue. Lubricate the PVA Put the bottle on a sheet of paper on the salt and roll it like a rolling pin. Put the bottle on the salt Master class on bottle decoupage for New Year Here we have such a snowball: How to make decoupage bottles for the New Year How to decorate and add decoupage bottles for the New Year Of course, you can put "snow" wherever you wish. I was limited to snowdrifts at the base of the fir trees. We cut the ribbon of the desired length, singing the edges with matches. Ribbons for decorating bottles in decoupage technique for the New Year We fold each ribbon in half and tie it around the neck of the bottle; we tie a magnificent bow. Finished bottle in decoupage technique for the New Year Decoupage bottles for the New Year: master class Decoupage bottles for the New Year Salt is easily showered, so the bottle requiressome care in handling. In addition to the gift, you can make decoupage Christmas candles or make homemade soap with the symbol of the year. Eva Casio specifically for the site Workshops on needlework Previous article: Next article: