Decoupage of eggs for Easter master class (photo and video)

Decoupage of eggs for Easter master class (photo and video)


Easter is one of the greatest religiousHolidays, which is celebrated by the whole nation, and it has a characteristic symbolism, as well as its own customs. People, with great pleasure are preparing for the celebration and pay special attention to every detail.
Nowadays, there are a lot of ways how to bake traditional Easter cakes, as well as, no less options, decorating eggs for Easter. And everyone has his own recipe.
Let's look at several master classesSuch as the decoupage of Easter eggs. It can be real eggs, which, in consequence, you can eat or egg blanks, which you can use, as a souvenir.

We decorate Easter eggs

The first thing to do is to decide,What egg for Easter will be used. If you have purchased a wooden blank, then paint it in white with acrylic paint. And if it is, an empty egg shell, wash it with water and dry it well, and only then, start decorating. Here is a little secret, in order to speed up the process of drying eggs, you do not need to use a hairdryer. From it, decoupage, can spoil, but a real egg, to die.

Take the napkins. It does not matter, if you could not find a picture on the Easter theme, you can pick up an image with beautiful flowers. Peel off the first layer of the napkin and cut out the individual fragments of the pattern. In this way, you can avoid folds in the technique of decoupage.

Apply glue to the picture and attach it to the egg. Because the napkin soaks, the pattern is easily leveled by the hands. Leave the egg to dry, for the whole night.

Decoupage of eggs for the great Easter holiday, continues. If desired, you can paint an egg with acrylic paints or emphasize all the contours of flowers and even add a shadow.

After the eggs dry completely, cover them with a clear acrylic lacquer. Apply a not too thick layer, or you'll have to dry it again for a long time.

When the egg for the holiday dries, you can decorate it with all sorts of decorative material glued to the glue. Here, the hand-made is completely ready for Easter.

Master class for beginners

The technique of decoupage is safe, in the sense, if you paint boiled eggs for Easter. Time and effort are wasted not much, and the result, received eggs, is simply amazing.
Take three eggs, a multi-colored napkin and glue. Instead of glue, for decoupage, use flour, boiled with boiling water.

From the napkin we cut out the necessary elements of the picture.
Layer the napkin, leave only the uppermost tier of the paper with the image.

Apply the picture using glue or brewed flour on the surface of the eggs and see what they did with their own hands, decoupage.

In five minutes, you will have several eggs ready for the holiday, in a wonderful technique, decoupage. Now, you can decorate them with a holiday cake.

Each needlewoman has her own way of decorating eggs. It can be onion husks cooked in water or food colors that are not very useful, especially for children. But the safest way, as you could see, is the decoupage of eggs, natural ingredients. Bring your children to this cause, because Easter is not only a bright holiday, it is loved very much by kids. In this case, doing this kind of work, they will develop small finger motility and fantasy. Such a gift, prepared by children's pens, will become the most expensive for all members of the family.

Video: Decoupage of the egg shell