Decoupage of furniture - text decoration and master-classes of kitchen interior

Decoupage of furniture - text decoration and master-classes of kitchen interior

Technique decoupage can be varied andcomprehensive. Therefore, with the help of this technology, you will be able to draw absolutely different items. From the kitchen cup to the curbstone. Decoupage of furniture in the kitchen - decorating recipes Decoupage of furniture - text decoration. Photo №1 This article will explain howit is possible to decorate the exterior of the bedside table or kitchen furniture in an original and beautiful way, using decorating with the usual text of recipes. Firstly, it will look unique and beautiful, as you are fully able to choose the necessary appearance of the design for your interior. It is desirable to use a white cube and the color of the text in any graphic design. Decoupage of furniture in the kitchen - decorating recipes is a popular and modern solution for a housewife.

Procurement text

Decoupage of furniture - text decoration. Photo # 2 The first thing to do is printthe future text for harvesting, with which we will work. This can be the text of some popular or often-used recipe. To do this will not be difficult, but for this kind of work we will need only A4 paper and a printer. Paper can also be impregnated with tea or coffee to get the desired visual effect. This is suitable for those whose design is realized in the form of wood.


Decoupage of furniture - text decoration. Picture №3 Using the decor of the decoupage-like technique, we can refresh the look of any old furniture. As a material, we need special elements:

  • Printed blanks with papers-recipes (We offer a variant of the Helvetica font, different pins, sizes for the text in the version)
  • Decoupage-glue or glue-PVA with water.
  • Rigid brush with synthetic pile
  • Acrylic lacquer for wooden or plastic surfaces (depending on the task)

Preparation of sheets and surfaces

Decoupage of furniture - text decoration. Photo №4 This initial set of tools shouldenough for work. In order to fill the surface of cracks or scratches on our product, it is necessary to use the filler tool. Then, you need to use sandpaper to process the door element. The surface should be slightly rough. Next, we cover it with a primer. For priming, acrylic paint is the right color in the right color range for the product. Next, we work with the elements of decoupage - our graphic picture. In this case, we will talk about texts with recipes like A4. It is necessary to trim all sheets in such a way that the printout enters the door plane.

Appearance processing

Then, we process the appearance of the door with decoupage. To do this, you need to use the adhesive that handles the paper, as well as the surface on which this paper will be glued. Next, we put the paper element on the right door. Then, using a roller, carefully smooth the surface to the desired state. Attention, the paper must be impregnated with glue!

Finishing work

Decoupage of furniture - text decoration. Photo №5 Further, depending on the constituent of the glue,wait for the necessary time until the firming compound has dried completely. When the paper dries, use the lacquer to coat our product. The varnish can be different: matte, glossy, there are other options. Choose the one that you need to implement your own idea. Depending on the varnish, you will get an external glare of the model, which is suitable for the product or expresses its external qualities. The varnish must be applied three, four times to obtain sufficient protection from various problems that may arise with furniture. The varnish protects against mechanical damage to the drawing, as well as humidity in the apartment. When the product is rinsed, it can be used in the exterior decoration of the apartment!