Decoupage of furniture with their own hands with photo examples (video)

Decoupage of furniture with their own hands with photo examples (video)


The art of decoupage, this is in its way, dexterityYour hands. At first glance, things that seem to have them, the surface is painted with paints and varnish, are only pasted. Having lost its appearance, the element of furniture decor becomes exclusive and original, after it is restored and made a beautiful decoupage.
Have you ever regretted that you will have toThrow out your favorite old chest of drawers. But, you can avoid it and breathe new life into it. The technique of decoupage, you will help, make your own hands such interesting needlework.

Decor furniture with napkins

If the furniture is obsolete, this does not mean that itsIt is necessary to send out one's life to the dump. Especially when there are at hand, materials such as paint, varnish and several types of napkins and your own imagination. Decorate with applique or fabric, you can not only some types of furniture, but the whole apartment, from walls and ceiling, to the floors of rooms.
Such work as decoupage of old furniture, veryFascinating. Taking for a basis, any out-of-date furniture and using only a primer with napkins, you can create an antique object for the interior. In order for the products to serve as long as possible, they are recommended, at the end of the work, to cover with several tiers of acrylic lacquer. It will not cost more than buying new furniture.
The first master class, tells how to make decoupage of furniture, a little outdated, namely, decoupage of a stool with napkins. Such procedures are great for beginners.

, Very convenient and pleasant. Such a surface can easily be primed, and the napkins lie flat.
Wipe the stool with a soft flannel cloth, freeing it of dust. Now, it is necessary to cover it with a coat of primer. For this, the kitchen sponge or brush perfectly fits.

Prepare wipes, which, in your opinion,Perfectly match the color of your apartment interior. Three-layer napkins are divided into motifs and cut themselves off. This is done in order to avoid obvious transitions. Separate the upper colored tier, since for work, only it is required. The photo shows the whole result.

Drawing will be glued to the surface of the stool, with the help of PVA glue, diluted with water, in equal proportions. Wait for the surface to stick and dry.

And at this time, pick up the paint, which will shade the selected background of the picture. It should be in harmony with the napkin, but do not muffle it. The master class recommends painting the bottom of the stool and legs.

Next, we paint the formed spaceBetween paper motifs. If the image needs to be painted, then do it yourself. Thanks to this, your image will become more complete.

Leave this piece of furniture for a while to dry. Approximately one hour. And then, cover it all surface, with several layers of varnish on the basis of acrylic.

After a little more time had passed,The small stool is covered with a waterproof varnish. Only after this, we can assume that the master class has been successfully completed. This kind of work is perfect for beginners in decoupage.

On the presented video, you can see how the decoupage of the chair is done at home.

Video: We decorate the chair with applique

Restoring the table with colored wallpaper

At the moment, there are manyWays and ideas, thanks to which, you can make decoupage of furniture. You can use different segments, making an application with scraps or cutting out various fragments, refresh furniture in parts. If you refer yourself to beginners in this technique, then use the master class for beginners. To do this, use a holistic cloth or paper, which will perfectly lie on the furniture.
This master class will do the decoupage of the table, but you can try to create by yourself, decoupage of the coffee table. It depends on what you need to restore, first of all.

First of all, prepare the materials that are absolutely necessary, namely:

  • Wallpaper;
  • Decoupage glue and the same lacquer;
  • Brush with roller;
  • sandpaper;
  • scissors.

Before you start making decoupage of the table or decoupage of the coffee table, you need to clean the surface, to purchase it, smoothness and smoothness.
The work will be done with wallpaper, so unwind the cut, enough scale, so that there is no excess on the sides.

The adhesive needs to be processed throughout the table. And then, to miss them and the reverse part of the wallpaper.

Such a technique is based on the fact thatThus, distribute the paper on the table using a soft roller. You must smooth the wallpaper, removing, thus folds and air bubbles. Take care not to tear the paper, during the decoupage of furniture.

After drying, take the nest and handle the edges, removing excess paper. When you have polished the borders of the table, you can apply the finishing varnish, which will protect the surface from damage.

Such a decoupage of the table is considered quite simpleAn idea that a newcomer can repeat. But, the received result, will perfectly please with the beauty. You will be surprised at how the appearance of the furniture will change. On the video, you can see how easy it is to make decoupage of a coffee table, with your own hands.

Video: We decorate the old coffee table

Chest of drawers in Provence style

Based on this master class, you can easily do decoupage of the dresser or decoupage of the cabinet in a wonderful
. Or maybe immediately, both. Suitable for polished furniture. Such lessons for beginners require the presence of some materials, or rather:

  • Mini chest of drawers;
  • Light paint based on acrylic;
  • decoupage napkins;
  • Glue, preferably PVA;
  • brush.

Decoupage of the dresser begins with the same as inPrinciple, decoupage cabinet, with the unscrewing of pens and priming with light paint, several tiers. We need to ensure that the color becomes a uniform consistency and density.
Pick up a napkin in the style of Provence. For this, motifs with lavender, lilac tones are perfect.

Cut out their napkins drawings that will fitScale the chest and glue them on the surface of the furniture. Attach the image and drop some glue on it, preferably into the center piece. Brush must distribute the glue, starting from the middle and ending with the edges. Try to get rid of wrinkles and air bubbles. Do your work carefully so as not to damage the paper. Remove excess parts of the swipe. So it is necessary to make, that after you will cover a surface a varnish, the motive has accepted a uniform silhouette.

Look at the photo, so you need to glue the bottom of the napkin to the boxes and spaces between them.

Make sure that the paper is well dried. Now, you can start to cut the drawers with a knife, for free opening them. The photo shows this process.

Chest, which is made in the style of Provence, you need to grow old a little. To do this, take an old toothbrush and lower it into a lilac shade. And then, carry out the technique of spraying on the furniture.

After all has dried up, we can assume thatMaster class, in the style of Provence and decoupage of the dresser, is completely ready. And how to make the most decoupage cabinet with their own hands, like decoupage tables, you can see the video presented.

Video: We decorate the wardrobe ourselves

Mirror in the vintage style

To conduct this master class, namely, mirror decoupage, you do not need a large list of materials, or rather: a mirror with a frame, paint, decoupage cards, craquelure, lacquer and glue.
A product in the vintage style is not as difficult to do asit could seem. Take the frame from the chipboard and close the mirror with a paper square. Nazhdachkoy walk around the perimeter of the wooden contour, to remove the old varnish. Now, you should cover the mirror with a light color of acrylic. Cover the chipboard with glue for decoupage and put on top, a pre-prepared card for decoupage. Careful movements, level it to avoid folds, and then, cover with decoupage varnish.

The inner and outer part of the workpiece is necessarySand with sandpaper. Blue paint applied to the brush, you should draw the border of the frame. Next, take the craquelure and apply it to the corners of the frame, as shown in the photo. After the product has dried a little, it should be sprayed with a suitable shade of spray, so that the vintage can be seen more clearly. Now, you should do, artificial aging of the mirror, or rather, sprayed with a toothbrush and black paint. In this case, the vintage style will manifest itself more clearly.

The master class continues, and now, after that,As the blank is dry, cover it with a glossy varnish. Make a few tiers. In the photo you can see how the corner gives a shine. Now, we can assume that lessons in the style of vintage and mirror decoupage are over. A video of interesting works can be viewed on the Internet.

Decoupage of interior doors

Decoupage of doors, practically does not differ fromThe way in which the application is made on other objects and their surfaces. Doors are thoroughly cleaned, and then wiped with a damp cloth soaked in soapy water. After drying, the door should be marked using paper tape, where the application will be made. Using a beige primer, we process the door surface. We are waiting for it to dry out. Next, apply beeswax, at the place where the primer is painted.

Decoupage of doors can be done on a polished plane. In the form of a motif, you can use, as wipes, or
. Glue must be glued to the surface. Use a sponge to smooth out the paper, getting rid of wrinkles and air bubbles. Just do not do this procedure with your hands, you can damage the paper, and decoupage of the door will not work. In order to polish the decoupage of the door, take a small sandpaper. If you want the doors to please you for a long time, you need to strengthen their image. To do this, you should apply a varnish based on acrylic, and not once, but preferably a few. Do not forget to take breaks for drying, between each application. The last thing left to do is dry the doors, with a hot hair dryer. Now, your interior door is ready for use, and its creation process is understandable even for beginners. Interesting ideas with this technique, you can see the video, more experienced masters.

Video: We make decoupage of bedside tables