Decoupage of hair as a method of color change (photo)

Decoupage of hair as a method of color change (photo)


It happens that following the movement of fashion in colorHair, women, instinctively try and seek to change their appearance and style. But, not always, the expected result, surpasses reality, which I so want to implement. At best, you can get a tone of hair, darker than the previous color. And in the worst situation, you'll have to use a special hair wash, a dyeing structure that can affect the appearance of the hairstyle.
Decoupage of hair is a procedure for covering hair with a special means, the purpose of which is the opposite of staining. A particle of such an emulsion draws pigment pigments from the hair.

Types of hair decoupage

There are several types of hair decoupage. The best is decoupage from the natural composition. It can be carried out independently at home. The composition includes natural components such as: kefir, oils and soda. Such a liquid, can only make a slight decoupage and not greatly affect the color of the hair. It is applied when the tone of the hairstyle is only slightly different.

To make a decoupage of hair in the cabin, useAcid solution. It consists of chemical substances, a sparing form. Due to the fact that the solution is gentle, the procedure for changing the color will change only one or two tones.
And the last way, this is deep decoupage. Discoloration occurs with the help of a special chemical powder. Such a procedure is very effective, but this hair decoupage is doing a great harm to your strands. Hair and hair become dry and brittle. And for the restoration of their former species, a long treatment and constant courtship is necessary.
Such hair removal, relatively inexpensiveAnd the impetuous method, to change the color of the strands from the dark tone, into a much lighter shade. When doing acid decoupling, five to ten washing processes are required. And, deep decoupage, hair, it will take, practically, once. After all the manipulations, you will need to paint the strands again. As a result, the color can turn dull and not uniform.
All women demand, sooner or later, changes. If you are not sure of the choice of the appropriate paint color, it is advisable to contact the master of your craft. An experienced specialist, certainly knows what to pick up better and what will suit a woman individually.
You need decoupage of hair, if you:

  • You want to slightly adjust the hue of the strands after the painting. For example, you chose a fire paint for yourself to muffle such color, chemical washing will help you;
  • Want to turn from a brunette into a blonde, likeCan be faster. Such a desire is feasible. But, in that case, consider the fact that the effect on the hair will be several times stronger. You will damage your strands, for sure. In this case, it should be carefully, to do the procedure of restoring your hair;
  • Having painted hair, have found out, that the color has undertaken not in regular intervals. To change the situation and save the hair, you need help decoupage, which will remove glare and even the color of the head of hear.

The woman's love for experiments is very great. But do not, this is too fond of. As you know, experiments are not always successful. Hair coloring requires a careful approach, otherwise, the result obtained may upset you too much. The main thing is to turn to knowledgeable specialists and masters who will help to make hair decoupage, without unnecessary disturbances in the structure of your hair.
As you could already see, the only way out, after the unsuccessful staining of the strands, and also, if there is a desire to return your natural color, is to do its picking, or rather, decoupage.

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