Decoupage usual hours and with the effect of aging (photo)

Decoupage usual hours and with the effect of aging (photo)


An integral part of our lives, is the timenamely watches, which we compare our time. Watches are not only the wall, but the wrist, sand, as well as electronic. This accessory is an important a part in a person's life.
Because the clock was invented, we planyour day, we have time to work and other activities. Watches are not only important, they still carry the function of interior decoration and human image. That's why we carefully approach to the choice of this thing. Clocks are a stylish decoration that complements some of the elements in the apartment.
Considered a master class will demonstrate how to make decoupage antique clock and a beautiful wall clock for beginners.

Kitchen Wall Clock

For such work as decoupage, you will need a list of the necessary accessories, which will help to make clocks as offering a master class. You need:

  • wood harvesting;
  • , Napkins, wrapping out of the eggs;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • structural paste;
  • acrylic paints;
  • Paste circuit;
  • PVA glue;
  • small otrez lace;
  • mechanism of the arrow;
  • sandpaper, trowel, brush and scissors.

First of all, for decoupage, skin preparation, and then cover it with several layers of special lacquer. After that, sticking with their hands on the napkin varnish, as shown in the photo.

The dial for hours, will be done surroundspecies. Its main part is done in papier-mâché. Tear box from under the eggs into small squares and soak them in water for a whole night. The next day, pull them out of the water, wring out and pour with white glue, and then mix. Take a round shape and place it in the resulting mass. Replace the battery to hack dry. Then, paint the papier-mache in a light color.

Make your own hands, pre-fittingdial to the clock, outlining a circle pencil markings. On the upper part of the plank, structural paste, apply as if you have something pats. As a result, you get relief from roughness. Neat movements, do the joints between the bricks, as demonstrated in the photo.

On any other surface, dilute the paint,that will fit in color to the napkin. Mix palette with structural paste and re-coat the bricks. In the same color, finish a right side of the figure.

Curls on the clock, Draw gray contour paste, after it dries, trace their gold paint.

Put your hands, two coats of varnish, makingbreaks between drying layers on the board. Using glue, attach the dial of papier-mache. Ask a man, let him, Drill and fix the mechanism of the arrow.
The side of the dial, not madebeautiful, since there are many layers of paper. Pick a lace cloth and cut it across the circumference of the dial, and then glue it back. Color lace bronze paint and toning golden color.

As a result, obtained remarkable clocks,in decoupage style that will blend in perfectly with your kitchen. And also, this model would be, a mandatory attribute in your country. The people around you, do not even understand the first time you've done such a product with their own hands.

Video: clocks Decor

Antique clock face

In order to implement this master class on decoupage,buy some materials in a special shop. Buy ready-made clockwork pattern with arrows to invent clocks for beginners decoupage art enthusiasts. Step by step photos make for a more detailed process. Bribe still paints based on acrylic pastel, loofah, brush, decoupage card from rice paper, decoupage glue, craquelure, and do not forget to nail a matte texture.
Getting a master-class provided forbeginners. Put on the wood, acrylic paint. It is advisable to do it in three layers. Before applying the next tier, it is better to grind the whole plane. Do not forget to blow off grinding dust.

After this process, a pencil, mark the circumference of the dial, departing from the place of its edges.

Mix in a container with a light ocher paint.

Paint the clock, but not in the standard way astypically, when a smooth surface is obtained, and random motions skipping some places on the surface. In order to achieve this effect, wet washcloth in the water, soak it in diluted paint and apply dabs at his watch.

The excess paint is removed with a simple paper, crumpled in his hand. Look at the photo, it demonstrated the kind that is required.

The edges of the clock face, color in a paint color chocolate, a few times.

Napkin with a favorite motif, put in the center of the clock and miss several times, glue PVA.

Now, the challenge is to doThe drawing is holistic, removing the borders of the napkin and the wooden blank. Dilute a suitable shade of emerald color and apply to the product. Use a brush or a sponge.
After the main tone is a little dry,Paint yourself, green foliage. Continue the drawing, which is located at the bottom, also draw. In this way, you can achieve image integrity.
Green shade, paint the edging near the chocolate color.

After the done manipulations and complete drying of the product, you need to achieve the effect of aging the clock in the technique of decoupage. In this case, it's great to handle craquelure. Apply it to the surface.
After an hour, apply a second coat of cracelure, which will be thicker than the previous tier.
Then, when the craquelure starts to dry, you will see a crack. The cracks are brushed with copper powder, using a soft cloth.

This master class, which is suitable for beginners, is almost complete. The last phase remains, which consists in covering the entire surface with a synthetic varnish.

Now, your task is to find a suitable and central place for these wall clocks, or give them to your friends or colleagues.
You have seen the main stages of decoupage hours, inConventional technique and the method of artificial aging of the surface of the watch. This is a very interesting and entertaining technology that will appeal not only to experienced needlewomen, but will also be very interesting for beginners. Other ways to decouple the clock, you can see the video presented.

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