Decoupage on wood in different ways (photos)

Decoupage on wood in different ways (photos)


Wooden crafts, undoubtedly attracted by itsnaturalness. But, unfortunately, there is one difference from artificial surfaces, wood, often subjected to external changes, and even not for the better. So often required to make cosmetic repairs, small wooden things. In this case, perfectly suitable decoupage on wood, which is easily done with his own hands.
The paper will be presented video and master-class, or rather, there will be few. It will be apparent, even for beginners. On this basis, the process will be clear decoupage on wood or plywood.

The decor of wooden surfaces and workpieces

Decoupage on wood, is a, decoration plywooda wooden surface images of the fabric material or paper. The scale of the surface, does not play any role. Making decorated in this style, it is possible, starting from the box for spices and ending with a big wardrobe. Before starting to do the work necessary to process wood, and the process is complete, be sure to cover it with paint. Optionally, decoupage can be supplemented with innovative technologies such as 3D paint, craquelure, acrylic paint and decoration cracelures. Experienced handy complement decoupage on wood, various beads and pearls. It all depends on what style you want to do crafts. This operation can be, in
or vintage furniture.
Select a pattern that you want to do decoupage on wood or plywood decoupage, you can in a specialty store. Figures presented at
Which are applied to heavy paper. Contact with water, making it soft, which makes it possible to take the desired shape. After you paste it onto the surface of decoupage glue, she immediately takes the form of the crafts for which it secured. If you want to try to use napkins with several layers, then there is no need to separate the tiers. Napkins in structure, thin and delicate, so be careful movements, smoothing it into a tree.

If there was a desire to do a master class withthe beginning and the new crafts, then buy in the store in wood for decoupage. The list of such preparations include flat and bulky items such as tea houses, perpetual calendar, boxes, shelves for spices, and more on what you can do the above-mentioned technique. Flat blanks to be very popular. They are easy to do decoupage and painting and burning. Decoupage cutting board and decoupage tray, combine perfectly with any kitchen paraphernalia.
Billets figured form, used mainly for the creation of educational games with your child. For example, you can make wooden alphabet letters on the issue or curly tablets.
Woodworking machinery, almost similar,the standard decoupage. First performed cleansing the surface with sandpaper. Then, all the bumps and holes, smeared putty and sandpaper again stripped. Wood primed or painted with acrylic paint. Without this primary process, wood decoration is not possible, because your job does not hold in this state, even hours.

Wooden board for the kitchen

Every housewife, considers it his duty to make hiskitchen beautiful and comfortable. To do this, use different utensils, suitable for interior. The article will be described in a master class with photos and video, from which you will learn how to decorate decoupage cutting board. For this to work, you will need accessories:

  • Cooking boards of wood;
  • priming;
  • napkins;
  • decoupage glue or PVA;
  • paint acrylic;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • brush and sponge.

First, the cover surface primerwhite, using a loofah, because it is more convenient. Leave to dry completely. Wasting no time, cut out of you like a tissue suitable motifs, and then remove the top tier of the pictures, which will be used in decoupage.

Master class begins to glue the picture. Put the napkin on the board, and a brush dipped in glue, make strokes in the same direction. The first motion made ornament from the middle to the edges. The empty space on the board, do not touch. Look carefully to it, so that no air bubbles and folds underneath. Smooth out any unevenness with his hands, as shown in the photo.

Mix several shades of acrylic paint,in order to get the desired tone, suitable for the selected pattern napkins. Kitchen sponges begin to paint over the whole plane. The boundaries of the drawing, can be left intact, they will be easier to sketch the brush as shown in the photo.

The board must dry completely. Thereafter, the acrylic lacquer is applied in several layers, preferably three to six times. Do not forget to take breaks between the application tier, the board must be dried.

Presented a master class, completely finished. In the end, it turned out great for the kitchen cutting board, in decoupage style. Interior This attribute is sure to become an exclusive decoration for any kitchen. The board can be used as a gift for a holiday mom or grandmother. This master class is perfect for both beginners needlework, as the work process is very simple. And if you want to see decoupage products, more experienced handy while on the Internet, you will find a suitable video.

Video: Decorate a cutting board

Tray with flowers

Decorating household items, is inherent in every human being. So you want to surround the interior was attractive and pleasant look. Presented a master class, which is designed for beginners will tell you how to do decoupage tray. You can use as a new tray, and fulfill an old painting tray, which is a pity to throw away. This technique is based on cutting the main motives pictures of different kinds of paper, with their further sticking to any surface. In the end, it turns out the effect of painting with elements of aging.
This master class will use several methods of aging. First, with the use of candles, and the second, the application of craquelure.
Purchase a blank for decoupage wood or plywood. Sandpaper, sanding is necessary all the bumps on the tree.

Prime the tray with acrylic paint allside, both the external and the internal. In the process, use a brush. Apply two layers, making the gaps between the drying. If, after you have done to the ground, appeared again roughness, go over them again, sandpaper.

Take acrylic dark brown color and paint the decorated object, excluding the internal surface.

To this end, the tray was selected cloth, imitating the picture, if desired, can be taken in the style of Provence. Cut some of the elements on the edges and remove the excess paper that does not fit on the scale.

Decoupage will happen with the help of available items, which are always in the house, it irons, parchment paper and glue varnish.

Apply glue to the flat floor the entire plane of the tray and leave to dry for half an hour.
Spread the inside of the crafts, picture element, and the top cover with parchment paper, which is used in baking. Not too hot iron, iron the cloth several times.

Using this method, cloth will fall even layer and will not tear. Above the drawing, acrylic lacquer is applied.
In order to paint on the edge of the picture, useacrylic, light tone. Thus, the general background of the image, it will look more smoothly. Thin brush neat movements distribute the paint around the edges of the picture.

After drying, tray, cover this part of acrylic varnish, several layers. He will protect the image before applying cracelures.
The next phase of the master class, tells us about how to make the effect of aging. In order to make crafts, old look, handy and simple wax candle craquelure.
For old times in the objects usedcandle. Swipe to the places where it was painted in a darker tone, a candle candles, including its bottom and holes for handles. Later, in places, cracks appear necessary.
After this manipulation, cover the product, two layers of bright paint. The tray has turned a uniform tone.

When everything is dry, sandpaper walk across the plane and see what will manifest remarkable wear. So ended the first method of aging.
Now, the master class will demonstrate how you canCracked do decoupage. This fact helps cracelures two components, namely, shellac and acacia. The sequence of motions, apply several layers of liquid on the tray. The number of layers depends on your large-sized cracks. The larger the number of tiers, the more will crack. The composition includes alcohol, shellac, so he quickly dried. Do not wait until the very end, until the shellac is dry and apply a thick layer of gum arabic, which smear his fingers.

Make sure, that the whole surface of the product was missed with a thick layer of gum arabic. If you look at a photo, you can see that it looks like at first sight, jelly.
Wait for ten hours and awake to watch as your eyes will begin to appear larger cracks.

Stock up on a few shades of oil paints. After all, with their help, you need to overwrite the cracks. For this master class, suitable gold and copper tint. Take a piece of cotton wool and put on it oil-based paint, and then, with his own hands, begin to rub ingredients in a circle.

Wait until the paint dries and rinse with craquelure under the tap water. Gum arabic is washed away, and the aged effect will remain.
In conclusion, the aged need a tray, cover with varnish. Do this in an amount four times, and do not forget to leave a tray to dry after each painting.

Such trays kitchen will look moremore beautiful if you make them in the style of Provence. On request, it can be a vase for flowers, the same scheme that is decorated with the same technology. Some examples can be seen on the video located on the Internet. For yourself, you can pick up and master classes for beginners.
In recent years, it has become fashionable to do occupationdecoupage on wood, a lot of things that adorn the person, especially in the style of Provence. Loved technique decoupage on wood, help to diversify some household attributes.

Video: Decorate the tray with his own hands—yJtYjg