Decoupage of the picture of the picture with your own hands photo and video

Decoupage of the picture of the picture with your own hands photo and video


The perfect decoration of the interior is the presencePaintings. It can be a painting of famous artists or a picture of an aspiring art lover. In any case, a picture or a panel on the wall, gives the atmosphere of comfort to any apartment or house. Unfortunately, not all of us are given the gift and ability to paint beautifully. But there is one needlework that any person who wants can master, and the name is skill, is decoupage. In this article, a master class is presented, on the basis of which, you will comprehend the knowledge of decoupage of paintings and panels.

Painting with Animals

Take a wooden frame and treat it with two layers of acrylic primer, and then set aside to completely dry.

The basis for the picture will be made of a piece of chipboard, which is also primed.

In addition to the above material, weNeed for work glue, acrylic paint, brush, decoupage varnish, glossy varnish and napkin with the image of animals. Three-layer napkins are easy to buy at a store or ordered on the Internet, where they are sold for one piece.

Glue the napkin on the woodenSurface and neat movements, level it all over the plane to remove the air bubbles that have accumulated beneath it. Postpone for a while hand-crafted.
Acrylic paints, you can bring your eyes to animals, so they will look more expressive. And the picture is covered with two layers of glossy varnish made of acrylic.

Again, go to work on the frame. Take the brush and paint it with black acrylic paint on its surface. You can use the kitchen sponge, so the process will move faster. Pay attention, the inside is sealed with paper, so it should be. This side will remain white, as demonstrated in the photo.

After the frame for the painting is slightly dry, apply with your own hands, on her craquelure, doing strokes in one direction.
Craquelure does it for thirty minutes. Now, apply a golden acrylic paint on the whole frame. And you will see, as before your eyes, long-awaited cracks will appear, as demonstrated in the photo.

Insert the picture decoupage, into the frame. There is only one question, where can I hang such a picture. Your task is to find a worthy place for such a work.

Ancient panel

A real style, hiding in small things. Styling of the interior is emphasized by minor details, as well as decorative details that emphasize our lifestyle and mood. Such elements are very convenient in that, at any time, we can change them. You can remove the panel and outweigh it to another place or change it for another. It all depends on your mood.
It is not necessary to buy ready-made panels,It is much better to do it yourself. In this case, the technique of decoupage is useful. Pictures in this style of decoupage, decorate your home and transform your life. For beginners, it is better to take simple options, such as this master class panel.

Buy in a specialized store, materials such as:

  • PVA glue;
  • Acrylic primer;
  • lacquer;
  • paraffin;
  • sandpaper;
  • Used tea bag and brewed;
  • brush;
  • A napkin or a decoupage card;
  • canvas;
  • Any frame.

First of all, apply to the canvas, a primer, and paint the frame with a bronze color from acrylic, as pictured in the photo.

Wipe the frame with paraffin, in those parts where youWant to have old scrapes. Top with brown paint. Leave to dry completely, and then rub it with sandpaper. Where paraffin was applied, the required abrasions will appear.

Prepare a drawing that is cut out of the desiredSize. Put it in a deep bowl filled with tea leaves. After such a solution, the panel will get the effect of an aged picture. Blot the image so that excess water is gone.

Attach the napkin with your hands on the canvas andCover with PVA glue. After drying, paint with acrylic paints, some details corresponding to the subject. Apply an acrylic lacquer to the image itself, where you want the cracks to form. Dry and paint with a facade lacquer. After that, the desired effect appears, which is overwritten with bronze.

Master class and panel decoupage finished. In the end, cover the image with acrylic lacquer. Now, place such a product in the decoupage technique, to the place of honor in your home.

Video: Stylized picture by decoupage