Decoupage of plates in different ways (photo and video)

Decoupage of plates in different ways (photo and video)


Decoupage is a very interesting and unique technology for decorating different objects. She can decorate furniture, dishes, paintings and home albums for photos.
If you know how to do decoupage for beginnersLovers of creativity, you can make your own hands original crafts and elements for the interior. Use in the work can be different materials, ranging from napkins, paints and ending with lace, beads and newspaper clippings. Today's master class is perfect for beginners. This will be decoupage plates, as well as reverse decoupage plates and do not forget to make a direct decoupage.

Patterns of napkins and reverse decoupage

This master class decoupage plates,Means by itself, the acquisition of some material, part of which is in your house, and the rest can be bought in a specialized store. You will need a glass plate, PVA glue, a remedy that degreases the surfaces, a napkin with a pattern, an acrylic white paint with a brush and an acrylic lacquer. Take the plate on a glass base, transparent color and attach to it the napkin that you have chosen, not too large format. Cut an image that should be a few centimeters smaller than the bottom of the plate, as demonstrated in the photo.
In order for the outline of the picture to be more distinct,Circle it with a felt-tip pen. Now, degrease the plane of the plate, a special solution consisting of alcohol. Lubricate the plate with glue and apply a napkin to it, separating its second layer.

Spread the picture with your hands on the glassSurface, with the help of glue. Do this with neat movements, so as not to tear the pattern of the napkin. Paint the contour of the plate with red acrylic paint. Draw the boundaries along which we will draw snow and start doing this with our own hands. After that, the background of the image will start to appear.

The next step is applying a blue paint,Which will imitate the sky. In this case, you can run over the white background. Leave the plate to dry, and then, once again, paint it in blue. The final touch is the application of lacquer. After that, decoupage of the plate, completely created, with their own hands.

The next master class, designed for beginnersLovers of decoupage. It is done very simply on an ordinary plate. First of all, a simple plate must be degreased with alcohol, dried and painted several times, with white acrylic paint. Separate from the napkin pattern that you liked, and paste it with diluted water, glue PVA. Leave to dry.

Now, we cover the plate with varnish and startDraw outlines, black marker. You should get this outline, as shown in the photo. In order to complete the picture, it is necessary to paint over with paint, the remaining white color on the surface, and dry the craft. In conclusion, the whole plate is covered with several layers of varnish.

Direct way to decor dishes

The next master class that will teach you,Do the reverse decoupage of the plate. Such art is under the power of every person who wants to learn how to make such crafts with his own hands. This master class will be step by step with the photo, telling about all the subtleties of this technique. Plates made by direct technique will become a decoration and will complement any interior. So, let's start direct decoupage. We need these materials:

  • Simple plate;
  • acrylic paints;
  • napkin;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • primer;
  • craquelure;
  • Flax oil;
  • acetone;
  • sandpaper;
  • brush and sponge.

First of all, we prepare the plate for the decor. It should be treated with sandpaper. For degreasing use acetone, which wipes the entire surface. The next step will be applying a primer, after that, we get such a copy, as in the photo.

The background of the dish will be white, which is appliedIn several layers, with acrylic paint. We are waiting until it dries completely. Take the picture of the napkin and attach it to the plate in order to determine the place on which it will be placed.

Separate excess layers of paper and moistened napkin on the surface of our main material. We glue the picture with acrylic glue, and after drying, cover with a layer of acrylic lacquer.

To give the plate the effect of antiquity, you needPut a crackel on it with a brush. We give time for drying, for half an hour. The next layer of craquelure, will be applied perpendicular to the first tier. Dry the hood with a hair dryer, and you will see how the cracks will go. In them, you need to rub yourself, golden oil paint. Such a creation must dry for a whole day.

After that, apply another layer of acrylicVarnish and dry. Golden paint, make a rim around the circle of the plate and again, fix it with a varnish. Now, decoupage plates, you can use for the purpose, namely, decorate your house.

Detailed master classes that have already been doneExperienced needlewomen, you can look on the Internet and do something your own. For these purposes, there is a huge number of drawings on napkins. And also, you can buy decoupage cards, which are sold in a specialized store, in large numbers. Or come up with your own technique decoupling cymbals, such as a photo.

Video: Decoration of a dish with your own hands