Decoupage switch own hands

Decoupage switch own hands

If you want to fill the interior with unusual onesDetails and make it unique, you can start with household lighting switches! Of course, you can just buy a couple of bright and unusual switches, but it will cost money and the choice is not particularly large, besides they will not really be original and unique. Decoupage of the switch itself will solve this problem without large financial costs. Breaker breaker To make decoupage of the deceiver, you will need:

  • Simple switches (can be retro style);
  • Adhesive glue for decoupage;
  • sponge;
  • Napkins, newspapers.

For this master class, the oldSwitches. But in the technique of decoupage, you can decorate any switches, including modern ones. Disassemble the switch, if possible. We need a body, without an electrical part and buttons. If the switch has large keys, then you can only cover them. Decoupage switch yourself Cut a rectangle out of a napkin or newspaperCentimeter more than the perimeter of the switch (or small rectangles just under the size of the switches). Apply glue for decoupage on a napkin and the surface of the switch to be glued. Attach the paper and smooth it well. If you pasted the case, wrap the paper on the back of the plastic and stick it there. Decoupage switch yourself Cover the entire surface of the decrypted switch with glue-varnish on top of the paper from the front and back sides. Decoupage switch yourself Pin the perforation around the perimeter of the slots, and then easily pull out any unnecessary paper. Decoupage switch yourself Done!