Description and detailed instructions for the implementation of a beautiful fashionable hairstyle on medium length hair at home.

Description and detailed instructions for the implementation of a beautiful fashionable hairstyle on medium length hair at home.

Do your hair at home without spendingmore than five minutes to create them. Any representative of the weaker sex, regardless of their financial situation, age or social status, always wants to look as attractive as possible. Often, women sit for hours in front of a mirror, not knowing what haircut to choose or how to make the styling. On the other hand, quite often we simply do not have enough of our precious time to perform that haircut that we would like. Or maybe we do not have enough money to visit expensive fashionable beauty salons. But this is not necessary. There are many options for actual hairstyle in five minutes, which can be done without the help of professional hairdressers. Hairstyles in five minutes. Photo №1

Twisted tail in five minutes

If you have long or medium hair,you can choose a hairstyle for 5 minutes in the form of an inverted tail. Of course, you can tie a simple tail, but this seems too banal to many. So, try the version of the turned tail. In order to fulfill it, you first need to tie an ordinary tail on the occipital part of the head. After that, at the base of the tail, you make a small neat hole, in which you need to stretch two strands from the tail. Thus, you very quickly will make to yourself quite decent and the main fashionable hairdress. Hairstyles in five minutes. Photo # 2

Nodule on the back of the head

Quick daily hairstyles can be performedin the form of a variety of beams. However, so that the beam does not look too simple, it can be performed in the form of an original nodule on the occipital part of the head. First, collect all the strands in a ponytail and fasten with a rubber band. Then take this tail, twist it a few times in a spiral and wrap it with a base. So you will have a certain bundle, somewhat chaotic, but this is all the charm. Look at the following pictures, how successfully such a hairdress can look like in five minutes without a hairdresser. Hairstyles in five minutes. Picture №3

Fashion Curls

If you are naturally curly hair, then you are verylucky, because for a quick hairstyle you will not need a long time fiddling with their curling. You can use just a rim to decorate already beautiful curls. You can also use the original hairpin, which you just attach to the right place. Actually, in such a situation you have a chance to make not only a simple daily hairstyle, but also a wonderful image for solemn events or going out into the light. If your hair is naturally smooth, then you can quickly curl it, using the thermalblue. After that, lay out your curls as you please. You can decorate your hair with accessories in the form of rims, hoops, diadems, hairpins or do not use jewelry at all. Natural loose hair will be one of the trendy trends of the next fashion season, so you do not have to worry about not being in the "theme". Hairstyles in five minutes. Photo №4

Quick pigtails in five minutes

For those who can not stand the day withoutweaving, we offer such a quick variant of the hairstyle. Embroider a pigtail or spikelets from one temple along the forehead towards the other. So you get a bezel from your own hair. As an option, you can, therefore, braid the entire circumference of the head, resulting in a kind of crown. The end of the weaving can be a little curled, laying out, as you like. One of the actual variants of weaving in this season is pigtail from the side. This means that you can quickly weave a pigtail on the side of the head, laying its end on the neck or on one of the shoulders. In this case, it is attached to the head with the help of invisible. Or you can weave the same spikelet. Or the fish tail. The options of weaving sideways advantageously open your neck. They are very romantic and feminine, and performing them easily, simply and quickly. After a little training, you can do such a weaving without assistance in a matter of minutes. Hairstyles in five minutes. Photo №5

The fastest hairstyles with a start

If you have rare and not very curvy hair,it is desirable to give them a little volume. In this case, you can use the version of the horse's tail with the use of a poke. Select a small strand of hair on the top of the head and lightly or strongly brush them using a straight, straight comb. Then collect all the strands together and tie the ponytail on the crown or on the back of the head. Part with a nap, if necessary, smooth the comb or hands. Top, fix the result with a hairspray. If you wear a bang, then you can spread it in this case in different ways. Want, leave it directly hanging, and want, put it on one side. Both options are acceptable and relevant in the winter season 2016. Hairstyles in five minutes. Photo №6

Fish, or pike tail

Pretty quick and very original optionthe so-called pike tail can become a fast hairstyle. It is performed by weaving strands in the opposite direction. It weaves like a spike, but the strands are superimposed one on one not upward, but with the exact opposite, that is, underneath. Thus, as a result we obtain a weaving in the form of a pike tail. Such a variation of spikelet is very relevant and suitable, both for use in everyday life, and for various festive events. And you can perform a fish tail in any part of the head, in any direction, starting from the base of the forehead, temples or from anywhere you like. The following images will help you figure out how you can create a fast hairstyle with a fish tail. Hairstyles in five minutes. Photo №7 So, dear ladies, we have figured out howyou can very quickly make yourself a beautiful and fashionable hairstyle, without spending much time and effort to create it. And after a little training, you will learn how to make fashionable laying much faster. So with fast styling you should not have any more problems.