The description and the scheme explaining how correctly to remove measures and to construct a pattern of a waistcoat for a dog.

The description and the scheme explaining how correctly to remove measures and to construct a pattern of a waistcoat for a dog.

Clothing for small dogs is not usedonly for beauty, but represents the protection of our beloved pet from any weather, snow or rain. Using clothes, you can always protect the dog from possible drafts, cold and pollution. And, perhaps, one of the most functional things will be a waistcoat, which can be worn on a dog as separately, and under a coveralls during the strongest cold weather. As for sewing and patterning, the vest is very simple to execute. A perfect option for this type of clothing will serve as fleece, tk. it perfectly keeps the heat, it dries perfectly, it stretches well and fits the figure. Now let's proceed to the construction of the pattern. Initially, you need to take measurements of your dog. The main ones are:

  • length of your pet's back (measure from tail to neck);
  • chest girth (measure beyond the elbow joint).

Measuring the length of the back of the dog, dividethe resulting value is 10. The length will appear, which will correspond to the side of the square of your pattern. Take the Whatman paper and draw a grid, where the value of each square will match the value you received. And now you need to transfer to the sheet on the grid cells the outline of the details as shown in the picture. Description and diagram, explaining how to correctly take measurements and build a pattern of a vest for a dog. Photo number 1 In this waistcoat, a backrest with a zipper and consists of twodetails, and the stomach is a whole-piece. It is necessary to cut out the resulting pattern, transfer it to a prepared piece of fleece in advance and circle it with a piece of chalk or soap. Here you need to consider some points. If your machine has a function to sew in zigzag, then the details should be sewed in butt, and if not - then be sure to consider the allowances for seams. Now proceed with the fastener. Ideal for a large zipper made of plastic. Sweep it to the fleece before stitching, because fleece can stretch. If you are planning to sew a waistcoat with a lining, then you need to make a similar pattern, but the material should be picked up by another one. The details of the lining must be combined with similar parts that you made earlier and sweep. Handle the fastener of the product. And sew the details of the abdomen and back so that the letters coincide. In the end, you need to process the armhole and the gate. If desired, you can sew or tie a collar, hood or sleeves and sew to your waistcoat. Use your imagination to the fullest and then your favorite dog will get not only a warm, but also a stylish waistcoat.