Description of the work on modeling the pattern of the couch for the dog.

Description of the work on modeling the pattern of the couch for the dog.

If you are planning to have a four-legged friend,then you should immediately take care of the presence of a secluded place, where your dog will always be able to rest from the noise and sleep. It should be exactly the territory of your pet, where he can consider himself a full-fledged master. If it is a private house and a big guard dog, the question disappears by itself - it will be a booth and the whole yard will be at its disposal. But when it comes to dogs of medium and small breeds that are very sensitive to temperature changes and can not exist in the street, a secluded place will have to be equipped in some room. If you decide to sew a stove for your dog, then you should definitely read the following recommendations:

  • you need to immediately decide on the size of the future sunbed. Its area should be calculated, relying on the size of an already large dog;
  • for sewing a bed is suitable for such types of fabrics: jeans, fleece, cotton, nylon, etc. In principle, you can use any wear-resistant material that you like;
  • in order to be easy to clean the couch, the pillow can be sewn separately;
  • When modeling a couch, consider the nature of your pet. For heat-loving need high sides, and fervent activists suitable and low.

Now, when the main points are agreed,Let's start building the pattern of a classic couch. To save yourself from a very laborious work - sweeping and stitching the parts together, you should better work with the pattern. How to sew a lounger with sides of a quadrangular shape with just one detail, you can see below in the picture. Description of the work on the modeling of the pattern of the couch for the dog .. Photo №1 To sew a lounger, you need to cut tworectangle, the panel must be solid. Dimensions of these rectangles will match the size of the future bed, to which you want to add the desired size of the rim on all sides. Next, you need to cut the corners as illustrated in the picture. If the thickness and material of the filler makes it possible to make folds, then the corners can not be cut off. Sew the details along the border of the bottom from three sides. In the rest of the side, fill the filler and sew it. The same thing you need to do with the sides. In the corners, you can insert both lightning and zavyazochki, which will in a hot time to turn the lounger into a mattress. So, with the help of the simplest pattern, a beautiful and comfortable bed is made for your pet. Description of the work on modeling the pattern of the couch for the dog .. Photo # 2