Design of a dressing room in a small area

Design of a dressing room in a small area

Lucky to those owners of apartments who haveThe possibility to include a full dressing room in the layout, without compromising the useful living space. But, basically, it turns out that the place of a dressing room in a standard apartment is replaced by the usual, built-in or wardrobe cabinets in the bedroom, corridor and living room. Are there any options for arranging a small dressing room in a standard room? Design of a wardrobe with curtains In fact, the dressing room - this is the same closet -, but in which things are arranged so that they are very convenient to choose and use them, where you can go, turn on the light, choose clothes and even change clothes. Due to the right design, even in a small room, you can make a comfortable dressing room, highlighting a part of the space. And the resulting wardrobe can be covered with blind or glass doors from floor to ceiling, partially closed with a screen, curtained with curtains or even left open. Inside there are systems for storing things and shoes, including open shelves, drawers, hanging rods, trouser crossbars, different boxes, baskets, etc. There are no strict requirements for the interior of the cloakroom, everything should be simple and convenient to use, save time on the selection of clothes, as well as provide the right conditions for storing clothes. Depending on the layout, there are several types of dressing room design.

1. Corner design of the dressing room

Closed corner design wardrobe If the room has a free angle, then it can beFenced off with partitions, highlighting a square or triangular space. The partitions themselves can be either transparent or deaf in the entire height of the room, and a door can be built in the opening. It is also acceptable to simply place corner shelves and necessary storage systems, and no longer separate the dressing room from the rest of the space. Closed corner design of the dressing room in the room Closed triangular corner design in the dressing room in the room Open corner design wardrobe Design of glass wardrobe Open corner wardrobe

2. Linear design of the dressing room

A small dressing room in the apartment Storage systems are located along one wall, similar to the closet cabinet. This design variant of the dressing room is great for small rooms. Malk = a small dressing room along the wall in the room An open cloakroom in the bedroom behind the curtains Linear dressing room Bachelor wardrobe room Dressing room for a small apartment

3. U-shaped design of the dressing room

Design of a U-shaped wardrobe This layout option is ideal forElongated long rooms. In this case, it is most convenient to equip a practically complete dressing room, using all possible types of storage systems. Usually the U-shaped wardrobe is separated by sliding or folding doors. Design of a U-shaped wardrobe Design of a U-shaped wardrobe

4. Parallel design of the dressing room

Dressing room with a passage in the middleThe rarest option with which you canArrange a dressing room in the passage room or a wide corridor. On both sides there are open storage systems of things, and in the center there is a passage. It is not advisable to use drawers or doors, as this may interfere with free movement. Design of a small walk-through dressing room