We develop toys from felt with our own hands

We develop toys from felt with our own hands

Toys made by oneself have always beenthe best gift. A piece of the creator's soul, its warmth and sincerity were put into the product. Moreover, the homemade toy is a beautiful decoration of the house, looking at which the child will always feel its importance, because he himself or with his mother made an amazing craft. Felt toys are one of the most interesting sections in the category of homemade gizmos. This soft material itself is very cozy and comfortable, and gifts made from it, like small and grown-up. It is enough to connect your imagination or borrow an idea by looking at the sites of skilled workers, and the felt toy will be ready soon. Unique and unrivaled toys made of felt. Photo №1 Types of toys made of felt

  • "Patterns" - got their name thanks tofeatures of the resulting product and the simplicity of its manufacture. From you it is required only to download a pattern on a site and on it to cut felt fragments which after it is necessary to sew. In the resulting product, do not sew the bottom edge, so that the toy can be put on your hand. It is not necessary to have a sewing machine, it is enough to own the thread, needle and skills of the suture seam.
  • Educational toys - can be in the form of dolls oranimals. The whole secret is that handmade buttons, patches, lace ruffles are sewn on hand-made articles. The finished product has a non-uniform texture. The kid, even if he is still very small, to help his mother make a toy, will play with it with pleasure. His tiny fingers will touch not only soft felt, but also paper, plastic, wooden decorative elements. A variety of tactile sensations develop the sensations and imagination of the child, train fine motor skills.
  • Magnet toys are a very beautiful decoration forrefrigerator or any other metal object to your taste. It is enough to buy a workpiece with a magnetic base, make a soft workpiece according to its size for your taste and glue it to the base.

There is still a huge number of types of felt articles, their appearance and way of production depends on the mood, desire and imagination of the creator. Than to surprise the visitors? We bring to your attention the master class of making the symbol of the New Year - fir-tree toys from felt by one's own hands. It can be given to friends or decorate your room. Would need:

  • Cone of cardboard or foam rubber (the latter is preferable, it is easier to fasten the felt)
  • 50cm of dark green felt and 50cm of light green (or any shades to your taste)
  • Set of pins
  • Regular needle, thread
  • Felt-tip pen or black pencil
  • Cardboard

Work order:

  • Circle the circumference of the cone on paper with a wavy edge and cut the workpiece along its borders from which a felt analog will be made. Such circles need a lot, it all depends on the height of the tree.
  • Fold the felt piece four times and attachher pin to the foam. The pin should pass along the center of the circle. If the cone is cardboard, it is better to use glue, so the tree will be more durable and not damaged during manufacture.
  • By attaching the last element, you can enjoyNew Year's toy made by own hands. And you can spend some more time to make small Christmas decorations from any material to your taste.

Each toy of felt will become a symbolhospitality and coziness in your home. Moreover, there is not one office where a felt workpiece is adorned by an employee's desk. This is a toy-amulet reminding parents that their children are waiting for them, who made this gift with their own hands.