Dessert "puff" with your own hands: a recipe with photos for puff pastry

Dessert "puff" with your own hands: a recipe with photos for puff pastry

The cooking of a delicious dish is not only ingood cooking skills, but also with the help of extraordinary ideas. We will use a simple idea, with which you can please people with an exotic dish, and develop your own culinary skills. Dessert "Sloyka" with a layer of cream How to make a puff with cream ?. Photo №1 So, Milfei is a dessert of French origin, which is an incredibly popular and tasty choice. You can cook it only with a certain amount of ingredients:

  • 500 ml. Kefir
  • 500 ml. Ryazhenki
  • Vinegar based on an apple in the form of one tablespoon
  • Salt - one pinch
  • 300 gr. Sour cream
  • 500 gr. - Puff pastry
  • 350 gr. - Cream cheese
  • 150 gr. - Fat cream
  • 500 gr. Fresh strawberries

Cooking puff

Dessert "Thousands of leaves" is prepared very simply. But, it is necessary to prepare a special cream cheese, which is suitable for this dish. It will take 500 ml. Kefir, and also take the same amount of ryazhenka. In the same amount, you need sour cream, as well as wine vinegar. Also, it is necessary to supplement this formulation with salt in the form of two small pinches.

Form blanks

How to make a puff with cream ?. Photo # 2 We need to take puff pastry to cookmile. Next, it must be cut into square shapes. They should be no larger than 12 centimeters. After that, you need to put them on our surface - a pan, which is also preliminarily coated with a paper product for baking. After, it is necessary to prick our dough in several places with a fork and then, with the help of a heated oven, we prepare the product. It is necessary to temper the product and after, wait until the dough is baked, and then, prepare the cream composition.

Mixing of ingredients

How to make a puff with cream ?. Picture №3 You need to mix the cheese with sugar powder, then you needwhip the cream. After that, it is necessary to carefully insert them into our cream cheese composition, and using a spoon, stir the product. The cream will acquire a consistency of a homogeneous species. Next, the cream is sent to the refrigerator for the following steps. Then, the squares of the puff pastry must be removed from the oven and also cooled. After that, he is engaged in strawberries, which need to be freed from vegetation and after, cut into 4 particles. After that, wait until the dough cools and collect our cake.


For this, it is necessary to shift the cream into a pouch andafter, leave it on our square of the product, then put strawberries on top and then cover with a layer of dough and repeat such actions. On top, we decorate the product with powder and after, after, decorate.